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Mar, 2021


Mar, 2021



Dive into Wild Rift: the skills-and-strategy 5v5 MOBA experience of League of Legends by Riot Games, now built from the ground up for mobile. With smooth controls and fast-paced games, you can team up with friends, lock in your champion, and go for the big plays. PLAY TO OUTPLAY Master the Rift and earn your legend with dynamic champs and ever-changing strats. Each game is a chance to land the perfect skill shot, turn the tides in a crazy teamfight, or pull off that sweet, sweet pentakill. COMPETE WITH FRIENDS Teamwork makes the dream work in this mobile MOBA. Whether you’re a duo, trio, or full five-stack, you can queue up with your squad and climb the ladder one enemy Nexus at a time. CHOOSE YOUR CHAMPION Dunk on the competition with a giant sword, freeze enemies in their tracks with a cross-the-map ice arrow, or lure opponents to their doom with mesmerizing charm. Whatever you want your legend to be, there’s a champ for you. FAIR AND FREE TO PLAY Face off in matches balanced for skill level as well as party size. All champions can be earned for free in Wild Rift, and there’s no paying for playtime or power. Ever. Follow for 200IQ gameplay clips, dev and feature updates, and a whole lot more: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website: Support: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone 6 and above.

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LoL but for Mobile Play
magic00 on 2021-04-12
First off I want to say the game is based off Leagues. For anyone like myself who thought we’d be getting a direct port will be sad to know it’s not a direct port. The game itself has been remade into a portable experience. Overall the gameplay is almost the same. The few champs who have point and click skills like Annie now have a skill shot variant of it. Or certain mechanics changes like Ashe who you can now control your Arrow mid flight. The levels in game cap at 15. While also allowing for much more streamlined gameplay. Leashing for jungles doesn’t happen often and not usually needed. Role call is almost non existent in causal play and often creates games that you’d never see in Leagues. Such as 5 adc. Is that a good thing? I have no idea. On one hand it’s nice to see randomness in this game but on the other it’s very frustrating. I had gotten time to play some ARAM (My favorite game mode). I hope it’s brought back permanently. Overall there are like 65 characters or so now and I’m sure they will be slowly adding in others. I hope they do allow for even more characters from the original game to be included. Even if skills are slightly similar to others on game. Now overall I’m rather pleased with the game. It touched that nerve Leagues does. It gave me a way to play one of my favorite games on mobile... However account info has not transferred so everything and everyone starts at 1. No already unlocked items. I think it gives everyone a sort of level playing field who don’t want to pay the expensive in game currency to get more to start with. However I would’ve liked to see my champs and skins transfer over. That to me felt like a waste of my time and money on leagues. Lastly I hope this is seen soon, Serephine or whatever her name is has too far of a range. Her and Fortune bot lane are only countered by a couple champs currently. Maybe reduce her range a bit.
Would be a 5 IF this was fixed
Ionfang on 2021-04-12
Was reading what people say and thought huh you guys must be crazy saying bad stuff it’s riot gaming and they do well. So my first complaint is the controls and he walking joystick thing as you are trying to move around will stop registering your finger and you’ll just stop moving while being chased and yes dying due to just that issue it’s not even your fault you died you would have gotten away if it didn’t stop walking. Second and this is what just made me write this. Just got to my first rank mode on phone version and choose my team getting real excited to crush someone and boom disconnect right at the loading screen and not just disconnect like if you doing server maintenance I get booted from the match and completely logged out so now I had to punch all my info in trying to get back into match and so I do it all fast and bam another disconnect. Personally when it comes to a game with a rank mode I don’t play around with the disconnect for no reason as I am sitting at home with perfect internet. Just wanted to lay in bed and play dang it! Anyways if fixed 5 outa 5 but till then nope also should make it to where iPad users or any tablet or phone should be able to get a Bluetooth controller to play just don’t even waste your time trying to fix a touchscreen issue. But if you do move the left joystick slickly mode left it’s over to far and I’m a grown man saying that I feel as if I’m reaching with my thumb which makes my finger come off the stick and sometimes stop walking. No reason we can’t have a controller I mean it’s got 4 buttons that matter. Anyways just a thought.
I don't why but this gets through my nerves everytime
zurvick on 2021-04-12
I was honestly pleased by the time I heard League of Legends: Wild Rift was released here in the US. I've been playing LOL since season 7 and I have had a great time with it, no complaints - the game progressively gets even better. On the other hand, I just wanted to address Wild rift's ping during gaming. I don't know if it's my end or the game needs some fixes. I'm currently playing Wild Rift with my 5G data because our WIFI tends to go on and off especially during rainy days. Before I play, I strictly inspect that my data is stable - it turns out, it's always on the go (most of the time). But every single time, when I start playing my ping is always at 105 and I honestly don't understand why this is the case. When I play other games I haven't had any problems with it using my 5G data. I can even watch YouTube on its high resolution possible, download a 3GB games using my data on the App Store (like pubg) without any complications. I've been searching through the web about this kind of problem and it seems like most of the articles and videos that I can find are coming from the East side of the Globe or in simple words, Asia. I get so irradiated because I genuinely know that my data is working well and I don't understand why I'm still experiencing high pings. It ruins my game, honestly. It sometimes makes me want to just delete the game and move on. Please, I need some answers on why this is the case of mine. Thank you.
Slightly Disappointed
JBBrickman on 2021-04-12
Well I have never been too much of a League of Legends fan, but I have played this game a bit on pc with my friends who are really into this game. I saw an ad that announced the mobile version and I immediately got it to check it out, finally a quality pc game on mobile! I think they did a good job adapting the game,but movement is way harder than on pc which is weird since on pc that only needs the mouse phones are touchscreen. But overall it’s a decent mobile adaptation, considering how crappy mobile games can usually be. But unfortunately I do not see that other game that is a part of league of legends, that is like a board game i can’t remember what it’s called. But I am disappointed by two things. 1. At first I thought this was a major flaw but I sorta understand it. You can’t cross-platform with pc! I thought it would be great to play with my friends on their PCs from anywhere on my mobile device, I thought this could be really awesome but I guess they don’t want that. The worst thing is that Champion unlocks and character skins do not transfer over. This is super unfortunate, this basically means I will have less fun and less reason to play the mobile version, since my progress and skins are on PC. This is super unfortunate!
Pretty good but is buggy
eaturprunes on 2021-04-12
The mechanics, graphics, sound, gameplay, etc is fantastic. Everything looks great and feels great, but there’s 2 major issues. The first is that the matchmaking system is very buggy. Besides occasional long wait times, there’s the issue of failing to connect to the match, which has happened to me almost everyday that I’ve played the game. Almost every single day that I’ve played this, I’ve entered a match where I fail to connect to it, and then it’s impossible to reconnect no matter what you do. And it just happens randomly. I’ve checked my wifi and everything, and they work perfectly fine. Exiting and reopening the app doesn’t work and neither does clicking the prompts. The 2nd major issue is that the interface is very annoying and hard to find info. For example, you can’t find/see the ranking system in the ranked tab nor can you see have much time is left in the season. Unless I’m just blind or stupid, I haven’t seen a whole lot of info, at all, throughout the interface. Overall, though, it’s a great game. It’s just that those connection issues can be extremely frustrating, especially if you have to suffer punishments from those supposed afks.
A cash-grab at best.
Cattifornia on 2021-04-12
If you have the ability to do so, just play league on a PC. Slow. Poorly coded. It's even worse when you realize that progress doesn't transfer between Wild Rift and League of Legends PC. Unlike previous titles like TFT, Riot has decided to scam their playerbase who spend large amounts of money on the game by refusing to allow those skins to transfer. Meaning any money on skins you spend on Wild Rift and the PC version of league will not allow you to use the content on the other platform. As someone who has literally spent thousands of dollars on League of Legends I feel massively cheated and disrespected. I don't feel as though I am a valued customer at all. I shouldn't have to purchase my skins twice ever; especially not when skins cost $10-100 per skin. Gross and predatory. I heavily recommend sticking with the better PC version.
DaMieNreJp on 2021-04-12
The match making in this game is a disgusting joke. I’ve played hard and been promoted atleast 7-8 times in a row only to then be matched with players in my promo’s or gold rank that have no clue what’s going, first time picking a champ, literally don’t understand the concepts of the game. I can’t understand how ?? How are these people in my games ?? I could understand one or two games but every single time so far... I get demoted because my team is just to low skilled it makes no sense. I’ve submitted a ticket and they say they have no control but this is crazy... I’m getting seriously frustrated bot being able to progress becuase I get matched with an army of tards... BTW.. I easily reach masters in AOV and mythic in MLBB but somehow the wall of tards in WILDRIFT is too strong.
Amazing but has one issue
TopSkrub on 2021-04-12
As a long time League of Legends player, I was excited to hear that there was going to be a mobile version of the game. I downloaded it and noticed that it was missing some components from the pc version but that didn’t matter to me as much because the game was fun to play on the go. Only problem I have with it was that sometimes it wouldn’t let me load into match and said that there was a connection error. Clicking the retry option wouldn’t work either and whenever I’d try to cancel it would log me out of my account. After logging back in it would also ask the same prompt and the same situation as before would happen. I don’t want to be banned or reported for “leaving” a match that I never connected to.
Absolutely fun
Jack La Zetas on 2021-04-12
I was never able to play the pc version and I really wanted to try it. Finally, it came to mobile and I raced to the App Store to try it out. As a mobile player, I tell you that this game is more high paced than other mobile games. It’s like the pc version (when I look at the videos) except it’s faster for people who don’t have 40-50 minutes to play. Another fact is that I play this on two devices, my good iPad, and my phone that literally can’t do crap. I’ve played it on the phone and it still works well. Sure, I get kicked out the app sometimes but I am still able to reconnect. I tell you, one of the best mobile games since CoD mobile (not trying to compare bc they’re completely different games)
AVMT_I on 2021-04-12
Doesn’t matter if you’re good or not. If you’re on a winning streak, the game mechanism will automatically pair you with the worst of the worst teammates you can fricking imagine in casual and especially in rank... yes...I said it “ RANK “ You’re in a 10 win streak? Cool! The next 10 games they will pair you with the worst teammates. Just to name one in my rank game in platinum IV, I had to carry 1 silver and 3 golds and my total damage output was 102k damage.. ONE-HUNDRED-TWO THOUSAND DMG OUTPUT WAIT FOR IT... And teams only did 10-16k damage. WHAT KIND OF F**kery is this? I got total 37 team fights—— MY TEAMS WERE ON THEIR SINGLE DIGIT TEAM FIGHT. CHANGE THE MECHANISM YOU ****!

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