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Count on Lyft to take you where you need to go with safety first. Got an appointment? Need to pick up some groceries? We’ll match you with a driver, help you find the quickest bus route, or show you the nearest scooter — you’ll be on your way in minutes. If it gets you there, it’s on the app. USING LYFT IS EASY Choose your destination, find a ride in seconds, and pay directly in the app. It’s that simple. YOUR WELL-BEING COMES FIRST We want to make sure every ride is as comfortable as it can be so that you can sit back and relax. With guidance from the CDC and local health officials, we’ve created health safety requirements to help protect everyone in the car. We’ll continue to monitor the evolving coronavirus situation and make updates to ensure everyone knows how to use Lyft safely. LOOK OUT FOR ONE ANOTHER All riders and drivers are required to agree to a few simple rules before using Lyft: - Confirm you do not have COVID-19 or have any related symptoms - Wear a face mask - Keep the car – and your hands – clean - Leave the front seat empty - Keep the car windows open Drivers are encouraged to practice extra health and safety precautions every time they get on the road, including thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces daily. CHOOSE HOW YOU RIDE With Lyft, you’ve got options. Choose from up to 9 different ways to go, all available right from your app.* Whether you’re looking for an affordable ride, the most direct route, or a way to treat yourself – we’ve got the mode to suit your needs and mood. * Lyft ride types may vary by region. Check the app to see what is available in your city. — Prices vary based on market condition. By downloading the app, you agree to allow Lyft to collect your device's language settings.

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They’re sneaky, do your own calculations
ninjara perry on 2021-05-13
So I noticed Lyft making 25$ withdrawals from my bank acct, after figuring out the problem that I was on auto pay turned it off, A few das later I find they’re still making auto reloads so I completely removed my card from the account. I ended up loosing 150$ to them and only used 67$ out of the Lyft cash there were 6 payments made in total so where’s the other 3 payments go? I filed a dispute with my bank and they sent me a WHOLE NEW CARD, the day after I activate it there’s a charge for 5$ on a Lyft scooter that was supposed to be taken with my PayPal money, yet there was no transaction history found in my PayPal account. So again I ask (after they’ve stalled and ignored me in the “Help center”) how are they still making payments on a DELETED PAYMENT METHOD? And why are they avoiding doing anything about it. I’ve had move banks and transfer all funds, make sure you guys are doing your own calculations and double checking your accounts because there’s definitely something sneaky going on here and they know, that’s why they close your disputes without looking into it, or even responding.
Poor service
ksnov on 2021-05-13
After years of use and having a five star review as a customer, I am constantly left with drivers picking up the ride and the canceling the ride on me. Scheduling the ride doesn’t work either as they either do not have someone to pick up the ride and/or the person who picks up the ride refuses to complete the ride. This app with leave you stranded and does not compensate for any issues that they allow to occur. They defend their drivers that get paid for not completing their rides. This app is useless and no one should trust that it will aid them in getting home. They do not care about their customers getting home. Disrespectful, unsafe, and over all rude.
Useless service
BrandenburgJess on 2021-05-13
I cannot count how many times I have try to acquire ride from you guys for around three years and each and every single one of them never showed or canceled do you understand how hindering it is having a child with no license trying to make appointments and trying to schedule a ride through your so-called app that’s “reliable” only to find that I cannot transport anywhere because none of it is “reliable” I don’t even know how you guys are service right now and people are hardly getting around as it is and having your headquarters be in San Francisco and being in a modern California area is embarrassing Thanks.
Liar liar
LOLGEVOS on 2021-05-13
Liar liar the ceo of Lyft should be fired. The app continues to lie about ride availability and gives bogus time estimates that are blatantly obvious that they’re bogus now. There’s absolutely no reason why they can show me a time of 3 minutes to get a ride, then not match me with a driver when I request one, and then after the “sorry!” screen it shows me that I can get a ride in 1 minute, only to not match me with a driver again. I have 5 stars so it’s definitely not me, just Lyft lying about driver availability to get me to float them some money until they reverse the charge.
Uncertain reservation
theskinnyguy on 2021-05-13
I reserved (scheduled) an airport ride three days in advance. Never got any confirmation notification, so I wasn’t sure that a Lyft would be arriving. Rather disturbing, especially for a flight reservation. Then I got a vague text an hour before my scheduled pick up time. Trusted it. Driver actually arrived 30 minutes too early. This system should be better organized so customer knows for certain that their ride request is acknowledged and they can count on the accurate arrival time. But, at least the price was reasonable and not inflated like Uber.
Great app
Chieftal on 2021-05-13
This review is going to be quick. I landed at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta, GA. I wasn’t sure how Lyft was going to work to locate my driver and in relation to my location. I was pleasantly surprised at how accurately the both of us were located. I used the app to then see a pic of my driver & her car. We hit a snag as to what side of the car rental building we would meet but a phone number is provided for contacting the driver. BIG HELP!! We connected quickly & I was in her car. So overall I’m very impressed with this app and service.
Wait and save
wykestar on 2021-05-13
I tried the wait and save option in which you can wait UP TO 15 minutes. Unfortunately the app couldn’t find a ride in the 15 minutes. But the issue is after the 15 minutes you’re just left in limbo. You have no updates just that they’re “finding closest driver”. I waited past the time I was supposed to be dropped off at my location. So unfortunately I had to cancel and just do the standard lyft. So I wasted 45 minutes waiting for nothing. The support options for this app are a complete joke.
Poor service. Worse app.
Couchfu Master on 2021-05-13
The app never gives accurate estimates of time in any way. Said 8 minutes until pickup. Once you click book the ride, it never finds a ride within what is advertised. So far, I have waited 30 minutes. The app errored out and said it couldnt find drivers. I am once again waiting for the app to find a ride. It says that it is fast during the wait. But it never finds rides and will leave you stranded like me. Time to start walking. Uber found me a ride quick and only $1 more.
Not enough drivers, rides WAY overpriced
Humminb on 2021-05-13
Pre-Covid, this app was fantastic! There were plenty of drivers available at all hours, and the rides were set at decent prices. Now it seems like there are very few drivers, and there are constant surges and price increases. I take a Lyft in the mornings to work, and I find myself having to pay double what I used to while waiting no less than 15 minutes for a ride. It feels like such a ripoff. Lyft, please stop overcharging because you can’t keep your drivers. Do better.
Over priced
Danielle Patrice on 2021-05-13
I order rides almost every morning .. it’s always range between 23 and $26 for two stops here lately I been having to pay $30-$48 for the same ride I’ve been taking for the past few weeks and then I try to dispute and was told that it was the correct amount and don’t qualify for refund or credit .. I can’t get a hold of anybody no number and nothing has been solved I don’t have a choice but to except it which is Terrible service and they know it...

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