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Aug, 2022


Aug, 2022



Discover and conquer countless worlds across deep space. Unravel a story full of challenges and threats that will lead you across the galaxy on an extraordinary voyage. Nothing lasts long in deep space, and peace is not an exception! Welcome to Iron Marines: Invasion! Enjoy unique stage missions and special operations in exciting new worlds, each one with its own particular terrain, style, enemies, and conditions. Learn how to beat them one by one! Command the Federation’s troops across the galaxy, with the aid of Heroes & Units that will allow you to boost your RTS game skills to the limit. Battle extraordinary enemies and ferocious alien creatures in fun and electrifying missions. Plan your strategy to defend the peace in the galaxy! For all Iron Marines & SciFi action fans who get the kicks of offline RTS games and strategy games. Become the tactical specialist you’re meant to be by leading your own army in thrilling, mind-blowing missions. The invasion is at our gates! Lead the fiercest combat corps across the galaxy. Fight side by side with the Federation’s toughest Marines! Now you can combine your squad and take advantage of each Unit’s unique fighting skills: from rangers to snipers, mechas, missile launchers, or fearsome alien warrior clans. Train jaw-dropping heroes and their useful abilities: from boosting up your army’s morale and firepower to increase their stamina and reach, or detecting upcoming enemies before they attack you. Help them join the fight to keep peace among the worlds! Become an expert on the galaxy’s biggest mysteries! Use an in-game Encyclopedia to understand the worlds you explore or identify the enemies you face. Take advantage of the tactical info available to configure your strategic game plan. Check all the amazing features of this real-time strategy space odyssey: - An entire galaxy to be discovered. - 25+ campaign missions that will take you to the most incredible worlds. Tons of planets for you to explore and defend by planning a tight strategic game plan! - 70 special operations for you to upgrade your Marine abilities to the peak level. - 8 Unit groups for a total of 24 different troops. You can even combine your backup depending on the mission and strategy you’re planning to deploy. - 8 powerful heroes with strong skills for you to train. Help them become the Galaxy’s finest! - 8 Special Weapons to boost your army tactics to the stars! Set your game plan and take advantage of instant weapons like bouncers, toxic bombs, or even drone factories. - 40 Upgrades to improve your strategy and empower your units with defense drones, napalm rockets, ricocheting blasts and much more. - 20+ Achievements to show how much of a real-time strategy expert you’ve become! Choose your difficulty mode for the best rts games experience: Casual, Normal, or Veteran. And if you think you’ve seen it all across the galaxy… the impossible mode - only for the elite players, available offline! Prove yourself in daily challenges and collect amazing rewards. Play rts games offline: Enjoy the awesome real-time strategy experience anywhere, as you explore incredible worlds. Iron Marines Invasion will give you hours of colorful, fun gameplay in this epic real-time strategy space odyssey, available to play RTS offline game.

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Not a bad sequel, but it lacks a lot of charm from the first game.
Dogwood Dingus on 2022-09-27
The first game featured a lot more variety in terms of unique enemies to fight as well personality for the units you control. Though Iron Marines Invasion has more replay-ability with randomly generated missions, it came at the cost of a very watered down gameplay loop compared to what we had before. The over the top voice acting has been dumbed down, some of the special effects have gotten worse, the often times silly “unit change” animations are completely gone, no longer is there any blood or detailed explosion/bullet effects, and worst of all individual units are significantly less interesting. For example; the standard Ranger had a lot of bells and whistles in the first game, they could temporarily boost their armor with a hardy “Oorah,” throw frag grenades, did loads more damage, and had more range. (They also looked cooler when shooting IMO.) nowadays they’re sorta just a one trick pony, they shoot bad guys and capture stuff kinda fast. This wouldn’t be a bad thing if we didn’t have to pay to unlock the rest of unit roster…. …Yes, you read that right. In a RTS game you have to pay real money to unlock the rest of your buildable army… The heros have always been this way, we’re used to it, but this is the second game now where a core feature now has to be purchased separately. Not even the achievements, tech tree, or the purchasable unlocks are interesting. In fact some of the items in the store could have been there own units to train and field, such as medics and the drop gun from the first game. But once again it’s another thing you’d have to buy or play around with cautiously due to the limited currency. (They’re also one use items too so use em wisely.) The tech tree is really really boring too. In the first game the tree gave soldiers of all kinds very strong and unique abilities, meanwhile in this one not only is it very linear with no real branching paths, but it also can be unlocked instantly with real money. Because money is involved they made all of the perks interesting. I mean what sounds more exciting; “Increased sight radius” and “a chance to earn money in daily missions” vs “rangers throw frags” and “laser blasts can ricochet.” The gameplay is thankfully still pretty fun, but I found myself routinely going back to the first game and simply replaying the missions on a higher difficulty. If you liked the first game you’ll most likely like this one as well, but I highly suggest that you give Iron Marines a run first before trying the sequel.
Thought there was a pre-order bonus, and other let downs
Super Flyswatter on 2022-09-27
Never thought I would be giving an Ironhide game a less than 5 star review but here we go… I pre-ordered this game as I thought I saw advertisements for bonuses for doing so. This was my main incentive for getting it as I already had Iron Marines and hadn’t finished it yet. I was excited- hey a new Ironhide game and I’ll get a bonus for pre-ordering! After I downloaded and installed this game on the release date I was immediately disappointed. If there’s no bonus to pre-ordering why offer it? And why advertise bonuses? Regardless I gave it a try and… it feels more like an expansion than a new game. It’s not necessarily bad (it’s an Ironhide game so it’s always a caliber higher in quality than most ios games) but I feel Ironhide is a talented enough group to create something more original than what appears to be “Iron Marines Version 2” especially after seeing what great work they have done with the Kingdom Rush series. Couldn’t you have just patched this content into the original Iron Marines?
Another masterpiece……but wait
Derek Bartlett on 2022-09-27
My beginning complaints would be the dropgun. Kind of a shame that we don’t get it as a basic ability anymore. Feels like a straight nerf to gameplay. Which is extremely bad for a sequel. You should never take away something without replacing it. And you guys just added it to the item store which imma be honest, most people don’t use that crap. It’s a cash grab mechanic made to get you used to bonuses heavily reliant on repetition to obtain. And this game is worth $2 let’s be real. This is not an upgrade above the original. And it’s more expensive…….if you gave us multiple good heroes and units right from the start instead of trying to make $50 from a phone game that will get you 20 hours of gameplay max……do you lot realize with live service games $60 can get you 1000 hours of gameplay. This was the most blatant abuse of a fan base in recent years. I’m ashamed.
Fun, game felt a bit rushed
Jimmyboi2029 on 2022-09-27
The game is fun. There’s no denying it, but I have three problems. 1. The game feels rushed - there’s a plethora of spelling errors in the text and some character descriptions that end mid-sentence. It feels like someone forgot to proofread everything. 2. The game has massive paywalls. I get that the franchise likes to have expensive bonus characters or towers (in the case of kingdom rush) but I’d be much more likely to shell out a few bucks if it was possible to earn the rewards through grinding challenges and a dollar or two could speed that up. 3. The end game feels a lot more thrown together. The last game had missions for each level that challenged you in different ways. In this one they re-skin the same 5 challenges in every “bonus level” Like I said, fun game, but has a few glaring problems that may keep me from buying the next ironhide game.
Very fun, micro transactions remain an issue
Gillan S on 2022-09-27
Much like it’s pervious title, Iron marines: Invasion is both an excellent RTS and an exploitative money sink. I love the hand drawn graphics, the amusing unit voice overs and the tongue in cheek unit designs, the only issue is, that if you buy the game, you don’t get everything, either heroes or units, you only have access to 3 heroes with the base purchase of the game, the others range between 3-6 USD each, or 13 USD for all of them. There is similar pricing for basic units as well. My problem isn’t the fact that these micro transactions exist, it’s faxt that I expect to get the advertised content when I purchase the game, I’d rather have paid a higher price, knowing I’d get all the content. Besides my issues with the micro transactions, the game is very enjoyable, and works quite wel on a touch screen!
I played it again and…really enjoy it!
Super Flyswatter on 2022-09-27
I revised my score from 3 to 5 stars; I received a decent pre-order bonus (not on day of release but eventually) which was some credits and helpful drops you can deploy; I was hoping they would throw in a hero for free. No worries though as I am enjoying this one a lot. Ironhide delivers again on the gameplay. Minor criticism is the lack of some refinement compared to previous games in terms of text editing; it feels a little rushed. I’m hoping that comes through in a future patch. Maybe also have a nice sale on a pack of heroes? I am glad to see “Red Dragon” (the “Blue Dragon” counterpart from the original iron marines); if I get both Red and Blue Dragon do I get a “Double Dragon” achievement? XD
Absolutely a must play
Specreaper101 on 2022-09-27
I was a huge fan of the first Iron Marines game and I thought it would be awesome if they could make a sequel and if they did I would totally pre order it. After a few years my prayers to Ironhide were fulfilled while you might be worried that it would make the same money hungry route KingdomRush Vengeance took but luckily they learned their lesson and went back to the OG Ironhide way. More about this game tho all I can really say this game slaps and it holds it own as a sequel to the first Iron Marines game. I love the new mechanics, the art style as always and all the new units while I do miss Shellstorm from the first game oh well you win some you lose some. Rip Shellstorm
Great game
Candyman6110 on 2022-09-27
So far I am seriously enjoying the game. Ironhide continues to deliver fantastic games that keep you engaged till the very end. I recommend trying out all of their games if you enjoy the strategy genre. My only complaint, which should get patched in the future is: the game keeps crashing. My game has crashed over 10 times by now, and it’s pretty annoying. It happens in the middle of levels (or near the end), and I lose all of my progress, I gain no xp, and I have to do it all over again. Please patch this soon because the game is a lot of fun. Can’t wait to unlock impossible mode
Tower Defense RTS
jongowest on 2022-09-27
Does not get better than Iron Hide Studios from both Iron Marines (just started playing Invasion) to all Kingdom Rush games (the original still might be my favorite). All great fun but change settings and you need crazy tactical skills and some luck to grab a victory. I’ve cleared hundreds on Veteran Mode but a few still get me. This might be the priciest game yet but the detail, depth and polish is already evident. I’ve bought everything these guys have put out, more than once even, and would again. They are great at what they do. Start with the OG Kingdom Rush imho.
Fun, could use more at the end.
OtakusRKewl on 2022-09-27
Cool to explore the lore and upgrade along the way. Latter battles left a little to be desired. Wanted more base-building, especially in the end. Final few stages felt underwhelming and lackluster. Also felt another vital improvement would be more to interact with each level-ether ups, max troops, friendly aliens. A big part of the fun is the struggle getting super OP but there’s just not enough in most levels to ever feel like you get there. Also, as you probably know, putting heroes AND troops behind a paywall is not cool. Took joy out of the experience for sure.

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