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Jun, 2022


Jun, 2022



Locket is a widget that shows you live pictures from your friends, right on your Home Screen. It’s like a portal to the people you care about — a little glimpse at what they’re up to throughout the day. Here’s how it works: when a friend sends you a pic, it instantly appears in your Locket widget on your home screen. To send a response, tap the widget, take a pic, and send it to your friends’ Home Screens. It feels like magic when your Locket updates with something new! As you use Locket, you’ll also build up a history of pictures you’ve sent your friends. Scroll down in the Locket app to travel back in time and explore your History. Locket is just for your closest friends. It’s perfect for your best friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, and families. To keep things friendly, you can only add up to 20 friends on the app. Please write to us at [email protected] Thanks for having Locket on your Home Screen!

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Loved at experiencing issues
lexi4792 on 2022-07-01
I loved this app aside from not being able to have different widgets for different people. I was excited to hear I would be able to with the new update! However, when I deleted my original widget from my homescreen to create new ones, I am now unable to add any Locket widgets back. After clicking the + button in the top corner of my screen and searching for the Locket option, it is no where to be found. I deleted and redownloaded the app / turned my phone off and on several times, but to no avail. Unsure of how to proceed in using Locket, and couldn't find any tips online to fix...very frustrated.
why can’t I put my email instead of a number
playciciroyal on 2022-07-01
Sooo annoying.. so my cousin who just got a phone and a number sent me this locket app. She knows I don’t have a phone number 😒 But still sends me this and wants me to download it. I downloaded it I have have it, So I told her “I don’t have a phone number just get LiveIn” and she say’s Well this is like Snapchat and my friends have this sooo” Like😑 Please let me put my email it’s so annoying to have to put my moms number and plus she doesn’t have service rn PLEASE CHANGE THIS SO AT LEAST I HAVE A CHOICE IF I WANT TO PUT MY EMAIL OR NUMBER TYYY
It’s nice but…
NicNotNick on 2022-07-01
I don’t take many pictures of myself and neither does my best friend. I wish we could exchange pictures from our camera rolls throughout the day so that we could send each other funny pictures that show up on our home screens but aren’t necessarily taken at that exact moment. I have tons of pictures of us from over the course of our friendship (or even memes, honestly) that would be nice or funny to send, but the app doesn’t even let me access my camera roll. I hope the developers add that feature soon. Until then, I can’t use the app much.
Love the app, but I have a suggestion
MuluAvila on 2022-07-01
Amazing! I have it with my friends and my boyfriend, but one suggestion: Sometimes I send pictures only to my friends and sometimes I send a picture only to my bf, so it would be cool if when I click on the groups I made, I can also see the pictures I’ve sent (for the timetravel purposes). I know that if I do it on “everyone” I see my pictures too, but I would like to have the option to make a video just for my friends and another one just for my bf.
Really cool app, little things
Dray<3 on 2022-07-01
First of all I would like to say… GREAT idea! Very cool and great way to connect and share photos. However, I do wish that you could take videos or at lest add captions. I understand this might be a lot to ask but if possible would make this app even cooler! Also, when getting a friend requests there should be a way to ignore or decline the request so you don't see the notification. Again I’m still am/going to use this app. It is a super cool app👍!
Awesome app!
Trinitydove123 on 2022-07-01
I just got this app yesterday,And it rocks!Its very cool and I just love the little things where it has the fire and everything,And I can just click on it and it makes my photos awesome.I really like this app because you can also do it with friends and family,But I’m a bit upset because you can’t do videos on locket.But other than that,It rocks!Hope you download it and share it with other people that you know!Hope you enjoy my review!
nice but also weird
Nancybananse on 2022-07-01
i downloaded the app with a friend and as i kept taking photos, all of them kept appearing on his home screen widget where as nothing was showing up on my widget unless i clicked the app and exited which i think is annoying to do. i would jus want the new photo to pop up on the widget. i don’t wanna have to go through clicking through the app and then exiting just for a photo to show. and it’s only doing it for me too which is weird
So great
Lily E. 02232011 on 2022-07-01
I love this app so much!! You can take pictures and then send them to any friends you choose that have the app! I do have 2 pieces of feedback though- 1. It would be nice if you could write a comment on the app instead of it taking you to messages 2. It would be really fun if they added filters!!! This would make it SO much more fun - even more then it already is I hope this helps!! It’s such a great app - would suggest!!
hdjdbxvksbdv on 2022-07-01
I was exited to finally be able to get locket because I could finally send pictures to my friends to see what they were doing. Locket disappointed me because it wouldn’t work on my phone (and yes, I do have an iPhone that can have widgets) but for some reason it wouldn’t let me add the widget. I deleted the app and tried again. It still didn’t work so I reset my phone but it still didn’t work so I decided to give up on it.
4 stars
lizzyandersxn on 2022-07-01
it’s really good and it has good quality but when you updated it i think it was a useless update. it says you can have separate lockets for your friends but when i put them on my screen, it just shows the same pictures. for example if i make a separate pocket for person 1, it will still show me pictures of person 2. it doesn’t make sense to have separate lockets if they just show the same pictures

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