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Feb, 2023



SHOP NOW. PAY LATER. When you shop in the Klarna app, you can split the cost of your purchase from any online store into 4 smaller, interest-free payments. And it works just as easily in-store, with Apple Pay. So you can get what you love today and pay later. NEW DEALS EVERY DAY. Shop and save money with exclusive deals and discounts from all over the world, right in the Klarna app. Find a deal you like, claim it with a simple tap. And check back in tomorrow – we add new shopping offers all the time. UNLOCK A $5 WELCOME REWARD. Join Klarna’s rewards club and get rewarded for all your shopping. Sign up for free in the Klarna app and unlock a $5 welcome reward after just 1 complete payment. TRACK ALL YOUR DELIVERIES. Get live updates with delivery times, pickup codes, and even photos of a pickup point to help guide the way. So go ahead and follow that truck, from purchase to pick up in the Klarna app. GET PRICE DROP ALERTS. Save items in Collections and never pay full price again. Each time you save an item, an automatic price drop alert is set. That way, when the price drops you will know. You can also share your Collections with family and friends. PERSONALIZED INSPIRATION. In Klarna’s Inspiration feed, you’ll find carefully curated suggestions for deals, product collections, complete looks, and editorials tailored to your shopping. It doesn’t matter if you love fashion, beauty, tech, or whatever – we’ve got something for you. INCREASE YOUR SPENDING LIMIT. The more you shop and pay later in 4 installments with Klarna and pay back on time, the more purchasing power you unlock which allows you to spend more. And, you'll also gain access to even more exclusive deals and offers! HASSLE-FREE RETURNS. Need to send something back? Report a return right in the app. We’ll pause your purchase so you don’t have to pay in the meantime. MANAGE YOUR PAYMENTS. Pay later without surprises. When you shop with Klarna, you get a complete overview of all your purchases and finances. And you can even make early payments or extend your due date. INSTANT SHOPPING CONFIRMATION. No one likes to wait. When you buy something through the Klarna app, you'll see your purchase just seconds after you place your order. 24/7 CUSTOMER SERVICE. Get round-the-clock service whenever you need it using our chat right in the Klarna app. Try smoooth shopping in the Klarna app. It’s shopping like a VIP. Without an annual fee. // CA resident loans made or arranged pursuant to a California Financing Law license. //

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Not as great as it used to be
Savvy805 on 2023-03-24
This app used to be amazing I had stopped using PayPal and switched to klarna for the rewards that you could get gift cards with. They no longer do gift cards and it’s just $5 off whatever store you pick that they offer which aren’t places I shop at like Burberry, Etsy, Nike, Ray ban with X amount of purchase. That’s not much of a reward versus just having the $5 off of whatever purchase I’m spending at. If I had Burberry money I wouldn’t be shopping with klarna. Along with that I don’t seem to get approved for the pay in six month period anymore even though my credit score has increased and I have never made a late payment with klarna and usually pay off my transactions early. Another thing is that I have had issues with returns when it comes to Walmart. I managed to get it fixed both times but it was a lot of back and forth to not get charged for an item I didn’t receive and that Walmart didn’t charge for because they didn’t have it in stock. Another bad experience was when I bought an iPad using klarna the place I bought it through said the card was declined but klarna was still asking for payments for my purchase even though the transaction never went through. I did manage to get that corrected but it’s besides the point. I’m definitely done using klarna and going back to PayPal they even offer there own rewards for using there thing now. Just sad klarna went downhill.
They keep lowering my credit amount
Truman26d on 2023-03-24
They keep lowering my credit limit even though I have never been late on a payment through their service or PayPal, Affirm, or Afterpay. Also, I have not even used Klarna for months and months, yet they lowered my credit amount. Of course I am not going to use them when I have Affirm (with a $3,000 limit) and Afterpay (with a $2,000 limit), they provide me with all my choices I need if I want to use the “pay in 4” option. Affirm even has the virtual Visa card to use for purchases, which I used once for a larger purchase. Affirm made it so easy to make that large purchase happen! Plus, PayPal, Affirm, and Afterpay all have the automatic payment, so I am reminded of upcoming payments and they happen without ever worrying the payment will be late! They state that they base it on credit history. My credit history has not changed in years. Credit cards paid off every month, every utility paid off every month, no new credit cards or lines of credit opened in years; if anything I owe less now then I did years ago, so my debt to income ratio is much better.
Last payment
Vincennes Girl on 2023-03-24
I have been trying to figure out how to contact you. I am in the hospital they had to take part of Colin out I have had massive co pays on some very expensive medication‘s. This is what I need to know can you put my payment on the first of the month. I’ll get a retirement and Social Security I promise to pay this off in full. I just don’t have the money in the account right now. I have also been charged charged bye after pay I did not sign up for thatThe bank has no record of why I would owe them.They havetook For a lot of money. I am trying to contact themAccording to the bank when they did the investigation they said All chargeWe’re paid in full and says by in my bankingAnd two different credit cards. Yes I do standing balance of $40 Klarna.Please bear with me I promise to pay this in full on April 1 2023.Whoever reads yes Please forwar sap to the credit department I can’t contact you mean can’t Figure out how to get a live person on the phone. Sincerely, Karen Jones State of Indiana, 47591
It was good in the past but not anymore
rochemy on 2023-03-24
I love this app at the beginning. I was able to make purchases and pay overtime. At first I thought it was a scam. Yet when I started using i felt they truly cared about me. They gave me rewards for purchases and my power purchase which is the amount they lend you was set pretty high for me. Even though I never used that amount it was nice that they trusted me with that amount. Yet everything change for the past few months. My credit score went down and they were quick to tap my credit score history to drop my purchase power. Something I never thought they would do, even though I been on time with all my payments. It also now takes longer to earn a reward and when you do earn it they only give you several days to redeem it. Lastly the thing that I am also starting not to like is that you really have to pay attention to your payment plans. They will be okay with you paying more than you owe. You have to really pay attention and make sure you don’t overpay.
Company is a fraud and a thief
KLARNA is a fraud and thief on 2023-03-24
This company is a fraud with these one time use cards. Purchased item from two different stores. I returned items at both stores. First KLARNA claimed they didn’t have info on the returns and asked several times for the receipt info in which I provided multiple times. I’m finally spoke with a more knowledgeable person who told me that because I had 3 purchases from one time card authorizations when the returns came in they had no where to apply them to since the authorization’s are ONE TIME. During this process my payments were on hold then they started back deducting saying they I hadn’t provided the return receipt info. And now they have deducted all payments for these purchases in which I don’t have merchandise for. So basically KLARNA has stolen my money. Every time I call I speak with another agent that has no clue what they are doing. I will NEVER use KLARNA again and I will be telling EVERYONE that I know that this company is a THIEF !!
Great company!!
Rebecca867 on 2023-03-24
I ordered a quit a few things with Kalara and I appreciate Kalara excepting my orders and never had any problems. I worry about ordering online cause there are scammers out there. But I trust Kalara & they pretty much good staying away from scammers or at least they try to. I really do feel safe ordering w Kalara. I only choose a few places to order from anyway. Still new at online orders I know there's more benefits choosing Kalara just gotta get the hang of it.. I know if I need to change payment dates they do understand. And will which that's does helps out in case something comes up & need too chan as ge it. My BFF says Kalara has great customer service. All my orders have been great but of course nobody perfect & things do Happen. Wanted to Let u know Kalara associates reallyl put team work in They seam to be right on top of everything at least try too. They are amazing making it a great company.. 💕 Thanks for everything Kalara 💕
Era perfecta, más YA NO.
Cheskiiita on 2023-03-24
Una aplicación muy sencilla de usar, me encantaba porque tenía todo lo que buscaba en una aplicación para comprar. Pero de un momento a otro ya no me permitió comprar. Mi balance repentinamente bajó a $0 sin ninguna justificación. Un balance de $1,500 a $0, REPENTINAMENTE. NUNCA realicé un pago tardío, solo en dos ocasiones opté por la opción de atrasar el pago y adelanté los pagos de todos modos no quedando mal. Siempre fui sumamente responsable. Más sin embargo, por más dinero que pague, no sube el poder adquisitivo. Una vez quede en $0 mi deuda, tocará desintalar la app. Una lástima porque he llevado a todos mis familiares, amistades y conocidos a bajar la aplicación pero de hoy en adelante ni una recomendación de mi parte tendrán. Me voy con otras similares que hasta el momento, me han funcionado de maravilla sin este tipo de “inconvenientes”.
They will rip you off
rina09628 on 2023-03-24
This company is good for what it is intended to do, but there is ZERO buyer protection. I returned and item and never received my refund and Klarna gave me the run around for a month then closed my case. It was extremely difficult to even file the case, and all information they asked was provided. After weeks and weeks of communication, all of sudden they said too much time has passed and closed my case without giving me a refund. If too much time had passed, why not state that at the beginning instead of making me have to send so many detailed emails and screenshots. I jumped through every single hoop they asked and provided more than enough proof so they found some other nonsensical reason to not give me my refund. I suggest using another company that actually cares about their customers.
Afterpay is better
kayyyyysbejfhdj on 2023-03-24
This app makes pay later the most complicated thing ever in the world. It has no apple pay option, even tho it tells u in the app to select that. Nope, instead, it forces u to enter a card info. Unlike afterpay, afterpay understands u can simply use the double tape feature to pay with apple pay. Secondly, i have to verify my bank info? So yall have to have my log in information JUST to pay? I thought i already verified it when i entered my card info and ALREADY used it to pay. Why do i have to verify my account AGAIN, and now i cant be identified bc of wat?? Doesnt tell me. Afterpay makes everything more smooth and easier to understand. The app is so compiled together and it has a disgusting interface. And thanks for making pay later the most difficult thing to ever do. Useless app
Can only get amazon gift card
appledumbto on 2023-03-24
The new money grab of not allowing consumer's to make a one time virtual card is insane..on amazon you now have to purchase a gift card then you use that gift card to purchase your order which means that if you return an item you cannot get a refund unless it goes on the gift card but you can’t get cash back. This is just both companies being greedy as this is only a way to keep money in their pockets. We would be losing money. If we do not like an item it’s a way for us to spend more with them. I don’t like it and I think there is a lack of integrity in both companies and I hope, it doesn’t last I would not be using it any longer to me that is a big deal because as much money as we spend the least, these companies can do is keep their consumers who are making them rich in mind

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