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SHOP NOW. PAY LATER. In the Klarna app, you can choose to pay later in 4 installments, interest-free. This gives you the chance to get what you love now and make your payments more manageable over time. SHOP MORE. GET MORE. The more you use pay later in 4 installments with Klarna and pay back on time, the more purchasing power you unlock, as well as exclusive deals and offers, of course! ACCESS THE BEST DEALS AND DROPS. Never pay too much for the stuff you love again. In the Klarna app you can find weekly deals and discounts for thousands of different products. The deals tab will always be updated as soon as another deal from our retailer network goes live. SHOP EVERYWHERE IN ONE APP. The Klarna app gives you a better way to discover, browse, and shop the stuff you love. Whether you’re looking for fashion, furniture or home electronics, you can check out any online store in our one-stop shopping portal and choose to pay later in 4 interest-free installments. CREATE WISH LISTS. Keep track of what you love. Browse online stores, pin your favorites, and share your saved items with friends. All in one app. PERSONALIZED WISH LISTS. While onboarding, you will do a quick questionnaire to identify your interests. After this, we will deliver you personalized Wish lists based on your taste. TRACK ALL YOUR ORDERS IN ONE PLACE. You no longer have to log in to different websites and search tracking numbers or call to check where your package is. Just check your order status in the app. GET PRICE DROP ALERTS. Never pay full price again. When you set up price-drop notifications in our app, you’ll be the first to know when your favorited products go on sale. MANAGE YOUR PAYMENTS. Love being organized? When you shop with Klarna, you get a complete overview of all your purchases and payments. You can now pay a single installment early for added convenience. INSTANT SHOPPING CONFIRMATION. No one likes to wait. When you buy something through our app, you'll see your purchase just seconds after your order has been placed. STAY SAFE. Shopping is thrilling enough without security risks. Our log in is just as simple as it is secure – with Face ID, Touch ID or PIN. We are at your service in our chat in the app. Try smoooth shopping in the Klarna app, it’s a game changer.

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Catm27 on 2020-12-04
The app is not working at all. If I could give it zero stars I would. I downloaded it because I saw their commercials and I had friends say that it was awesome. So I downloaded it and went to purchase something and just like pretty much all the reviews here said, a message pops up and I quote; “Your purchase cannot be accepted Unfortunately your purchase cannot be accepted at this moment. Please choose a different payment method to complete your purchase.” I tried and tried and nothing. I used different cards where I made sure there was enough money to cover the whole transaction not just the first payment. I also added my bank account. I did it all and made sure it was a debit card. I also tried different amounts, even the smallest amount and still it won’t approve me. Nothing has worked. At this point I’m beyond frustrated and I will not recommend this app. I think that the the app developers should really take a look at the app and see what’s going on because judging by how many bad reviews it has and being that the bad reviews are for the same exact thing that tells me that there is something wrong with the app, it’s not an isolated issue. Developers please take a look at the app and see what’s going on with the app. The app has a lot of potential but it will go down if it’s not working properly like it’s happening as we speak.I have tried using the app different days, times of the days, different months and still nothing.
yktv.tay on 2020-12-04
The app will not let me access it’s features at all , haven’t been able to use it once to shop. This is my third time coming back to try again and this app just is not convenient at all to me when I have to go through too much effort for it to initially not let me make my purchase in the result. Your profile is just your name , and a profile photo. No where can you change information on your age, gender, etc. Though each and every other shopping app includes this. It takes my address in as ‘invalid’ also. Could be caused by my location in Louisiana but if so that’s a major inconvenience to me. I use after pay the majority of the time or even quad pay and they work flawlessly and give you that “smooth shopping” feeling , but Klarna seems to have several things it needs to work out before it’s a smooth running shopping app. It has many more options and places to shop from compared to afterpay which is why I have attempted to use this so many different times but each has only proved to no longer have interest or use for it.
Bad idea
Erica66 on 2020-12-04
I have use Afterpay and I thought this would be great but It was not! I signed up thru Macy’s andit kept telling my card expiration date was not correct but it was, so I keep trying it. So I decided to download the app from the App Store and add my card like that. Again it said my expiration date was wrong but I know my card number by heart because I had been using it all morning. I got my card from my purse to make sure I wasn’t crazy, tried again then I get the message your card declined ! So I checked my bank account there it was multiple charges from Klarna!! Still I haven’t received anything saying that your purchase was received or you will receive your merchandise in a few days! I am very disappointed, I tried calling Klarna and a recording came on and then the phone hung up! I contact my bank and told them to cancel everything because I didn’t receive any confirmation that Macy’s even received a coin for what I thought I was purchasing!!
Terrible app with clueless customer support
Tuyệt tuyeejt tuyệt tuyệt on 2020-12-04
I wanted to purchase something on Target so I used their klarna pay option. It was only a $13 purchase. To my surprise I was declined to purchase with Klarna, even though I have enough money in my account, the card is not a prepaid and it has the same address on my profile. Talked to customer support and they said I must have payment history with Klarna to be approved. Well, how the hell do I have a payment history, if I never get approved, for a measly $13, Amit??? After I pointed out the flaw in his statement, He said, and I quote “ Triet, I am really not sure why it declines.” I’m honestly speechless and I have no idea why people have such an amazing experience with Klarna, because the first purchase I want to do leads to an unexaggerated disappointing interaction with this company.
Mizjuiicii on 2020-12-04
Scam. Scam. Scam. This was my first time using Klarna. Normally I use Afterpay and will go back. My card was already charged when Klarna decided that I needed to pay more for my initial payment. My card was already charged when they changed the terms of the amount and the payment schedule. So Klarna now has money for an order that was never completed because they took the payment and changed their minds. Now, how convenient is it that there’s “no customer service available”. I knew better than to trust this app. I will update when this is resolved and I have my funds back in my account.
Amazing app
frosty0422 on 2020-12-04
Honestly gotta say klarna is one of the best shopping apps I’ve ever used, it’s an awesome way to get Christmas presents when you are going thru a hard financial problem it’s helpful in so many ways, even before the holiday season, for example when you want something so badly and you don’t have all the money at that very moment klarna helps with that, I would most definitely recommend it to anyone who’s going through hard times due to covid-19, the lose of your job, etc. and not to mention it has all the shops you could ask for even ones you haven’t even heard of yet.
Cancelling my order AFTER 24 HOUR 2 times!!!
Rockstar now Geek on 2020-12-04
I was trying to make a camera purchase then cancelled from Klarna’s end without reason, twice in two days. I tried to contact support 2 times but customer support staff first Sandip then Azis can’t find the reason why and suggest me doing the steps I took that failed, which is the reason why I contacted Klarna’s support in the first place. This Azis guy even ended our conversation abruptly before he helped me solve the problem. What a polite and knowledgeable this person is. Thank you Klarna for the great job.
Love it!
show/question on 2020-12-04
After getting out of credit card debt I’m very careful on what I purchase and how I purchase something. However, there are times I’d like to buy something but I don’t want to use credit. Klarna gives buyers options to either pay payments every two weeks or you can apply for a 6 month lower payment. I’ve had no problems and it’s so nice to order things and not have it as credit and be able to pay things off without interest. I will continue to use this app for major purchases.
It’s a decent app
The keeper of all on 2020-12-04
I found out about Klarna on Instagram and it’s been a positive experience using the app. I’ve been able to purchase items I normally would have to wait until income tax to get. Only issue I’ve had is sometimes (4 exactly) I’ve been denied the 6 month payment plan option. When I switch to the 4 payment option and then go back to the 6 month option then it will approve me. So that part isn’t fun lol but it’s still a good option especially for times like this.
Horrible shopping app! wouldn’t recommend
lovelyhinson on 2020-12-04
It’s horrible app!!! i’ve already heard plenty of reviews about this app but yet still gave it a shot, on the past couple months it’s been great i’ve been getting approve and been paying the balance off before the due date haven’t changed anything then suddenly they just didn’t want to approved me right after i paid off a balance recently!!! talk to an agent and ofcourse they’re no help!!! So i would rather just stick to afterpay and quadpay!!!

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