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Jan, 2020



The latest version of the Macy’s iPhone app is better than ever! Whether you’re shopping styles for him & her or kids, shoes, handbags, for the home & more, use the Macy’s app to shop our entire site—anytime, anywhere. Don’t forget to manage your Star Rewards account on the go so you can take advantage of special offers, in-store savings and more! Plus, check prices with our smart scan feature, stay organized with Lists & use our photo-based Snap & Shop feature to find what you’re looking for instantly. SHOP LIKE AN ALL-STAR: - Enable notifications for order updates, early access to new collections & exclusive deals. - See furniture in your space virtually before you buy! - Snap a pic of something you’d like to shop & find it or something similar. -New! Take our Style Inspo quiz to get daily fashion recos in your Style Feed. USE STORE MODE: - Check out faster with Scan & Pay—just scan items in store, pay on the spot & go! - Scan bar codes to check prices, read reviews and see more colors & sizes—even order online! - Get easy access to store events, weekly catalogs, your store’s directory & more! MANAGE YOUR STAR REWARDS: - Check your available Star Money and see how close you are to your next reward! - Track your Star Rewards spend and loyalty status anytime, anywhere. MANAGE YOUR MACY’S CREDIT CARD: - Easily check your account balance. - Schedule & make payments right from the app! CHECK OUT FASTER WITH WALLET: - Find all your Macy’s offers, all in one place. Use them online & in store. - Check out faster with the best offer, every time. - Manage your payment info in a secure spot. CREATE LISTS & GET FASHION ADVICE: - Collect your faves in one place. Just tap “Add to List.” You can create a list for every occasion! - Get alerts whenever the price drops on one of your items. - Make a style board for any occasion, share it with friends & get their feedback! *Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Great customer service
monkeypoophead123 on 2020-02-23
I wanted to order a couple pairs of pants on sale but my card wasn’t going through and my bank’s app was shut down for the time being so I couldn’t figure out the problem. So I left it for the night and came back the next day and the pants I wanted were $20 more expensive. I called the customer support expressing my frustration that I couldn’t use my card or even have the chance to fix the issue, and they gave me no hassle, were very nice, and they absolutely put through the order with the free shipping of the previous sale. 10/10 good job Macy’s for having quality people who were helpful and efficient answering the phone. I just had so much trouble with a different retailer the other day (which I’ve never had any problems shopping like this before and now I’ve two in the same week) and all I can say is the other retailer (Victoria’s secret) lost my business and Macy’s just picked it up. Thank you for listening to your customers and making sure you’ve fixed the problems before ending the line of communication.
Trash App with glitches, errors, and pathetic customer support
Asilirpan on 2020-02-23
My orders were automatically cancelled AGAIN and when I called the phone number provided in the cancellation email, the customer service had no clue about how or why the glitch happened nor how to fix it. Apparently a ‘verification step’ was skipped during checkout -I used this app for all orders and it’s logged into my account so if there’s any additional steps required, it’s not visible to me. The error/flaw is in the app! During checkout, it showed me the points I earned for my Star Rewards (including over 2k bonus pts) but since they cancelled my order and it was reactivated via phone support, the order is not at all linked/placed into my account. I’ve been scammed as NO POINTS were added to my Star Rewards acct. Also it’s inconveniently difficult to track the shipments and deliveries since it’s not linked to my account. Does Macy’s have any qualified technical support that customers can contact/reach?!
Vera in the Pompano Store
Kylargo on 2020-02-23
This employee demonstrated exceptional customer service during our recent visit. Vera approached us while shopping for clothing in the INC department. She offered to help, cleared out a fitting room, signed the fitting room log, came back to check on us, offered suggestions, let us know that she had to step away but would be back shortly, advised us of special sales, rang us up, wrapped it nicely, all with a smile and warm farewell amidst all the chaos of a store about to permanently close. Hats off to you, Vera, for your grace and poise even under chaotic circumstances. Hope Macy’s finds you a position in another store close by. Thank you.
I like Macy’s but hate Jewelry section
Trini4310 on 2020-02-23
my husband bought me earring for my anniversary and it was listed as fine Jewelry. This item was not Fine Jewelry. It was Gold platted and not real gold. The post broke and no one will fix it because it’s not real gold. It’s a shame an item that was sold for $500 is now garbage. I told my husband it would of been better off throw. Money in toilet or got something form the cheap jewelry in the middle of the mall. The customer service only could say sorry because it’s pass the exchange time. So disappointed with Macy’s
Application Does Not Work
JH6281 on 2020-02-23
Application used to work properly however for the past two week’s, it has ceased to allow me access. All account and purchasing access via internet must be done on my laptop. The worse part is that Macy’s does not have a technical support department to handle these problems. Instead you are attended by the sales department. If there were a way to access technical support, this app would be so much more beneficial. I gave it two stars only because when it did operate, the application was very easy to use.
New update is very bad.
Kashiekapoor on 2020-02-23
The new update as per 2/10/2020 is very annoying. Yes it is clean looking but you cannot filter The brands or products properly. For example i was looking for handbags and I couldn’t filter more than 2 brands. Same happened while looking for sneakers. It’s very annoying and would cause me probably to not shop at all compared to the last update where I would be buying stuff every other day cuz you could filter the things properly and look for the exact kind of stuff you needed. Very bad !!!
Macy’s online shopper
Yadira V on 2020-02-23
Macy’s store in Rolling Oaks Mall San Antonio, TX have the worst customer service I ever experienced in a Macy’s in-store. I almost gave up to Macy’s but then I decided to give them one more chance as a online shopper, Thank God because I don’t have to see unhappy employees faces being rude to me or my family members anymore! I can shop through Macy’s app whenever I want! I have found some great deals! Plus I don’t have to go in-store anymore. I love Macy’s app.
Can’t make a payment on app
Mjsgreen on 2020-02-23
Citibank which handles Macy’s credit cards makes everything very, very difficult. The app was updated on 2/15/20 and now it is impossible to make a payment. I paid off my Best Buy card which also owned by Citibank some years ago because it was so difficult to make payments. Now I’m experiencing the same problems with my Macy’s card. Why is it so difficult for their techs to design apps that work efficiently? Can someone please answer that question?
Love Macy’s!
Whifwee on 2020-02-23
Macy’s is my favorite store. I love the coupons and specials. They Mahave a great variety of clothing, shoes and make-up. And the sales people are so helpful. My girlfriend and I Have enjoyed some fun fashion shows at Macy’s. I like Macy’s app too. So easy to use. And it pays to get Macy’s credit card. I’m always saying no to credit card offers but I’m so glad I opened a Macy’s account years ago. I now get free shipping. It’s great.
Latest February Update Broke The App
SyntheticTone on 2020-02-23
Normally this has been a reliable a decently designed app but the recent update has broken it for me. I can no longer sign in to my account. The same account information will get me into the website. I tried forgot password function in the app and couldn't get past the captcha screen because the image it showed was solid grey box. The app is now useless to me.

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