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Oct, 2020


Oct, 2020



Madden NFL 21 Mobile is an all-new way to experience Madden NFL on the go. For the first time ever, create your own customizable character and take them into a brand-new dynamic challenge mode called The Yard. Experience all-new global locations on your rise to become an NFL Legend while still enjoying everything you’ve come to love about Madden NFL Mobile. - Create and customize your own character, then rise to fame in brand-new, fast-paced, small-sided gameplay in The Yard: Underground. - Become an NFL GM and take your team to the Super Bowl as you play through dynamic NFL seasons. - Take on Madden's Masters where you’ll build your team of NFL Superstars and Legends. - Compete with friends in Arena H2H or Overdrive as you define your NFL journey in the deepest and most competitive Madden NFL Mobile to date. THE YARD: UNDERGROUND Create and customize your own character, then rise to fame in brand-new, fast-paced, small-sided gameplay where you’ll play an all-new, story-driven experience. Build yourself up, earn rewards, and more as you write your own legacy. BUILD YOUR ULTIMATE TEAM Assume the role of an NFL franchise team and take over as a GM. Play games, collect rewards, and upgrade your team - including NFL Legends and Superstars - as you make your way to the Super Bowl and solidify your team as an NFL Dynasty. COLLECT THE ALL-NEW MADDEN MASTERS Face off and defeat today's NFL Superstars and the daunting NFL Legends of yesteryear as you compete to unlock each Madden NFL Master. Go up against the best NFL players and help others along the way with Co-op Assist to become the real MVP of Madden NFL 21 Mobile. CROSS-REWARDS Within The Yard, take your Avatar player anywhere, anytime. Keep all your gear from The Yard: Underground and use it across Console, PC, and Mobile! Make progress and earn rewards in all versions of Madden while you create your own legacy. User Agreement: Privacy and Cookie Policy: Visit for assistance or inquiries. EA may retire online features after 30 days’ notice posted on" Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement. Do Not Sell My Personal Information: Requires a persistent Internet connection (network fees may apply). Contains advertisements for EA and its partners. Includes in-game advertising. Collects data through third party analytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details). Collects data through third-party ad serving and analytics technology (See Privacy & Cookie Policy for details). Contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13. The app uses Game Center. Log out of Game Center before installation if you don’t want to share your game play with friends.

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My thoughts about Madden 21
kyron ツ on 2020-11-26
Madden 21 Mobile is a great game. I love many aspects about it, but there are occasional bugs and plenty of fixes to make. This game is fun, but in my opinion, this isn’t the type of game I would play every day. There is a lack of content and there are so many fixes that EA HAS TO MAKE so this game is better. I know this is mobile, but if EA wants people to spend money on this, they need to make this game better. They can make the crowd actually look realistic instead of cardboard cutouts. They could improve gameplay IQ because I could throw to a receiver, and they don’t try to catch it. I barely listed any of the bugs they need to fix, so EA should listen to other people’s suggestions. I do love some parts that they added this year though. The Yard was a great addition to the game for more content. I love how EA added this because it’s like having a career in mobile. Again, this game is great but there are things EA could fix. Right now for me, (this usually does not happen) I’m having a glitch where I always have a Resource Download Error. It doesn’t really bother me, but EA make sure you improve this game. I would rate this a 3.5/5 but I’m going to round it up to 4. Next year I hope I can say that I rated it a 5/5.
league vs league
Moiii_92 on 2020-11-26
This game has its issues but it’s still fun. The worst part of the game is league vs.league matchups. It’s the only part of the game where you can be competitive and it isn’t against bots. There shouldnt be over 10 undefeated top ranked teams. Rank 10 shouldn’t be matched up with rank 425 two times in a week. It happens too much and it’s ridiculous how you guys can adjust fumbling and just take it out the game completely and know when or if people force close or when people cheat but can’t come up with a better way where leagues are matched up appropriately and competitively? It’s been years of this. it’s just cannot be that hard when even with glitches you guys are able to see who abused the glitch knowingly and who didn’t this giving out plasters etc for those of us who don’t cheat and abuse glitches and such.
UCFast on 2020-11-26
So I just wrote a negative review and it was taken down. It wasn’t anything explicit. I was just saying some areas that need to be improved so... is EA just trying to make their game look better than everyone actually knows it is? I don’t know, that’s not why I’m writing this review. Ok, now to the point. The card ideas are HORRIBLE! I know this is a mobile game and it’s not gonna be the same as the console version, but at least bring the old card concepts back! The one where you can train elites to go up overalls for just a couple 1,000 coins and an elite player! Those were the best days of Madden and the whole power aspect of the game is absolutely stupid! I like the schemes and the boost that you get when you get enough players of the same scheme on a lineup. But, BRING BACK THE GLORY DAYS!!!
Great game but a big issue this year
Awesome Gum on 2020-11-26
In previous Madden Mobiles, Cornerbacks and Safety’s were in loose terms “underpowered.” If you took a DB and a WR that were the same overall and similar height...the WR would win 9/10 times but that is certainly not the case this year. DBs this year and even linebackers sometimes are crazy overpowered. Defense players this year get way more animations triggered than offensive players do. Receivers this year will rarely jump for a ball and fight for it while almost every pass thrown the DB will make an unbelievable vertical leap to hawk the ball down while the receiver just lets it happen or try’s to over the shoulder catch. TLDR: Receiver animations to ball hawk don’t get triggered as frequently as DBs.
I like the detail, BUT....
iNDOhhh on 2020-11-26
I love the 1st installments of Madden Mobile Those were more enjoyable on how it was played season wise and your ability to maintain 1 roster. I would end the season on top because my season modes helped me advance my game being that it was the only lineup I had to worry about. Now, I don’t know what is worth my time anymore. And advancement is very complicated to a point to where I don’t want to figure it out. It’s too move for a mobile game. Keep the street, competitive mode and season. But mesh them all to back to one lineup. Way better and make the season mode quarter adjustable to up to five mins. People want to feel satisfied playing season mode again.
Fun but...
Issues with led lights on 2020-11-26
Soo let’s start off with the yard why do u have to wait one day just to play again u only get 10energy tokens then when u spend all of them u have to wait one day until 10:30 EST time then u have to get more energy tokens for trying to get old school players like come on now y’all did this for madden 20 mobile like this is not fun plz change then theirs bug where u could get kicked out of the game or when u kick a field goal and mess up I seen better madden then failed to connect to ea servers is dumb like I’m trynna grind but u can’t either because it kicks u out or u don’t have enough tokens to play something like?
Spend you money EA
$Jolly$ on 2020-11-26
This is an amazing game. But it crashes ALOT!! No matter how good your team is and how bad there team is you cannot complete many passes without being intercepted. EA as big a company as you are there is no reason you can not update your servers to stop the crashing. Also the AI for the game sometimes is horrible. Guys jumping 5 yards to knock down a pass or tackle someone that is completely out of reach is unreal. Step up your game EA. I have over 2300 power, no reason I shouldn’t easily handle a team with 1500. But somehow I lose to underdogs ALL the time. EA your game is absolute garbage.
The worst game ever
eaglesmaster32 on 2020-11-26
Do not play this delete while you can. This game is trash awful ea die already and never make any games at all. The first reason is the nfl season is stupid you have win 10 games pathetic, plus no flags challenges at all this game is garbage. All players that has worst speed in the nfl season but when a player is faster than slow dumb player it is pathetic and you don’t add the new layers from the nfl to the teams. Also trash trash delete now delete delete the game now ea die already you should never made this game at all. Plz die and delete this game are change it were it is fun.
This game is rigged
yeet man w3456q1 on 2020-11-26
I wanted to try out a sports game with pretty good graphics I came across this game and decided to give it a try it turns out that this game so rigged and with the best receiving team in the league I couldn’t make a catch because for some reason boost determines it! I also saw the same thing happen with 1 men coverage plays where if you don’t get 20% boost the DB basically just gives up on the play and it really annoyed me
Invalid Last name.
ZmdurD on 2020-11-26
I loved playing this game. I’ve loved playing the madden mobile games for several years. This year I go to type in my actual last name to make my customized player, and Madden tells me that my name is invalid... ouch. I retyped my name several times to make sure it was not something I was doing wrong. But, every time it told me that my ACTUAL last name was INVALID. Again... ouch.

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