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Feb, 2021


Feb, 2021



Check your refund status, make a payment, find free tax preparation assistance, sign up for helpful tax tips, generate a login security code, and follow the latest news from the IRS - all in the latest version of IRS2Go. Download IRS2Go and connect with the IRS whenever you want, wherever you are. IRS2Go is the official app of the Internal Revenue Service.

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Login Security Code
Big Mike 2041 on 2021-03-07
In previous versions the security section generated a login security code for accessing transcripts at the IRS. The section has been totally changed and this is not reflected in the information available at the App Store. The new security section does not offer a login security code so that if you have been using this code, forget about it. Use the code that you’ll receive on your cell phone which of course is much more amenable to identity theft than a code generated by an app on your telephone.
Good app but basic features
kk480 on 2021-03-07
The app showed an update when my taxes were accepted and a date payment will be received (I have direct deposit), but I had to go into it, no push notification is available. It also gives a decent description of why part of my return was not paid, and I expected this so no complaints. I do like that the information was provided along with the staus change. I haven't used the help much because I'd rather read all the instructions on a large monitor and not a small phone screen.
Data is not accurate on refund status
Radioz00 on 2021-03-07
I submitted my return before 2/12/2021, using Turbo Tax. The app showed that the it was “received” on 2/15/2021. As of today, that is the last update this app has given me. No “Refund Approved”, or “Sent” - BUT THE REFUND HAS BEEN DEPOSITED INTO MY ACCOUNT. So it seems that the data used in the app is not accurate.
STOP complaining
king jemson on 2021-03-07
I was actually one of those who were complaining about getting error messages on their searching information, I looked deep into it and found out that IRS are have not accepted anything yet till February 12, I think patients needed this year! Y’all stop complaining if y’all are not following on their updates info
Doesn’t work properly
Shelli720 on 2021-03-07
This app is pretty useless. I was excited when I downloaded it, and I would check every day to see if my status updated but it just kept saying “my forms have been accepted”. In fact it still says this today, and I actually received my refund 4 days ago. App doesn’t update
Big Mike 2041 on 2021-03-07
Perhaps this is all consequence of my filing early. My IRS return was accepted on the earliest date February 12, 2021. At this point on February 17, 2021, the IRS2Go app continues to return an error message even though all the information is correct.
Worthless app
Ivyplus on 2021-03-07
I’m using this app to find out when my refund will be coming. I actually received my refund which was directly deposited in my checking account a few weeks ago. Their app is telling me my refund is still being processed. Totally worthless.
akaksjdhdhdh on 2021-03-07
Had this app downloaded to check for our tax refund, I check it daily. I checked our bank account and the check was there, but this app told us we were paid or sent to the bank, our bank told us first. Needs a major update
IRS app
Lifestorage15 on 2021-03-07
A waste of time what good is the app if it’s not ever updated . Been checking every day for past 2 weeks says same thing and it’s supposed to be updated every 24 hrs . Wouldn’t waste my time the info was not helpful .
apxilll on 2021-03-07
This app is no help! It says my information is wrong when I have had it right previously and I could login perfectly fine before today! And the developers of this app don’t even respond to our reviews!

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