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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



Link Detector allows you to found links, phone numbers and emails in real world. Just aim camera to book, ad, announcement or any other place contain link, phone or email and application found if. Next you can open, copy or share using you preferred method You can perform search in already taken image. Features: - Live Camera: You can use camera to search items - Flashlight support: You can toggle you flashlight if there is not enough light - Photo Library support: You can scan in already taken photo - Cropping tool: App allows to crop and rotate image before start recognition - Flight mode: Application working without internet connection - Machine Learning: Using bleeding edge state of art machine learning algorithm application to found links - QR Support: Application detect QR encoded links - History: All founded items saved to history - never lose founded thing Feel free to leave feedback and write email to [email protected]

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