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Feb, 2021


Feb, 2021



Cut the wood. Build your town. Build towers. Kill the enemies. Enjoy!

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What’s the point?
jnymeyer on 2021-03-07
This game seems like it has a lot of potential. The gameplay and combat are relatively enjoyable and collecting wood to craft is easy... however it’s seems that there is no point to the game at all. You collect wood to convert to gold to gain more power or armor so that you can survive the endless waves through the portal. Except that’s about it. The enemies don’t get smarter, or more numerous, or more specialized. Their health and attack just scales up. Endlessly. So you have to level up to beat the same enemies endlessly... and... that’s it. There’s nothing else to do. It’s the exact same waves of enemies over and over just with more health. No variety. No objectives. No rewards. You can’t even build your town the way you want, it’s just preset building pop up when you spend an obscene amount of wood to upgrade it. And that’s it. If there were objectives, and variety this game could be good. But as it is, it’s not worth your time. Do yourself a favor and play any other game.
Crashes Rather Often
MaxVal777 on 2021-03-07
This game could easily be a five star if it weren't for two things: 1) The absolutely game-breaking crashes that occur seemingly out of the blue, and the loading bar upon restart never reaching max capacity. 2) The ludicrous amount of ads that appear after completing any sort of task. (But then again, that's normal with most of this developer's titles. Gotta make money somehow. I get it.) The base gameplay is actually extremely addicting and fun, and is a really good game if you like to grind and earn your way to the top. Like I said, I would EASILY rate this 5 stars if it weren't for the crashes. The ads are bearable, but the crashes just don't make any sense as to why they are happening and when. Thank you for hearing me out, and I hope the developers find a solution to this issue. Other than that, amazing game you've got here. Best of luck! :)
Spam the lucky wheel = god mode
EveryNicknameIsChosen,WhatEven on 2021-03-07
This game is great as far as the concept. It’s unique, it pulls you in & the home base is simple. The only real mistake is; the game lets go upgrade EVERYTHING with ads. I’ve only had this game for a few hours & I’ve made over $100million (spin the wheel, watch an add to multiply it, watch an ad to spin again, watch an add to multiply that. Then, each prize is exponentially larger than the last). It has potential, but once you get to an obscene level in such a short amount of time, it’s lost its fun.
Zombiethebraineater1 on 2021-03-07
My level is now: “990??” The fortune wheel is broken. The more money you have the higher reward. I’ve made over billions of gold. I now can’t do damage unless I buy a new damage (weapon) upgrade. After 30 seconds of buying a new weapon I can no longer do damage. My house upgrade stopped making fort upgrades at level 6. My canons and archers don’t do more damage no matter how much I level them up. I make around 1,000,000,000,000 gold a day. This game could easily be the next RuneScape...please fix it.
Fun But Glitchy
Gwynethhandel on 2021-03-07
This game is really fun and while there are a lot of ads there’s not enough to where it’s annoying and you want to delete the game. It’s pretty glitchy though. I had turned my airplane mode on to stop all of the ads in this game and when I opened the game back up later it wouldn’t load. After days of it not loading I had to delete it & re-download. After I downloaded it again, during an ad it glitched again, froze and won’t open now for the 2nd time. Fun game though.
Continuously Crashed
A.Good.Person on 2021-03-07
I honestly enjoyed this game. I put it in airplane mode so i didn’t get any ads. Around level four the game started getting glitchy and would crash me out to the point where i couldn’t even load in. I tried offloading the app to see if that would do anything, but nothing. The game wouldn’t download back for a couple hours, until i finally did. Though, it still won’t load in. i don’t want to delete and lose all my progress. Fix your game.
Awesomeplaza on 2021-03-07
This game, as all free games have a lot of ads. This game though is horrible with the ads, not only are all of them non-optional but they are at the end of every round. That’s a lot considering each round is only 2 minutes at the very most. Again it’s expected for free games like this to have ads, but this game just has constant ads to the point where half of the game is just watching garbage ads... AND THE ADS CAN’T EVEN BE SKIPPED.
jojo kadasah on 2021-03-07
okay okay to be honest this game is AMAZING,it actually has time an effort put in it, when i saw the ad to this game, it sounded fun so i decided to download it,i never regretted downloading this game tbh. i played for 30 minutes and i couldn’t stop playing, i could play this game for hours and i would never get bored not to be dramatic , and also it has not to many ads, i love this game i would 100% recommend
Game Broke
Tony-M2 on 2021-03-07
I really loved this game but the. after a while of playing i realized that the reason it crashed so many time was because it was broken. once this is fixed i will change it to a 5 star review but i keep getting into the game and then having it instantly crash on me. i don’t know if the game just can’t handle anymore entities or what but yeah. please fix this
It’s a ok game
alissaviloet on 2021-03-07
The game is fun but it gets very boring after a few minutes, it the same thing there is nothing new it’s just waiting for your wood maker to be full and that’s all. I am a level 8 in the game so maybe add some new things like you could go into other places like a kingdom and try to fight and trade with them and add new minerals and a gold or iron mine

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