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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



Swipe the letters in your soup to form words! Use your noodle to find all of the words and move from one café to the next in this scintillating soup saga! This tasty new word puzzle will fill you up for months!

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No Hint Bonus
Smyrnamyrna on 2020-02-28
This is one of my favorite games and I enjoy playing it every day. The only irritation I have is that I have not received the hint bonus at least the last 10 times I have gotten the starred word!Can that be fixed?
Lvo133!! on 2020-02-28
I have only used used it for 4 days and it has frozen 3 times. I have to keep deleting it and reinstalling
My Entertainment
hymark on 2020-02-28
I have found a new diversion from every day life.This Entertainment has changing challenges,thanks! DCHC.
Word soup
ccuz1998 on 2020-02-28
Fun and challenging. My wife and I hand her tablet back and forth looking for words.
Game player
countrygirl7117 on 2020-02-28
Super game! It helps to have hints. The game makes you think.
starlongbeach on 2020-02-28
I enjoy this game as it makes me think.
So Much fun!
Alixg16 on 2020-02-28
I love playing letter soup!
Great game
happyretirement on 2020-02-28
Makes you use your brain.
Letter Soup
CBC Alum on 2020-02-28
Awesome it makes me think
Good game
BobbyG52 on 2020-02-28
Helps with vocabulary

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