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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



Just Draw in this magical new game! Find out what's missing, it could be the sun, a fish, or even a moustache and just draw it! It's so fun and refreshing! What are you waiting for?

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please read
・ᘺ・ on 2020-07-15
i really like this game and i would love for other people to get it but i just have one minor thing i dont like about it, so on the part where you erase things instead of drawing, i am stuck on the dynamite level and whatever i erase it would say that i didnt erase the right thing and i lterally tried everything i thought of but i wouldnt seem to pass it. it would seem like i just want the answer for it but no i just wanna ask if there was a way to get hints on those type of levels, but other than that i still like this game and thats it.
To much adds
Gramma8888 on 2020-07-15
This game was so bad I got 20+ adds in 5 mins it was so bad that I almost threw my phone out the window and I could not stand it so I closed the app. I love the app and all and the consept but it was just to much adds to much I feel mad still and it’s Been almost 25 minutes and my friend had got the game and she said the same thing and she thought there was to much adds. SO DONT GET THIS GAME PLEASE DONT GO THOUGH THE PAIN AND SUFFER I DID.
Definitely a kids game.
LeahLind on 2020-07-15
Not many challenges, pretty simple. Not super fun, kinda boring for me, but I could see a kid really liking it. I feel like the age rating on this should be lower, 12+ seems high, maybe around 8-12. The only issue is a few of the 'puzzles' will show a cartoon headless body, and you have to draw the head/face, or a guy missing a hand, and there are little red dots to symbolize blood. Maybe that's why it's 12+.
Too many ads
Ksjam on 2020-07-15
Cool and fun game, but way too many ads, especially just to erase..... less ads without paying would be great, and also if it wouldn’t be so specific about where you draw certain things. EDIT. I changed it from 3 to 1 star because I paid 2.99 for no ads , then after like ten turns there were more ads??! You’re kidding me....
Lanna Nicole on 2020-07-15
It’s a pretty cool game expect it’s literally 60% ads and 40% game. I’ve been starting to abandon this game on my phone because every time I glance at it the first thing that comes to mind is ads. And sitting there having ads play every 20 seconds make it so unenjoyable. Other than that I love the concept of the game.
Super fun!
Jen-Shot on 2020-07-15
The game is super fun and I hate to be one of those who always complains about to many ads, but their are too many ads!! Even if you clear a drawing, an ad pops up. Also the pencil gets in the way while drawing. I’m trying not to let the ads bug me because I really enjoy the game. Let see how long I can handle it.
So many ads
LaFemme888 on 2020-07-15
This game has an insane amount of ads! In addition, you draw something over and over and over and it won’t register for an answer. It will tell you that it’s something different and you have to watch an ad in between ads to get one hint, which will tell you that it’s exactly what you’ve drawn the whole time.
Phoenix Rize on 2020-07-15
The game is ok more so for children if you ask me but there are far far faaaaaarrrrr too many ads which is ultimately why I deleted the app... if I download a game it’s for that game I don’t need to be pressured to keep downloading other games it’s too much ‍♀️ so property brothers it is
New levels?
Redbugmama on 2020-07-15
It’s a fun game. But way too many ads. You try once. Watch an ad. Try again watch an ad. I know it’s a free game but.... it had an update with “new levels”. I updated. No new levels. Kind of disappointed. Thanks for listening.
f gf jusjyrdjdgdtjsrhstjs on 2020-07-15
OMG this is the best game ever if you don’t like this game then I don’t know who you are great views but hey you can play it all the time It’s really fun so download it whoever made this please send me a text back thank you bye-bye

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