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Aug, 2020


Aug, 2020



With the LG TV Plus app, control your smart TV, view photos, and play videos and music from your phone on the big TV screen! Broaden your Smart TV experience with the LG TV Plus app. The remote control function enables you to operate the LG webOS TV. Easily browse your photos, videos, and music on your smartphone from the LG TV Plus app and enjoy them on the big screen. [Notes] This app supports only LG webOS Smart TV released on and after 2014. You can use LG TV Plus after pairing your TV and mobile device on the same Wi-Fi network. [Supported Models] '14 ~ ’20 webOS TV "EC93xx", "EC97xx", "EC98xx", "EF95xx", "EF98xx", "EG91xx", "EG92xx", "EG95xx", "EG97xx", "EG99xx", "JL90xx", "LA96xx", "LB63xx", "LB65xx", "LB67xx", "LB68xx", "LB69xx", "LB70xx", "LB71xx", "LB72xx", "LB73xx", "LB75xx", "LB86xx", "LB87xx", "LC71xx", "LF51xx", "LF54xx", "LF59xx", "LF63xx", "LF64xx", "LF65xx", "LF72xx", "UB82xx", "UB84xx", "UB85xx", "UB88xx", "UB93xx", "UB95xx", "UB98xx", "UC89xx", "UC97xx", "UC9x", "UF63xx", "UF64xx", "UF67xx", "UF68xx", "UF69xx", "UF77xx", "UF83xx", "UF84xx", "UF85xx", "UF86xx", "UF87xx", "UF93xx", "UF94xx", "UF95xx", "UG73xx", "UG87xx", "UG88xx", "G6", "E6", "C6", "B6", "UC9", "UH98xx", "UH96xx", "UH95xx", "UH93xx", "UH92xx", "UH88xx", "UH87xx", "UH86xx", "UH85xx", "UH84xx", "UH79xx", "UH77xx", "UH76xx", "UH75xx", "UH74xx", "UH68xx", "UH66xx", "UH65xx", "UH64xx", "UH63xx", "UH62xx", "UH61xx", "UH60xx", "UH55xx", "UH10xx", "LH66xx", "LH63xx", "LH60xx", "LH59xx", "LH58xx", "LF63xx", "EC98xx", "LJ68xx", "LJ64xx", "LJ62xx", "LJ61xx", "LJ60xx", "LJ57xx", "LJ55xx", "SJ95xx", "SJ85xx", "SJ80xx", "SJ75xx", "UJ98xx", "UJ94xx", "UJ88xx", "UJ78xx", "UJ77xx", "UJ76xx", "UJ75xx", "UJ74xx", "UJ72xx", "UJ69xx", "UJ68xx", "UJ67xx", "UJ66xx", "UJ65xx", "UJ64xx", "UJ63xx", "UJ62xx", "UJ61xx", "UJ60xx", "US80xx", "W7", "W7S", "G7", "E7", "C7", "B7", "EG9A7", “B8x”, “C8”, “E8”, “G8”, “LK54xx”, “LK57xx”, “LK61xx”, “LK62xx”, “SK79xx”, “SK80xx”, “SK85xx”, “SK95xx”, “UK62xx”, “UK63xx”, “UK65xx”, “UK67xx”, “UK75xx”, “W8” "B9", "C9", "E9", "FK75xx", "LM57xx", "LM62xx", "LM63xx", "LM65xx", "R9", "SM80xx", "SM81xx", "SM82xx", "SM85xx", "SM86xx", "SM90xx", "SM95xx", "SM98xx", "SM99xx", "UM71xx", "UM72xx", "UM73xx", "UM74xx", "UM75xx", "UM76xx", "UM77xx", "W9", "Z9" "ZX", "WX", "GX", "CX", "BX", "RX", "UN89XX", UN85XX", "UN81XX", "UN80XX", "UN78XX", "UN74XX", "UN73XX", "UN72XX", "UN71XX", "UN70XX", "LN56XX", "UN69XX", "LG73CN", "NANO99X", "NANO98", "NANO97X", "NANO96", "NANO95X", "NANO93", "NANO91X", "NANO90X", "NANO86X", "NANO85", "NANO83", "NANO81X", "NANO80X" '17 webOS miniBeam "HF80Jx", "HF85Jx", "HF65Fx", "HF60Hx", "PF1xxx" [Required permissions] 1) Mandatory app permissions : Not required 2) Optional app permissions - Photos : Access photos and videos content on your device to display on the TV. - Media & Apple Music (Media Library) : Access music content on your device to display on the TV. - Calendars : Read calendar information on your device to display on the TV. (Available from 2016 webOS TV and above) ※ You can still use the service without giving the app optional permissions.

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Oh look, yet another company with shady data policies
Drynwynn on 2020-09-30
If you click “more” in the description and scroll down, you’ll see the description says there are no required permissions. However upon opening the app, the app requires you to allow location services to “pair to your tv” and closes if you do not grant it. First off, you don’t need location to pair my tv. The devs were told to include this by some shoddy exec because they know the majority of users are too lackadaisical to care about their personal data and you can usurp and sell at your leisure. I’m hoping that this review will at least convince SOME people to say, “you know what, no you don’t need my data.” Knock it off, LG.
DEVELOPERS, Please try Fix Mirroring
David bedoy on 2020-09-30
DEVELOPERS, PLEASE Fix the Mirroring feature! My TVs specs: LG WebOS 43UK6090PUA - Current software version: 05.20.03 This App worked at the very begging when I first purchased my LG TV: model: WebOS 43UK6090PUA- current software version:(05.20.03) I was amazed how well it worked and easily gave it 5 STARS⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️(BUT Now it’s lucky to get one ⭐️. In the begging all of the apps features worked. Especially Mirroring. I absolutely loved the Mirroring /ScreenSharing feature above all else. Then completely stopped working for no apparent reason right after an update.
Got the Right Idea
Gamelover8527 on 2020-09-30
Ok, well, about seven months ago I downloaded this app. I was ok when I found out you couldn’t turn on the tv with it, as our tv has a button that turns it on. I like that you can create a profile. But about four weeks ago, my connection shut off, like when I tried to connect the app to our tv, it said that the television was off. Now I was annoyed . Our tv was on Netflix, and the app just refused to connect. Now, because my brother and I always lose the remote, we rely completely on our dad because be has the app too. This virtual remote was useful while it lasted...
lsbe eidbwo on 2020-09-30
App doesn’t find the television! Then Once the television is found it connects your phone for a second then disconnects as if the app was never connected!! Not sure what the problem is but it is very annoying not being able to connect apps that you have a subscription to stream and can’t even use the dang television!!!! Developers I have seen many comments about this same issue dating back a year from now and still the same thing is happening which tells me either you all are not concerned about the consumers are you have bad computer engineers at hand!!!
Works better than the remote
BlackSwan808 on 2020-09-30
This app does everything the remote does, it even has the conveniences of a track pad and app list. If you dont like the trackpad you can toggle back to the directional arrow control. For me the best feature are the app and input lists, its much easier, and so much quicker to switch to a different app or input. The only flaw is when you check gmail, instagram, or any other app on your phone, the LG app will ask you to connect to tv. It consists of two clicks and only takes about 4 seconds, but its still annoying.
A good app w/ unfair reviews
Reviewer#13278 on 2020-09-30
The reviews for this app are harsh and I have to assume from people who are not used to using their phone as a tv controller. The app works fine and really covers all the needs I could imagine. There are improvements I would be happy to see (ios14 widgets, persistent RV connection, etc) but it does everything I actually NEED it to do. Volume, power and all feature of my original remote are in here and work like I would expect. Less delay and connection issues than the Apple TV remote app.
Waste of time for me.
Messegersucks on 2020-09-30
I try to do screen mirror on my Lg tv but i coulnt. As I could do that with my Sony with out having to download the app It told me to download this app to do that. So I did 30min later I cant connected to my tv. The app requires you to share location. Why would it ask you that if you have wifi? An the remote feature this app provides dont even work. 1 hour later. My review about this app is this dosent work. I had to go return the dam TV. An deleting this app
does what it needs to
Galaxxii on 2020-09-30
This remote app works almost exactly as I’d want it to. The only downside so far for me is that it doesn’t turn the TV on from off. I’ve recently learned of casting abilities that I’ve yet to try, but in the hess. that I’ve used this app I haven’t had any problems at all (as long as my WiFi is working). I do wish it would stop recommending the other LG app since the TV is actually the only LG product in my house. I kinda wanna buy a new fridge though...
Clunky and Doesn’t Cast Everything
Anana0016 on 2020-09-30
Don’t do what I did and think this works like Chromecast. It won’t mirror your actual screen. To show anything from your phone (like photos, recorded videos, etc), it’s not as simple as hitting play. You have to upload the content to this app (which took forever), and even then it didn’t work right for me. I deleted the app the same day.
LG app
RTWam on 2020-09-30
Can’t even listen or watch anything for more than 5 seconds. Seriously pay $3000 for OLED LG tv and they can’t even come up with an app that’s at least half way decent. It’s almost 2021 already. Spend a little bit of cash LG and make an app that works with your television’s please.

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