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Aug, 2021


Aug, 2021



A game you could play of all times. See if it is really insanely addictive and quite replayable! How far can you travel to? Run above different flat planets, swift jumping over one obstacles to the next, pikcing up stars to unlock gorgeous planets. Only 70% players could conquer The Earth; only 30% players could pass The Moon. Guess where you could be? “Left Behind” is the story of a creature in the space that has always left behind his own brothers. The main character in this game is Bobo, a wacky and naughty creature, all in red color, originally, from reddish land. He is always left behind! Give him a ride to catch up with his friends! Features: Ingenious and tricky designs for different levels; Greatly challenge your reflexes and skills; 5 beautiful planets to conquer and explore; Try to unlock Bobo and his other 13 bros; Addictive BGM for different planets;

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