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Apr, 2022


Apr, 2022



LiveIn is a cool way to share your moments with your best friends. CAMERA LiveIn opens right to the Camera. Capture every moments in your life. WIDGET LiveIn allows you to send your pictures straight to your friends’ Home Screen! Add LiveIn on your Home Screen as a widget. When you send a photo to your friends, the photo will automatically pop up on the Home Screen! EXPLORE LiveIn is also a fun place where you can meet new friends. Go to the WORLD tab and explore what other people are up to and make new friends. FOR BEST FRIENDS LiveIn is a place where you stay in touch with your best friends. Capture every moment in your life and share with your friends. There is so much more on LiveIn, and we work very hard to update new features on a frequent basis. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

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Really fun!! 😚
𝙷𝚊𝚛𝚖𝚘𝚗𝚢 on 2022-05-17
You can meet new people, as well as add your friends!! You can see other peoples post that have the app around the world, and that makes it really interesting and fun to me because I don’t just want to see people in my [state], or just people in America, I want to be able to travel the world in the comfort of my own home. But the reason that I wrote a 4 star review is because I really wish that you could import videos + hear the sound on videos, and if you didn’t want someone to hear the sound, just mute it!! Its not hard to press a mute button is it?? Other then that, the app is pretty good overall.
Issue found
MustangDominic on 2022-05-17
I downloaded this app about 10 minutes ago and decided to test out if multiple accounts were able to be made. When I found that was possible, I logged out of my alternate account and went to log back into my main. When I pressed log in it took me to the correct page, however the password character limit is only 16. I have a password that is longer than that amount. As of right now the only way of getting back into my account is through signing up with my phone number again, which takes a while to do. Please fix this issue! Thank you for taking the time to read this. Sincerely, Dominic
Great but needs some updates
dyfyjytytuj on 2022-05-17
This app is awesome! Me and my friends use it all the time! But the one problem I have is the fact that when using this app with multiple friends, you can’t choose which friend you wanna send the photo to. I’ll be having a funny conversation through photos and everyone I’m friends with can see it, or I wanna send something to someone that’s like an inside joke or and Embarrassing photo of me as a joke but everyone ends up seeing it, I’m this case I rather just use messages, otherwise the apps great!
raeliyn on 2022-05-17
I love this app you can just text and send photo Ed to your friends whenever you want and it will show it on your home screen 😦😧 and my friends made me download it and now I am obsessed and I LOVE IT SO MUCH you hold down an app and say edit home screen and you click the + at the top and click add widget and type in LIVEIN and yiu click the LIVEIN screen logo and it will say add LIVEIN as a widget click yes and AGHHH ITS SO FUNNNN DOWNLAOD IIT NOW
No privacy options
clamarpoue on 2022-05-17
This app is fun! I downloaded it with my boyfriend to send each other silly things during the day. We have noticed there’s no way to really confirm who your photos are being sent to or where that data might be kept. There’s also access to an unfiltered public page which cannot be removed. We like it but this might be the reason we don’t use it :/ these features should be more user friendly :)
ur__w31rd._ is my tt on 2022-05-17
Best app so far in 2022! Me and my friends can now chat very easily!! My friend is very good at art and she is so good at this app!! Huge thanks to the person that made this app. Keep up the good work, btw this is coming from seventh graders and half the people in my class have this app and love it!! Tiktok and live in are a hugely amaze me on how good these apps work!! / B C.
Pretty cool app, still needs some work though
Harley720 on 2022-05-17
I like this app I think it’s super cute, I have a long distance partner and I love seeing his pictures pop up on my Home Screen. The app runs a little slow, and I think some other editing features for the photos would be pretty cool, but other than that it’s nice. Definitely a 9/10 I’ve had no real issues with it other than it running a bit slow loading and sending photos
Good but …
Lira.Hoyr on 2022-05-17
So I’m giving this a 3 star is because some guy has been harassing me and stuff on the app. I wanted to send my friends photos. He was an adult male wanting to date a minor! Your game is 12+!!! This is dangerous!! You need to have a mode for if a kid under 18 has a account we’re you have to be your friend to comment or just turn the comments off. This is really bad
Clunky and restrictive
Randomness night on 2022-05-17
The excessive censorship is insufferable. You can send a picture of literally anything but can’t type anything explicit whatsoever in the comments. And it’s by no means restricted to just cursing. The standard for what is considered inappropriate to comment on this app is absurd. A mildly neat widget is the ONLY thing this clunky app has over the competition.
To dark on 2022-05-17
Me and my friends thought this would be a cute little thing we would use once or twice but now it is an essential it is way better than texting you can send something out some words and boom they see it next time they open their phone! Love all the features just wish that they would let you put pics from your camera roll

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