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Buy and sell - and make money with ease - on Kijiji - Canada's largest classifieds app. Whether you're looking to find jobs or buy or sell - start shopping in your neighborhood marketplace today. Browse tons of local listings and find deals to help you save money. Post listings, chat, sell and make money - all at your local classifieds marketplace. Thinking about an upcoming spring clean and know you’ll have tons of items to get rid of? Home or garden furniture from that first house move. Clothing the baby has outgrown in just six months. iPhones, game consoles other electronics that need a new home. Used cars & auto parts - even the truck you no longer want sitting in the driveway. If you're selling it, someone in your neighborhood is shopping for it. Sell your stuff and post your second hand items today! Furniture for the home office, clothing to suit your unique style, fitness gear for the ultimate workout - or a new house or apartment to call home. Browse listings & deals in every category and find the best buy for you. DOWNLOAD CANADA'S FREE TRUSTED CLASSIFIEDS APP, SO YOU CAN: Browse and shop anytime, anywhere. - Shop our marketplace & search quickly and easily for all kinds of great deals on local items. - Browse local tradesmen & service providers, including plumbers, cleaners, nannies and others. - Check out local houses, condos and apartments for rent & sale. Sell stuff simply! List an ad. Make money. Simple. - Make money and save space by selling things you hardly use. Fitness items, furniture, auto parts, clothing & more. - Give your selling power a boost and explore useful tools to get more exposure for your marketplace ads and help you make a local sale. Shop & stay on top of your game. - Save your favourite marketplace items on the go. Check them out later before buying. - Connect with others in the marketplace within seconds via instant in-app chat. - Edit your preferences and settings in a tap or two to get the most out of your app. Whether you're looking to make money or save money - Kijiji lets you buy & sell and conveniently. Give your used items a new home or find preowned items to love; there's something for everyone across a whole range of categories. Shop from home and download Kijiji Today - Canada's largest classifieds app to find jobs & buy and sell and local. Trusted by the community to make it simple to buy and sell in your neighborhood. We hope you enjoy your ride with Kijiji, the buy and sell app! Happy shopping!

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