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May, 2021


May, 2021



Lips are the perfect canvas to create the most imaginative art. And Lip Art 3D turns you into an expert lip art makeup artist in no time! Make those pouting lips pop with lipsticks, brushes, gloss, glitter, sequins and rhinestones. Complete dozens of unique and gorgeous lip art designs and watch the “Likes” ticking like crazy! This is easily the best and the most satisfying lip art game out there!

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Good game but...
Cool and awsome game! on 2021-06-19
Okay, first off I am using my moms iPad lol. Anyway, I loveeee this game, but there is only one thing. After when the ads show up, the game is entirely glitchy and super hard to control. If you can please fix this it would be great. Also, I love how you can choose your own skin color. A lot of other games I have played won’t let me change my skin color. What I am trying to is that one time I hav joined, and my skin color was white. I shut down my iPad and it didn’t work. So now I am stuck with white skin only. It’s not bad or anything it’s just not my skin color. Also, there are some completely boring lip art. I mean I love this game, but a lot of them are boring. Now, I love when you get to actually design the lips, and sure when you remove the glitter or something from the lip, it is satisfying. Sure, you can probably rate this game a 7 out of ten, but there are a lot of bug fixes that you need to work on. If I am being dramatic (which I’m not) then I’m sorry. But I can not play this game until these fixes are done with. I have one more thing, though. I love how you can paint the lips and design them, but maybe you can give people an option of what type of deign and color they want. Maybe you can even design your character. Anyway, that’s it. Overall, this game is pretty fun!
Good/ bad
fidthgchjeu on 2021-06-19
The only reason I gave it 3 is because this game used to be the best game I ever downloaded until one day it glitched out on me. I have had this game for about 2 years and a few months ago it glitched out on me. What I mean by that is it always says I have three keys for the chest no matter what I do and then as soon as I get my three things it says that I still have three keys and I can click every single one then I have to X out the game and then I can start playing it again until the chest comes back then it does it again and again and again. If you could please fix it or let me know what is going on because the updates don’t help with my problem. -Sad person
Amazing app! Just a problem. -Capri
New feature! on 2021-06-19
I love this game a lot! But I have one request or problem as you would call it. I would like if u added doing your own lip design for a bonus round or every 5 rounds would be nice. I play this game everyday! But if u added my suggestion. It would make my days a little better in this time that we are in right now and if you read the reviews and see mine. It would make my day if you actually started working on your game and give us an opportunity to do our own lips. Please and thanks! -Capri
Please read before getting the app
GOATS!!!!!!!!! on 2021-06-19
1. I got this game to have fun but it’s starting to creep me out because the lips starting to move when I put the lipstick on the mouth 2. When I put the lipstick on the mouth like there’s a line like at the side of her lips and when I put it on the lips like it keeps on like getting active and like moving around 3. TOO MANY ADS like every time I put a lipstick on and I Touch the arrow there’s an ad!!!
I need help!!!
lilpenguingrl on 2021-06-19
Ok so I’ve been playing this game for forever and I have loved it but recently there’s been a problem... I’m stuck on level 338!!! It has me repeating the same design over and over because every time I finish the level it completely glitches out and won’t leg me move on!!! Is it something I’m doing wrong? Please help because I love the game and wish to continue playing it!! Thanks for reading!!!
Best game ever!
prettykittylol on 2021-06-19
This is a really good game and definitely recommend this game for anyone who loves art and makeup! But for me, whenever the games says to use the paint roller of lip liner, it always does for me and I really just wanna do my game without the game playing itself. Otherwise this is the best game you could ever play if you like playing with your mom’s makeup!
Great game but...
little Anna B on 2021-06-19
This is an amazing game, so satisfying. Buuuuuut... the levels are pretty easy. I’ve been playing this game for a while now, I’m at a pretty high level, except they make some of the levels soooo easy. But overall it’s a very satisfying game, relaxing, and fun to do, so you should definitely click that get button ;)
adei nugets on 2021-06-19
This app is definitely NOT SAFE it asked me the first day I got the app can lip art track you something like that I didn’t even awnser all I did was get out the app right away and deleted it I know I’m only a kid but I know this IS NOT SAFE AT ALL!!!! Thank you for reading
Lip design game
Giuliana Fernandez on 2021-06-19
This game is so much fun all the different levels andDesigns this game is so much fun and I could play on it the whole day all the different things you could do to the lips take it off like it’s so fun I think you all should get it if you’re thinking about it the end
This is a cool game check it out!
Zqora on 2021-06-19
The first time I played this game I kind of like that then the second time I really like it because you get to try to deal with art and do lots of things to peoples lips and that’s the cool part about it that’s why I gave it five stars.

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