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May, 2021


May, 2021



Simple. Fun. And Clean. Just Like A Dino! Made By @super_toki

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I can’t put my excitement into words
nellynuggetts on 2021-06-17
O.M.G I LOVE THIS! Its so cute and I’ve recently been really into these kinds of games and it’s really similar to “Like a giraffe”. I love the tiny little story you can read about the developer’s dream and I look forward to seeing the animation. I hope the developer achieves this goal. I’m so thankful for this game because right now I know there is a whole lot of stress, but when I play this game I feel great! It’s very relaxing and very fun. I’m cutting this short because I’m writing this from the airport, but overall I love this game and I really recommend it for people with anxiety and stress. Thank you for reading!!
Like a dino
[email protected]@ on 2021-06-17
I just started playing this game today, my cousin had it and he said he stayed up till one playing it one day. So, I got it. When I started playing on my phone I got addicted, my mom is annoyed with it, but I can’t stop playing. I love the tunes, my favorite one is like a Dino cause I have only unlocked 3 songs but it is a very fun game to play. I highly suggest this to people who love to have objects to take care of or to play with, you can name it yourself I named my green one Sinclair and I renamed it from Dina to Clair. I also suggest it to people who love high pitched noises and catchy tunes.
Turtlegirl600 on 2021-06-17
Over all I love this game so much it’s very entertaining and I like the music you can go super far if you try really high my high score is 562 and I love how the thing gets faster as you progress there is one thing tho i feel like there should be a button or setting where you can turn off the sound and where there are more characters so ya that’s my review I definitely recommend this game so 5 stars
very fun and nice
NiC @pP on 2021-06-17
this game is super fun and I just downloaded it like 5 minutes ago, but this game has cute music.I got bored so i was searching through the app store for a good game to download till i found this one. I looked at the revies and people said its a good game so i downloaded it and tried it. Super nice music and aaesthetic. You should really download this game if you like cute games
kyleemartin444444444 on 2021-06-17
This was a fun game until you changed it and made it only Dino’s I had fun when it was a ye old way plus I already had the pink Dino but nkw I don’t and I have to wait until I get 10,000 coins to get it wich is not fair cause I played for a while to get those coins for the pink one and now I just wasted my time
This game is like no other!!!
Here's Lassie on 2021-06-17
This game is so fun and adorable! Ive only had it for a day, but i played it this morning, and i am already feeling better! The music is so motivating. I love how when you mess up the dino says, " Its OK not to be OK." This game is such a great experience and i will DEFINITELY be playing it everyday!!
My new fave game!!
KittyKat2234 on 2021-06-17
Literally as soon as I started playing I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. This game is so cute and the songs make me so happy oh my goodness!! I didn’t realize it’d be a little difficult like when the songs speed up but it just takes practice lol. Highly recommend to play during your free time!
Wonderful game!
paige c walker on 2021-06-17
I saw on the app that you are an aspiring creator and I really appreciate that. Therefore… I wrote a review! I think this game has great graphics, and is a great way to pass time. I’ve been playing for a week now and am still being challenged to beat my high scores. Keep up the great work!
eeejfjdhskdnabdk on 2021-06-17
I love this game! My family and I like to compete in games and send our highest scores to each other to beat. This is our new favorite! I love the simple yet creative graphics and the silly fun music! This is a great game that I recommend to everyone!!!
aryjfuttuctudtcduru on 2021-06-17
THIS GAME IS SO FUN AND THE ANIMATING IS SO CUTEEEEEE ❤️‍ plus there’s not a lot of ads ( for me there’s no ads ) which is amazing because I’ve never played a game with no ads! . This game is so addicting if your ever bored this is the game to play

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