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Aug, 2020


Aug, 2020



Unleash your inner Dancer with Just Dance Now! Enjoy Just Dance's greatest songs and choreographies without a video game console! Dance to your favorite hits among more than 500 available songs including awesome songs from the Just Dance 2020 console game! DDU-DU DDU-DU by Blackpink Despacito by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran Swish Swish by Katy Perry ft. Nicki Minaj 24K Magic by Bruno Mars Chantaje by Shakira ft. Maluma Naughty Girl by Beyoncé Bad Liar by Selena Gomez Rockabye by Clean Bandit ft. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie Another One Bites The Dust by Queen Enjoy the Just Dance experience: • Instant: you can dance to your favorite songs in just a few taps! • Social: party with 10, 100, or 1000 players if you want! Dance with the entire world! • Fresh: new songs and exclusive content are added every month! • Customize: create your own playlists with your favorite songs • HealthKit: See your total calories burned in Just Dance Now directly on your Healthkit dashboard! Legal - End User License Agreement - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy -

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Add more amazing stuff on 2020-09-22
I've enjoyed playing just dance ever since I was a child, so needless to say I was thrilled to be able to play without need for an expensive game set-up! However, my excitement quickly faded. The first song didn't have any audio, so I ended up exiting out. The second song was already payed for, but it shut down saying there was an issue with connection, and I never got my coins back. Not to mention the ridiculous wait time for coins. I would understand getting 100 coins an hour, or even 200 every five hours, but twenty four hours?! It just doesn't make sense, not to mention there aren't any free songs to occupy time while waiting. If that wasn't bad enough, songs have to be re-purchased again and again, which doesn't make sense at all. Songs should be a one-time purchase, after which point they could be used without charge any time after purchasing. I'd like to think you care about these reviews, but there are reviews from at least a year back, all with the exact same review and false promises of change or improvement.
It’s okay.... a ton of coin issues though...
Lps BlueJay on 2020-09-22
I really like this app because since we got a new tv I’m not sure where to put the wii in and also we never had Just Dance. So when I saw this app I was super happy! But there are so many things that could change, mostly coin stuff. 1st of all, the coin rate. U only get 200 coins to start and each song costs 100 coins. So u can only get 2 songs. And to go on top of that u have to pay 100 coins AGAIN if you wanna do the same song. Like... if you’ve already spent coins on it I think it should be unlocked and you don’t have to spend anymore coins on that song. This is the only app I’ve considered getting VIP on. And that for me is not good. I think you should make it to where you get 100 coins every hour or 2. And then 50 coins for ads. Not wait for 24 hours to be able to get 1 song. Like I said, I feel like after you pay coins for a song it should be unlocked. I like the app it’s just coin problems- if you could fix this in a later update that would be great!!
overall pretty flawed approach
kaitlinjewel on 2020-09-22
the only reason this game is any fun to me at all is because i play with friends. it is the only way for us to play more than one or two songs a day, so we just switch off on being room master. that being said, it’s ridiculous to only get 2 songs a day. there’s plenty of reviews talking about it so that’s all i’ll say on that hill. however, i think there is a serious flaw in the way you are supposed to play with friends. as far as i can tell, there’s no way for your friends to compete while seeing the exact same screen? the only way my friends and i are able to do so is because we have one person streaming the actual moves from their computer. and even with that, that still leaves so much room for it to lag and for the rest of us to be a beat behind because of it. please fix this or come up with some way
Good maybe...
katy 123 on 2020-09-22
So like for the first days it was awesome! But then... after it just got worst it said are you connected to the same wifi as the controller? Then i checked and i was so then i put yes but it still did not let me in and it started since i was a VIP for 1 month free coins but then that’s when it started happening and i really do love just dance im waiting for the PS5 so i can play just dance on the PS5. I also tried downloading the other just dance controller but it also said that too so i was very sad i even sended just dance issues so i really hope you can fix this problem!!!! It would be great if you could! But thats why i give this only four sorry! But if you could fix this i would change it too 100. Thanks for reading my comment love ya’ll.
It steals my money
Dessiree Arias on 2020-09-22
I already text the support but this is for new people who are interested in buying the Vip. My father gives me a gift card of 25 dollars and I wanted to buy some things so I buy some things in other apps I have 19.57$ and I buy the monthly subscription and they charge 4.78 dollars I wouldn't mind it but they didn't even give me the VIP so I paid 4.78 dollars for nothing. I'm still waiting for them to fix this because I'm very mad and disappointed. I liked the game but this truly made sad. Update: they didn’t even respond me back in tech support they just closed my case and I'm very sad because I like the app and I really wanted to get VIP but I'm scared it would steal my money again.
Was good...but it’s not working anymore
whatheheckapplegetittogether on 2020-09-22
I loved this app so much. About a month ago I bought the VIP package for a year and it was totally worth it. I would dance about 10 times a day. Then today I opened the app on my phone and it kept saying loading. I waited for like 10 minutes and it just wouldn’t open. I deleted the app and reinstalled it and restarted my phone multiple times but that has done nothing. So basically I just wasted 25 dollars on something that doesn’t even work anymore. I have seen people have a lot of problems with this app it’s ridiculous. Please fix the current problem, and any others. I really enjoy this app a lot, and I would be very disappointed if it doesn’t work anymore.
Positive and Negative opinions
dancer card: DANCER 1 on 2020-09-22
So I was dancing and all but suddenly my phone disconnected from the room so I re-entered. Then I played a song and the screen was not moving so I heard the song ( because the figure that supposed to be dancing did not appear because the part were the was the dancer was frozen). Then I got out and I noticed that I had “used” 100 coins for hearing a song. Also, why do we have to wait 24 hours? It is too long for just 100 coins, which is just 1 dance. Thinking positive, the dances are great and I really liked. My cousins recommended it to me and I found It was AMAZING! Except for the parts I already mentioned.
What’s the purpose of having a 1 year subscription what I can’t even play it for an entire day?
Trinibarbeez on 2020-09-22
My husband and I purchased the 1 year subscription from my hubby’s Apple acct as we have always enjoyed playing this game. We have now regretted this decision less than 24 hours after purchasing the subscription as this game doesn’t work as it should. My husband installed the Just Dance app on the Apple TV and I was using my phone to play the game. Everything worked fine for about 3 songs, but now when I try to connect to the just dance through my phone, I can only get as far as the waiting screen for the dance to start and it never lets me in. How do I get a refund from this app that doesn’t work correctly?
Help! Can’t get game to load anymore
ddivita on 2020-09-22
I have had this app for several years, and it has become a fitness lifesaver recently. I have a VIP membership, but for the past several days I haven’t been able to open the app from my iPhone. It freezes on loading. I deleted and redownloaded the app, but still nothing. I can’t find help on this anywhere. I submitted a support ticket weeks ago and just got advice that wasn’t useful. I did all troubleshooting steps and all were normal. I’m very disappointed and frustrated at this point - I hate to cancel my subscription but this is beyond frustrating—I want to speak to a humble
I really like this app!!
Layla_Laya012 on 2020-09-22
This app is so much fun to use especially now that we are stuck in quarantine. It’s nice that I’m able to play with people from all over the world. The one thing that I wish could be improved is the fact that there isn’t any BTS songs. I saw BTS play just dance in one of their live-streams and so I wanted to try it out and so now that I‘ve had it for a bit over 4 months I thought that there would eventually be BTS songs added but sadly that hasn’t happened yet, I still like this app a lot but it would just be really nice if more Kpop songs could be added.

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