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Protect and connect your loved ones and important stuff with comprehensive safety features for life at home, on the web, and on the go — all in one place for added value and convenience. Enjoy modern, advanced tools that go beyond a basic GPS phone tracker. Keep track of your keys, wallet, phone, and other everyday must-haves with Tile Bluetooth trackers. Now available to connect with your Life360 map to find all the people and things that matter most in one easy place. Life360 membership includes a range of safety features, including: - SOS to send a silent alert with your location to family members, emergency contacts, and responders. - 24/7 Emergency Dispatch that’s always on call for your entire family. Even if you can’t call for help, we will. - Family Safety Assist for comprehensive real-time specialist support anytime, anywhere, and in any situation. - Identity Theft Protection to safeguard each family member’s sensitive digital information and white glove restoration service, including up to $1M in coverage. Explore Life360 for free Download Life360 and get started with Advanced Location Sharing, Location History, Crash Detection, and Place Alerts to see family members come and go from your top places like home, school, and work. Find the plan that fits your family’s unique needs and try it for free for 7 days. Life360 Platinum Be prepared for anything, anywhere with all the features of Life360 Gold, plus: - $1M in Stolen Fund Reimbursement - 50 miles Free towing - $500 in Stolen Phone Protection - Travel Support with Disaster Assistance - Medical Support Life360 Gold Protect your family on the go with all the features of Life360 Silver, plus: - 30 days of Location History - Unlimited Place Alerts - Individual Driver Reports - Crash Detection with emergency dispatch and live agent support - 24/7 Roadside Assistance - $250 in Stolen Phone Protection - ID Theft Protection and Data Breach Alerts - $25k in Stolen Fund Reimbursement Life360 Silver Simplify safety with features like: - 2 Places with unlimited Alerts - 2 days of Location History - Crash Detection - Family Driving Summary - Data Breach Alerts - SOS Help Alert Disclaimer: Continued usage of location services while the app is in the background can excessively drain battery. But not to worry, we’ve spent 10 years developing our location technology and our algorithms always keep battery usage to a minimum, even while you drive!

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Completely outstanding service for family and friends 💯
george_spence on 2023-01-29
I had trouble keeping track of a handful cheating partner’s phone. I tried several apps to assist me but I was met with ill-luck. Weeks ago I feel awful with my partner’s cheating attitude. I really want to catch her red handed, so I purchased this app hoping it would help unfortunately I wasn’t satisfied with it’s features as I needed to monitor my partner’s closely. I then spoke to a friend & neighbor and he recommended a private investigator named Dwayne. I sent him a mail at [email protected]•com explaining how I wanted to have complete access to her call log, text, social media activities deleted or not and her precise location day in day out. I speedily paid for his service and before I get home from work he contacted me and gave me a URL link to gain complete access to her phone as if I had it in my palms. What I saw was unbelievable and I am hugely disappointed, not surprised. I used the evidence I got to file for a divorce as soon as I could. I’m thankful to Dwayne for helping me out of my dilemma and affirming my suspicion. If you’re having trust issues and need valid evidence concerning your partner’s attitude, how about you contact Dwayne? He just might be of help bringing to light what’s been hidden from you.
Extraordinary effective
Certified©️ Reviewer on 2023-01-29
I actually downloaded this app in other to make my very own findings and track my spouse over infidelity for I never believed my spouse could cheat on me in as much as I give my full sincerity, I started having doubts and he’s been all suspicious too. A colleague of mine from work advised me to check on him. I came across a recommendation online about a professional private investigator named “Raf”, so I decided to try it out. I wrote him on his mail [email protected] Gmail. com and of which he requested few informations from me and in less than 3hours, my partner’s phone was hacked and I was in total control of it to spy and see his texts and phone messages, monitor his calls, I had access to his social media accounts ( both Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram), I was able to track his GPS location to know his day to day activities as well and listen to his calls without touching his phone. I was disappointed and heart broken finding out he’s been cheating on me 💔 Rafael is really good at what he does and I didn’t regret ever contacting him. Contact him on Craigcyberghost @ gmail com for any hack related services/issues and finding information too. I hope this is helpful
Best service so far
mickeymike325 on 2023-01-29
This [email protected] app is pretty efficient in picking out the location of loved ones as I have used it a number of times. However, its features are restricted to firstly having access to the cell phone you want to monitor. I have always wanted to achieve this remotely as I also want to be able to access text messages and conversations without my spouse finding out since I started having suspicions about him cheating. I know it's not totally right to spy on a person but I couldn't take it any longer. I sought for the services of Andrew, a private investigator and sent him a mail at a hackeruzi474 @ gmailcom where we exchanged phone numbers. I carefully explained how I had suspicions about my spouse cheating and how I wanted to get concrete evidence. I provided the information that was required and we agreed on a fee. Within few hours, I got into his cell phone and had complete access to his text messages, social media apps, call history and location. Gosh, I cannot begin to explain all I saw, matter of fact, I just shed a tear writing this. Anyway, If you find yourself in this situation or you require this type of service, how about you write to him?
Helpful and makes me worry free
grasstl84 on 2023-01-29
My family has been using this app for almost two years. My husband works out of town. Well, out of the state we live in and half way across the US. It has been nice to see where he is and he’ll even text me and ask me where am I? We make it fun thing in our family. Also every helpful with our 17yr old. She has to walk to work after school and soon will be driving. So knowing when she reaches the bubbles for work, school and home is important to us. It makes life easier having that notification of come across and I don’t have to worry. I’m no helicopter mom but it does put my mind at ease. My son doesn’t want to be “tracked”. So in conclusion I highly recommend this app for parents with kids that are out and about or if their spouses work far from home. Thank Life 360. Glitches and all! 🖤
One issue
GreenJewel123 on 2023-01-29
Loving the app overall, but there’s only one issue with it. As of a few updates ago, it doesn’t give alerts at the exact time things happen. Whenever my friend’s phone is dying, it won’t tell me when their phone is at 10% anymore like it used to, it’ll tell me about 15 minutes after the fact. Same with them arriving at a location, I won’t know they made it until 15 minutes later. They have the same issue on their end too and we don’t know what’s going on. Luckily crash detection still works on time and the only reason I know that is because I was in a car accident. I don’t know if the delay is due to an error on the app or if it’s my phone, but I’m thinking it has to be the app because my friend is going through the same problem.
Location sharing randomly turns off
Kubu1218 on 2023-01-29
This has been an issue for over a year. I have reached out to support about it & whatever fix(es) they have offered haven’t been permanent. I use this app to keep track of my elderly mother because she still drives. If location sharing hadn’t turned itself off, I would have known recently that she got lost on her way to a doctor appointment and drove around for 2 1/2 hours. I have personally turned location sharing back on and it STILL somehow turns itself off (she would never be able to do it herself - even accidentally). I also don’t think this is related to any system-wide issues affecting location sharing either. This is a one-off issue that happens and Support can’t see to fix it once & for all.
Collision detection doesn’t work
Joycebod on 2023-01-29
My son was in a 4 car accident on 1/19. He was going 65mph on the interstate. 2 fatalities in this accident. His car was destroyed. His phone was thrown in the accident and the collision was not detected even though on life 360 map it showed abrupt stop and where his car was spun into the embankment after the collision. I reached out to support and they contracted why it didn’t work. My son was injured in this accident and the whole purpose I pay for Life360 is for the sos and collision. His Apple Watch notified me, this app failed. They refuse to refund or research what happened. I’m going to disconnect service. Why pay for something that does not work.
Unsatisfied customer
WWHS66 on 2023-01-29
App not tracking. App was working great but now it’s not giving any location. Have tried deleting app and reinstalling. Not satisfied app at this time I am still having issues with tracking as has been reported before. Have not had any response from you concerning the tracking issue. Am deleting this app and will look for another I am sitting here at home and circle shows my wife is right here since 11:07. She has been gone since 10:00. Circle moved and immediately returns to home location. Very disappointed with this app. Apparently no one cares about getting location issues fixed. I guess for the app to work you have to pay for it. Good bye
Physhi on 2023-01-29
It used to be OK. The notifications get old fast and the admin being able to change things and no one else is frustrating. Ever since we moved closer to family in the area, almost every half hour I get a notification that another group member left our area to the new one when the group member leaves their phone on their computer desk all day. Getting 15+ notifications per day when the circle member isn’t moving is pissing me off. There isn’t an option to remove the constant notifications, it’s all or nothing. All in all it’s not that bad but I am extremely unhappy with all the notifications and it constantly telling me I should upgrade.
Rc4life on 2023-01-29
Seriously don’t waste your money. I’ve been using it for my daughter for about a year now. I even started paying premium almost $16 a month now. Just canceled it. It’s SO unreliable, way OFF in given exact location, time and exact streets. Exactly what I want. And half the time with having great reception in my area and yet it still says my daughter is at work still or some other location. And yet she’s with ME! I’m looking at her phone making sure she hasn’t purposely turn anything OFF! Yea right I’ll just do it the old fashioned way😏. And keep my money. Life360 sucks….

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