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It is Judgment Day and here you are. As the Angel of God, you are in charge of judgment on the reckoning day! All souls in presence with their good works and sins. You will decide who is sinner or innocent. They will confess to you what they have done during their lives. Sometimes you will interrogate them with the lie detector. Here they are: You already know most of them. They are famous people. Characters left their marks in history: commanders, emperors, queens, kings, celebrities, intellectuals, musicians, imposters, scientists, movie and cartoon characters. Some of them are ordinary people with ordinary lives. Doctors, teachers, students, activists, landlords, and so on. You will like attractive graphics with easy and fun gameplay: - Decide whether they go heaven or hell - Scroll right or left to send them to heaven or hell - Interrogate them by using the lie detector - Force them to confess their sins - Collect coins and use them for characters to confess - It is up to you to give them one last chance - Unlock new angel skins - Enjoyable mini-games - Burn one, save one levels - Choose the most evil one test - Special levels with famous characters - Match the souls and bodies Be fair and secure justice. Judging in the afterlife requires being merciful but righteous! Enjoy the game committed to fun!

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Had my attention for a bit
squeamysod on 2021-06-17
So, the actual gameplay is fun, and that’s always important. That’s pretty much the entire meat of the three stars I’ve given. That would’ve been higher had it been for a few things. First off, the ads. If you read reviews, you’re probably tired of hearing, “TOO MANY ADS GAME BAD UGH” but, like, it’s a free game, so I understand why there are ads. I just don’t see the point in there being an ad after every single dang game. A normal round lasts around 10-20 seconds for me, and you’d think you’d see an ad maybe every 3-5 minutes, but since the gameplay is so simple (which isn’t a bad thing on its own) there’s just no need to have an ad that often. I think having an ad to unlock certain rewards is fine, and maybe an ad every few rounds, too. I mean, even an ad after every one of those little mini games between each round of the core game would suffice. And, if you wanna find a way to make better money with less ads, make an ad free version available for those willing to pay. I personally wouldn’t, but I know plenty of people who would. Now that that’s out of the way, I’ll talk about some issues with the gameplay itself. I find it quite unique that there’s no inherently correct answer to pretty much anything. It’s all based on choice and morals, which adds interest and a bit of humor to the game. Also, I’m gonna be honest, I like the art. I live cartoony styles and expressions, and it just fits the very bit serious vibe of the game. Unfortunately, I have played to the point where the main rounds have just started from the beginning. I’m getting the exact same choices as before, and it’s just boring now. I mean, I get bored really easily as I have like really bad ADHD but this game really had me before I got to this point. I assume, or at least hope, the game will be updated to add more content in the future, and if so, my review might change a bit. One more thing, the game is rated 4+, when I feel like it should be a lot higher. I’m not saying make it 17+, but there’s a lot of sexual references, a bit of cussing, and a whole lot of references that kids really aren’t gonna get or enjoy. Maybe a 12+ rating would work out better. Edit: So I guess the game does have an ad free version for purchase. My b. If you are reading this as a player, only get this game if you have the patience to sit through some ads. And if you aren’t easily offended. There are a lot of real life people depicted in the game that you may or may not agree with. Here, for the majority of you, I’ve got one word: Trump. Anyway, I often don’t fully read or skim through reviews, so if you made it to this point, thanks, and I hope you take this into consideration. If you are reading this as a developer or someone of the like, I hope you also take this review into consideration. I really do enjoy the game, I just wish there was a bit more game and a bit less ads. And also the age rating really, REALLY needs to be changed. It’d scare me to think that anyone under ether age of maybe 11 would play this game. Thanks for taking the time to read the whole way through, and I hope to see more in the future!
Don’t download PT 2
Rayvisionproduction on 2021-06-17
I am honestly pretty irritated right now! I made a post not to long ago about appropriateness and I had a response saying “Thx for your criticism we are updating game to help satisfaction” but no I hear them say that too everyone’s comment nothing is different! How about you get rid of your answering machine and actually make a response! I don’t usually review games but I am just so irritated by how they are practically racist and are trying to lure children, VERY YOUNG CHILDREN FOR THAT MATTER, into seeing things that seem normal or seem appropriate to a 4 YEAR OLD. I feel like they aren’t even reading the comment. If I had to rate it I would say a flipping 17+ rating developers. I am surprised that the people rating this bull crap thought this was OKAY!!! Bye. Live long and Prosper! :)
Really liked this game… until I lost my money
addisyn wheeler on 2021-06-17
I was having so much fun playing this game! The ads were starting to bother me, so I decided to purchase the ad free version! Shortly after, the game stopped working. I would go on the app, sit there and wait for it to load, and it never did. I deleted the app and re-downloaded it again (hoping to fix the bug). When I opened it again, it had started from the beginning and once again had ads and I lost all my coins. No big deal- there’s a “restore purchases” button. Except it doesn’t work at all. I’ve tried clicking it over and over again and it doesn’t do anything. Looks like it’s only there for decoration. I would love for my purchase to be restored so I can continue to play. At the very least, I want my money back.
Too many adds...
turtlekisser213 on 2021-06-17
I really love this game and all but there is too many adds. After a level it gives you an option to watch an add or not but when i press the no add button it puts an add on anyway. And after a while it starts to redo all of the levels you already did, not to mention it copy’s a really amazing app called “Detective masters” so i just think that makes it even worse. But it has good quality and story. I suggest that the developers change the detective copying and add more characters. AND GET RID OF THE ADDS and FWI most people don’t like what you are saying about trump. I almost deleted the app because of what it said about him CHANGE THE GAME GET RID OF ADD AND STOP REPEATING THE LEVELS!!
I don’t think children should play this
Abigail Kearl on 2021-06-17
This app has predetermined morals, (implied by the images used in game) which could be influencing to children, causing them to develop the opinions of the game developers instead of their own. For example, while I was playing this game one of the action done by the ‘souls’ was that they didn’t respect vegan views. I’m not saying this action is bad or good but the image given strongly implies that this is bad when in reality it’s a matter of opinion that should develop on ones own. I believe the age requirement of this game should be increased to at least 17+ where people already have they’re views in mind and won’t be ‘indoctrinated’ by a game.
allen gurl on 2021-06-17
Ok game creator on my last review yes nothing worked it could be my fingers my iPad or maybe I can’t play on a iPad but either way nothing worked so game creator I’ve been seeing reviews that it has the p word but Idk bc I couldn’t play bc nothing worked so maybe change to maybe idiot in stead of a bad word bc if it’s for 4 years I recommend u maybe take it out or hashtag it out and sorry for recommending roblox over your game I’m sure u can make it great thanks for your time. To game creator
Doesnt work and not ad free after paying
エエイコ on 2021-06-17
No person shows up to judge. I paid for no ads but i get so many ads. Black spots all over screen. You shouldn't have any ads if you paid for no ads. Accidentally clicked the stupid floating ad. I want my money back since this game is not ad free after paying for ad free. So dum have to watch ad. Game has no point or story or explanation. Wow this game is trash and doesnt work. Shouldnt have to keep deleting and reinstalling.
Jesus is the Judger of Man Kind
DustICameDustIreturn on 2021-06-17
His sacrifice was worthy of all praise and only he alone is righteous enough to judge. The lamb was slaughtered, the only good person to exist who was perfectly sinless was killed for our transgressions. Not the other way around. Thank you Jesus. Take this message seriously it’s more reality then not, delusional is the one who doesn’t believe in the name of God. Jesus is the resurrected King of kings. Glory be to God
Good game
thatguywhoreviewsgames on 2021-06-17
The reason I’m submitting this review and giving it 4 stars is because it’s a fun game there’s no way to put it, you could play it on a plane in a car maybe in a spaceship flying to a star and you could even get special characters like Billie eilish, and plus there are ads like every 2-3 levels which is way better than most games on here, keep up the good work development team
Pretty addicting
Savannah Franz on 2021-06-17
If you can get past the ads every two levels, it’s not a bad game. Most people don’t like it because it’s opinion based, but if everything was so obvious, it wouldn’t be as fun and you wouldn’t have to think as much. The ads aren’t as bad as people say, for me at least because half of the time you have the option to skip them. I recommend this game to play in your free time.

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