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Dec, 2021


Dec, 2021



Locket is a widget that shows you live pictures from your friends, right on your Home Screen. It’s like a portal to the people you care about — a little glimpse at what they’re up to throughout the day. Here’s how it works: when a friend sends you a pic, it instantly appears in your Locket widget on your home screen. To send a response, tap the widget, take a pic, and send it to your friends’ Home Screens. It feels like magic when your Locket updates with something new! As you use Locket, you’ll also build up a history of pictures you’ve sent your friends. Scroll down in the Locket app to travel back in time and explore your History. Locket is just for your closest friends. It’s perfect for your best friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, and families. To keep things friendly, you can only add up to 5 friends on the app. Please write to us at [email protected] Thanks for having Locket on your Home Screen!

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I like the app but theres some things missing to make it really good
Azutron on 2022-01-17
Gotta be honest I love the app, sending random pics to my gf and seeing her in my home-screen and seeing different pictures of her. I don’t know if the app is new but it would be better if it had more stuff, some ideas like sending pictures from the cameras roll, or doing groups and each widget is a different person or group, and a timer for the photos. Something that has been bugging me it’s the app doesn’t have notifications so i don’t know when my gf send me the photos and it can pass 6-7 hours and when I finally open the app i see like 6 pictures she sent without me noticing. So I would gladly love if yall add notifications.
ridiculous on 2022-01-17
This app, which seems like a cute app, was making me have anger problems. I download the app for the experience and I type in my phone number. It says I’m supposed to be getting a code to redeem so I waited for a couple minutes and no code. I try 4 more times, still no code. I decide to delete the app and re download. Right after I deleted it, I got 5 texts for a code to redeem. Now I am trying to type in my phone number and it is saying it cannot redeem a code right now and to try again later. This app seems like a cool, fun app, but it gave me the wrong impression right off the bat!
Great concept but needs polishing!
Zeon Beatbox on 2022-01-17
Hello Developer, 1. As the app description says “Instantly appears on your friends widget”, IT ACTUALLY DOESN’T you have manually open the app and then the widget refreshes with the latest pic, (Since, the whole idea of the widget refreshing itself with the latest pic instantly as we send it is the main reason why most people download this app, please fix this else the app might die before the developer unleashes full potential of what he plans to do with this app, I hope you do it soon) 2. Add a text editor and drawing pen✍️ 3. Add some lenses, effects that would be alot of fun!
Cool idea, but weird problems
DoIHaveToGiveAName? on 2022-01-17
I love the idea of this app especially as a military kid because my friend lives on the other side of the country, but the app has been giving me weird problems. Every time I close the app to go to the home screen, when I try and open the app again to respond to my friends I have to renter my phone number and renter the code it sends me. Then because I have to keep resigning in I don’t think my friends are getting all of my pictures. I love the idea but overall it just has so many problems
love the app but…
issa_rat5 on 2022-01-17
i recently got this app when it had 21 reviews and was kind of skeptical to try it after seeing it on tiktok, but out of curiosity, i downloaded it and added some friends. it was so cool, seeing them pop up on my widgets! i was so surprised. the only thing is, i wish that we could add more friends. 5 is too small, and with a greater amount of friends, you could interact more and have a lot more photos popping up on your widget! other than that, thank you for this amazing app!
Needs a debugging
katelyn benne333 on 2022-01-17
I love this app! Such a great idea to be able to see new pics of ur friends on your Home Screen as a widget! However after you add more than one friend on here, the app seems to glitch and buttons disappear, I won’t see all my friends uploaded pics thus making this extremely disappointing. I will keep trying with this app cuz I see the potential but I think the creators need to work on their debugging. Would be a 5/5 if the app worked properly.
sarac9 on 2022-01-17
Just some suggestions to make your app more fun and have more options. 1. Zoom in and out 2. Be able to add more friends 3. Being able to caption pictures. Out of the box ex. Like Instagram except no caption box it’s just floating on the bottom or on/in the picture ex. Like Snapchat I might have some more but just some suggestions that would increase your rating from others, trendy, and more fun. Thanks for your time, The people
Cute and great idea - however
jshsjshekdhajrhrjekkf on 2022-01-17
I think this is a really cute thing which I share with my partner. But I also use this with my friends. And I find it slightly annoying that photos can’t be sent to a certain person and rather this is more like a “social media story” where you post and everyone sees everything. I’d like to have an option to send between my partner and my friends :) rather than all at the same time.
Verification code not working
svlliven on 2022-01-17
Every time I type in my number to send a verification code, it doesn’t send me one. I tried everything, from restarting my iPhone to deleting and reinstalling the app multiple times. nothing will work, My girlfriend really wants us to have it, but I can’t even log in because I won’t get a code. I’ve been trying everything for the last couple days but nothing works. Please help.
The Locket Widget
Whatthe12890 on 2022-01-17
I love this app! It’s a very well orchestrated app and it was a brilliant idea. But I have one problem. Every time I wish to see a photo one of my friends sent me, on my home-screen, I have to get on the app and refresh just to see it. It’s a feature that I think would make the app easier. I’m not too sure if it’s just a bug with me, but it’s happening with most my friends.

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