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Sep, 2020


Sep, 2020



Calling all units, we have Code 6! In a crime-filled city, there’s only one officer who can help keep the law. It’s time to respond to the call and follow your duty, in Let’s Be Cops 3D. A dangerous driver is on the loose, and it’s your job to catch them! Watch the roads for oncoming drivers, keeping your eyes open for anyone not following the law. Think a car is speeding? Use your police scanner to get a closer look! Catch the criminals, and assess if they should be fined, let go, or arrested. Can’t handle the heat? Stay in your lane. Let's Be Cops 3D features: -Be a cop! -Chase down criminals -Customise your car! -Multiple environments -Protect the city!

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Ads? Internet?
the qritiquing cjike n on 2020-10-27
“Oh what’s that? You turned off the internet so you don’t get spammed by ads every millisecond? Oh, well, I’m not allowing that even though the game has no online features we will just not allow you to play. We’re just a company who wants nothing but money, and we’re also the type of company who puts ads after each time you complete a mission. Even though the missions only last about 20 second... effectively spamming you. Because we spam you with ads, we will also FORCE it on you Were also the type of company that makes you work up to a new outfit, then have to watch an ad to unlock it. Even though you clearly earned it.” That’s you game company, just making a point that ads are stupid, no reason to get furious. 10/10 it’s fun other than what I explained
Used to be good
good shoplist on 2020-10-27
This game USED to be great but after they gained traction form more downloads they started cramming adds after every little thing you do and now the cars move slower and so does the game before the added adds into every corner the game was fast moving and fun but now the game goes slow and feels like a tutorial. I also feel that they re-use maps and don’t really put to much effort into other maps now that also have those annoying click a video for a prize adds and that is always a sign of a game going downhill and will prevail for long
Pretty good
Eevee person on 2020-10-27
Alright so I’ve been playing this game for about a month now, and I have to say it’s really good. It can get kind of repetitive, but either way I like it. I’ve read some of the other reviews, and they say that they had a lot of ads, bugs and glitches, but for me, I haven’t had a lot of ads, I’d give it a tiny bit more than average, and the only bugs I’ve had was that I would start driving off the map of if I try to pull over the car in the lane farthest to me. Either way, I think you should try this game out.
Donutus on 2020-10-27
I know this game wants money bc I was testing the game if it had a lot of ads,bugs,and glitches it had ALL OF THAT when I got bored I will sometimes play but I had no WiFi I thought I could have time without ads BUT THIS GAME JUST WANT MONEY it doesn’t let you play without WiFi so it can get money from ads and i know it’s possible it make it less ads and I know it’s hard to fix glitches and bugs and stuff but u could just not release the game and test it out on a iPad. This game just want money
eeeertteshhfhd on 2020-10-27
I love this game so much but there’s just so many ads at the beginning of the game but don’t let that get in your way it’s so fun though when you get late into the gameReally fun trying to read it five stars I still want to Ferrari now I don’t know if I have to buy it but I’mAt 300 K as we speak it’s really fun five stars hoping for new updates please add a SWAT van PS The best game I’ve played in a while on mobile
Wow. Just wow.
WilliamMorrus on 2020-10-27
This game is fun to play, with the exception of way to many adds, but that’s not the reason for this review. I pulled over this tow truck, and you won’t believe who it was. Donald Trump, they really added Donald Trump into the game and said he was a well known mobster. I totally get the idea behind adding famous people, but cmon really, adding our President and saying he is a Mobster, it’s whatever.
What the?
rockersssssy on 2020-10-27
So I used to love this game okay, but after this update it won’t let me use my spikes. It’s basically teaching me how to play, and it won’t let me pull people over by myself i have to wait for the pull over button to light up. Also people used to go like 55 MPH or their car was on fire but none of that is happening they just go 37 MPH. Before it was a great game but not so much now.
Good Idea, Bad Execution
Ben Cunningham 123 on 2020-10-27
First and foremost, the ads are excessive. It ruins the game for me because I’m watching ads 2/3 of the time. It’s a good idea for a game, but there aren’t nearly enough scenarios. When you pull over a car you’ll get one of maybe five scenarios. It gets old pretty quickly. If you were to write more scenarios and tone down the ads a few notches, this would be a really fun game.
EbooJeeboo on 2020-10-27
this game is ok. boring. But the main reason is they use the president as a driver and make him a bad guy. That’s offensive and should not be in there. I’m a teen so you might think i’m being a namby pamby but it’s offends and someone could take it to another level and report the game. If you fix it then maybe i will reconsider downloading the app again.
Horrible , Too many ads
Papi Twinke on 2020-10-27
I have never seen a more poor made game in my life , I don’t make reviews often but this is ridiculous how can you have a game be so horrible if you download this game be prepared for ads , ads, ads and more ads you are watching videos more than you are playing so if you are into watching ads all day download this game it will be a great fit.

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