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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



Bandits are all over the place. Again. With his gun and favorite radio set, Johnny Trigger is back on the hunt. Step on the roof. Set up some proper music. It's showtime.

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Good start
jtf1208 on 2020-07-15
Really fun to play, I have a few suggestions. 1. More variety in levels is the obvious first one, you guys do a good job of that with JT. 2. Either improve the assault rifle levels or cut them completely, its really frustrating aiming with the control scheme because its so sensitive so I suggest removing it or improving it. 3. Let us keep the weapon skins we watch for ads instead of just cycling them through every time the bar for the skin fills up. 4. Make the weapon upgrades more then cosmetic, the silencer should be silent and we should be undetectable unless they see a person get downed or a barrel explodes, also more weapon upgrades. 5. Outfits even if we don’t see ourselves alot itd still be cool to have them. 6. A home screen where we can select weapon skins etc. Overall this game has very good potential as a spinoff game and I hope you guys don’t abandon it.
Needs a little
GrecoRomanMan on 2020-07-15
Good lord let us get rid of the video adds. Give us a home base and maybe be able to choose our own guns . You have a perfect road map Johnny Trigger . Great game just needs a few things to make it better and keep it simple and fun. Ahhhhh the Adds come on really! I would give it 4 plus stars if not for the adds . Simple and fun just like Johnny trigger .. I literally have to Delete this App until you get Rid of the Adds after every single level
Super frustrating
Old Sarge 86 on 2020-07-15
I’ve downloaded and played this game twice and you get your gun upgrades t silencer and mag ammo and just start shooting away. Then, you get a screen lockup with nothing bu a picture of sky, a big x n the left side of the screen and a bullet base that you normally shoot with but none of the buttons work whatsoever. Talk about frustration, no more for me. Don’t waste your time!
More commercials than game time
majobe OG on 2020-07-15
I used to be able to play 4-5 missions and then have to watch a commercial. Now, I play a mission that I win in 5-10 seconds and then have to watch another 30 second commercial. If I want to boost my weapon, I have to watch at least 60 seconds per round in addition to the time I already spend in between missions. TLDR: More time watching commercials than playing the game.
Not too bad
WOW good game bro on 2020-07-15
The game is GREAT but there is this one thing so I was playing the game and then this weird glitch happened so in the glitch all you could see is the buildings the red x the 2 sniper buttons you could see both at the same time and the button on the top left. So if you had the same thing happen to you then pls tell me how to fix it if you have
Game crashed and now it’s unusable
LongBobJohnson on 2020-07-15
I was enjoying this game immensely, but then the thing crashed or somehow got all screwed up: no matter how many times I force-kill the app, it always restarts right into a view of the skyline and I can’t move my aim or fire or anything. Seriously? I’m sure I can ‘fix’ it by deleting and reinstalling, but then why not find another game, eh?
Intrusive Ads..Otherwise fun.
Akrimay on 2020-07-15
I’m hooked on this game but if I may make a suggestion.. I understand ads are needed but I have other games where they’re not intrusive & don’t disrupt the game. The ad banners are on top of the screen & that way the game isn’t interrupted. Something to think about. Otherwise awesome addictive game.
Literally an ad every five seconds!
GenericGeorgio on 2020-07-15
This game has an ad after every level which lasts about seven seconds when each level only takes five seconds to complete. More ads than game time. This is why I don’t install games on my phone anymore, simply because of the fact that there’s too many ads. Very disappointed.
Game Froze
floydboy75 on 2020-07-15
Game froze after around 300 levels. Same problem as another user where all you see is the sky, health bar, a red x, and your sniper button. Game is dead now. (I closed the app and restarted, also restarted my phone, still frozen) Game is dead.
Fun until the levels start repeating
[email protected] on 2020-07-15
Didn’t notice until after a couple bosses went down, but the levels repeat. You’re not advancing you’re just repeating. Also, saved up for the silencer and it didn’t do anything lol I could shoot any one of them and their whole team found me.

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