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Feb, 2021


Feb, 2021



Inject Color Dyes into Jellies. Enjoy the Perfect Spread and Twisty Curves. Easy Mechanics, Incredible Feel Features: - Realistic Jelly - 100+ Shapes - Multi-Color Dyes - Special Collection

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Good game but...
micmapwirm on 2021-03-08
It’s a good game but... IT HAS A LOT OF ADS AND ITS ANNOYING..... And my mom can’t stop playing this... this is a lot I can say when I’m at school but.. this game is terrible!! I can’t believe this makes me cry I played this a few years at January because I keep seeing this ad... but it shows up ads and it makes me mad snd cry all the time so take a screen shot so your friends can see this.. but tho if everyone likes it .... why just why?? It has a lot of ads great game, annoying,terrible,slow,annoying,not fun, and not even a great game... but if my parents get me if I’m writing this, I’m dead but I’m in school because my mom and sad is sleeping so don’t mind me.. my dad think it’s a great game and it’s not.... and it is a lot of ads annoying make me cry and I’m crying right now I’m just enjoying the world okay so if your parents is playing this screenshot this so your parents shouldve delete this app. <3 have a happy marchy!
Old version was better..
OK so I played this game before and it was fun, I was able to color everything in my choice and it was SUPER fun! but after some time.. I deleted it, Why? because the newer version SUCKED it the older version I had two tools. But in the newer version I had ONE tool. AND I had to color the jelly in a certain way, but back in that time I could be creative, and make my own colors and patterns e.c.t but I hated the newer version, I want the older version back, it was more FUN than the now.... If your creative and like to make stuff without following rules and not to put where everything is supposed to be, I HIGHLY wouldn’t recommend this game. Bye (✿◠‿◠)
Good game but some potential improvements
Bok mountain on 2021-03-08
This game is really good, it’s a creative idea, and you guys did really good. The only things I don’t like are the ads. I know it’s how you make money since the game is free but it is still kind of annoying. Maybe you could like put small ads at the bottom so they’re still there but you don’t annoy me that much, but I understand how hard it is to make a game and you are doing very good. Also, there are some levels where you have to watch ads, and the ads you watch are usually long because you can’t press X if you still want to do the level. This falls under the ads category but it is still something I want you guys to think of. Have a good day ☺️
What the heck!?!?!?
puppy rose love on 2021-03-08
So heres the thing too many ads so many ads in the middle of each round: ad almost done:ad lol also........ WHO CME UP WITH THIS who dyes jelly!? Its so strange like what idea did this come from?! Idk but enjoy the ads oh i meant game OOPS BYEEEEEEEE also the silent rose the ads depend on what you play and watch and what you like its not the game i have a thing like fill this with this color and win now this soooo yeah the ads arent based on the games choice its what you play like and read ty so much for reading byeeee
Ok so. A few things.
lily of items on 2021-03-08
Alright lemme get to the point. The levels that have adds required won’t work. I press them and nothing happens. It’s really annoying. Second, every one talks abt how many adds and I don’t get any, that’s why I gave this game 4.5/5 stars. :) so to the developers I like ur game. Just take my friendly suggestions and ur game will be good. Thank you for your time. Btw this is from the perspective of a 11 year old girl:) also I think that this game should be rated 9+ due to the bikini you have to fill.
Forced Ads
GankedYaNub on 2021-03-08
I didn't even finish my first level, less than 5 seconds on the app, and it forced me to watch an advertisement. The game isn't good enough to watch ads for. Maybe a banner ad or something. Or have ads to unlocked new content. Yeah, give us 10 levels, and then give us the option to unlock new level packs by watching an ad. 1 ad per 10 new levels. We don't watch ads unless we want to unlock new levels. And, you have an incentive to create new content instead of money grubbing.
Can’t get to the other levels
lemondemon on 2021-03-08
Okay so the game is fine and all it’s pretty fun but here are some issues. 1: there’s a lot of ads 2: I don’t really like the new update, it took away the ability to use other colors 3: another thing with the update is that I can’t figure out how to use the other tool 4: you have to watch ads to get to the other level, those should be special levels and there should be some more that you don’t have to watch ads
Boring,inappropriate,ads,not satisfying
Unicorns are number 1 on 2021-03-08
DON’T GET THIS GAME!!!!1.This is boring.I would rather sit in a chair for 24 hours and that is hard for me with ADHD.2.Inappropriate,on like level 5 there is a women’s chest with a bikini.Also there are inappropriate ads.WHY IS THIS FOR AGES FOUR AND UP.3.There are way too many ads to even play this game.4.Just not satisfying like they said this would be.BTW I tried this because LaurenZside did it.
You can not get this game
hygffhdfby on 2021-03-08
I hate this game because it is very boring and to mean adds that is not all of it it needs more than one game and it keeps freezing up and it crashes every time I try to open it and I have to restart my iPad just so it crashes after time . And it uses all my battery and it uses all of my data so you can’t get this game at all. Ps if you get it you will be sorry you did
So boring
Madeleine14! on 2021-03-08
Ok so I got this game because the ad said “harder than expected” but unless they meant it was hard because you might die of boredom, they are wrong. This is easily the most boring and repetitive game I have ever played. I wouldn’t suggest this game unless you are trying to work on your attention span. I would be less bored doing nothing than playing this game.

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