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Feb, 2021


Feb, 2021



Features: - Dancing with own music on lowrider car - Hopping on lowrider car with opponents - Other jumping modes - SinglePlayer freeride in the city - Online high jump with opponents - Online freeride in the city - View and evaluate tuning cars of other players - Large number of classical lowrider cars Tuning: - continental whales - painting machines - Setup curb feelers - Change rims - Change tires - Slabs Rims - Flexible system for applying decals to a car - etc

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What Lowrider comeback 2 should do
nawfwest BIG E on 2021-03-02
This game is awesome but one thing I don’t like is I sell a car and someone buys it but it don’t show on my end so I cant collect the money or give him the keys and can u make the accessories up to like 500 or something and can u make it to the game dont freeze and put us in a screen of water do all that and the game will be perfect
Buggy game
LandSquidSkwish on 2021-03-02
So I have this game, I had it for around 6 months and I had a vast collection of vehicles, I ended up getting a new phone and I cannot access my cloud saves so I cannot get my vehicles and money back. Would give 5 stars but I can’t bring myself to when the game is as buggy as this. Game itself is fun but the menus are broken.
Good game but 1 bug.
Vhsmane on 2021-03-02
Good game I’ve been playing for a while now, but. I came across a bug that’s very annoying. When I customize my car, go into lobbies or profile. I want to press the back arrow button, it makes the sound but the screen goes no where. I can’t even remove a mistake from my car cause of the arrow button having errors. Fix this
lowridercomback on 2021-03-02
So I buy this game with real money lags all the time it’s a really awesome concept of a game great game but fix the spawning bud doesn’t let people in servers half the time if I didn’t put real money into this game I would be annoyed becuase I understand but I paid so fix it
Really fun
jcnxg ndndnxjcjc on 2021-03-02
This game is a really fun game if you just wanna have fun with your friends and build cars or trucks or whatever really it’s really chill some people are toxic but not that much I love the game it’s really fun
hdiebfhejfb on 2021-03-02
The game is so fun but they should let us go to first person and the hands will be on the wheel and hitting the switches when we hop it and you guys should put new maps if you see this can you plz plz do this
Lowriders comeback2
bubba158381 on 2021-03-02
I haven’t even been able to play because when I customize my car I can’t go back to play with it it’s like the screen is to zoomed in so the back button is cut out. I’m using an iPhone XR please help
Low rider comebacks 2 crusing
gughhdyc on 2021-03-02
Everytime I try to load into the game it keeps on taking me to where I gotta download something and then when I start to download it then it keeps saying connections to destinations host
scotch magic tape on 2021-03-02
This app is trash it wouldn’t even let me on it it just blinking talking bout checking for updates so anybody know how I can get my money back cause that’s a rip off!
My cars won’t download
shskaownsbbfjfjfbdn on 2021-03-02
If you guys could fix a bug because my game won’t download the cars and it gets to about 155.13 mb then won’t load any more

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