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Sep, 2020


Sep, 2020



Marco Polo combines the best of texting, social media and video chats - all in one private, easy to use app. IS IT SOCIAL MEDIA? It’s different from typical social media apps because Marco Polo is real, trusted and built to be good for you. Unlike many apps, Marco Polo does not sell user data for advertising. Marco Polo isn't about likes or social comparisons. This is an app that parents actually want their family to use. SIMILAR TO VIDEO CALLS? Marco Polo is vastly more practical. You never play phone tag and you don’t have to schedule blocks of time just to say hi. Marco Polo gives you tone, context and certainty that your message was heard. FULL LIFE, NOT FULL PHONE With no limits on length, and video stored in the cloud, you have room for life. UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES You can talk to friends and family face-to-face even if they aren't iPhone users because Marco Polo works over WiFi anywhere in the world. No more time zone scheduling! PRIVATE Marco Polo is designed to be for your closest friends and family. You can't search and find anyone without their mobile number. Marco Polo is also ad-free and we do not collect your data. MARCO POLO IS FREE TO USE. The free version of Marco Polo includes: • 100% free with no ads • Unlimited chats • Unlimited groups • Voice effects and camera filters • Notification controls • Emojis - heart, thumbs up, smiley face • Ability to upgrade at any point INTRODUCING MARCO POLO PLUS Marco Polo Plus is a paid membership plan that unlocks premium features, an elevated experience that includes more functionality, and new, convenient ways to use the app - all designed to help you stay connected more effortlessly and joyfully. Start your FREE trial today! Some of the new Plus features include: • Fast forward with speed controls - toggle from 1.5x-3x speeds • Save Polos in HD • Voice-only Polos - perfect for times you don’t feel camera ready • Custom emoji reactions - customize your reaction by adding any emoji from your keyboard • Plus Passes - With the Marco Polo Plus membership plan, subscribers will have 6 Plus Passes to share with friends and family. The Plus Passes unlock 2 months free of Marco Polo Plus! Plus Passes are available after the 7-day free trial. Marco Polo Plus Individual Annual: $5/month billed annually at $59.99 Monthly: $9.99/month billed monthly Marco Polo Plus Family Save with up to six memberships with one plan. Plus Family is not limited to members within one household. Annual: Less than $2/month per membership billed annually at $119.99 Monthly: $19.99/month billed monthly - Payments are charged to the user's Apple ID account at confirmation of purchase. - Subscriptions automatically renew unless the user cancels at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. - The account is charged for renewal within 24-hours before the end of the current period. - Users can manage and cancel subscriptions in their account settings on the App Store. Terms of Use:

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What a great app...then monetized previously free services. What else is new...ugh
Yimmster on 2020-10-24
Like most apps and business they offer you free things then offer more at your cost. Where this business went sour was offering free services in the beginning (thank you Marco Polo creators) but then they did what I believe is an unethical business model and quite a greedy thing. They took away features that use to be free and forced you to pay for services that were once free. For example. I had the earlier version of the app and could slide the time marker ball to fast forward or rewind to specific parts of a polo. Now the only “free” feature I have is forward in 10 second increments or reverse in 10 second increments. Second example is in emoji responses. I use to be able to respond with more emojis than are now available since the updated version. To respond with more varied live emoji responses I must subscribe to $60 a year (ludicrous price for this service) just so I can do something more than digitally smile at people. This borders on censorship. You have to pay them money to not be censored in your communication with people you care about. Sound like a good business model? No. Sound like a business that cares about your ability to connect with limitless expression to people you care about? No. At this point I’m trying to figure out why on earth I don’t just send videos to people through my normal FREE messaging app on my phone that way I have access to my entire emoji responses, can rewind and fast forward to anywhere I want with immediacy of an unlocked and FREE slider bar along with WAY BETTER VIDEO AND AUDIO QUALITY ON MY PHONE’S NATIVE MESSAGING CLIENT. Poor business model. Burning your users in this way is deplorable. I wouldn’t be so disappointed if you hadn’t created such a great app in the first place so I guess you’ve got me there. Great app! Just wish I wasn’t made to pay for things that were previously free. Upsetting to say the least.
Don’t pay!
JoeShmo from CocoMo on 2020-10-24
I’ve been using Marco Polo for four years. I’ve loved it. Until they introduced Marco Polo plus. After having continued to use the app, here are my issues: 1. Not only did they put a big price tag on key features (like 2x playback), but they did on little trivial features too (like swiping and scrubbing to move through Polos), and it’s just downright annoying and unnecessary. Like, if I can still touch a skip ahead button, why can’t I just scrub ahead to wherever I want? The answer is because they want to annoy me into paying some outlandish price. 2. The price. Quite honestly, I probably would have paid for Marco Polo Plus if they had charged a one time fee (I’d have been ok with $10-$15, which is a lot for an app). But instead they want to charge me $60 on a yearly basis! I pay less than that for half of my streaming services combined! The price is far too much for what they offer. 3. Here’s my biggest issue: they put a price tag on features that were previously free. I realize that they also introduced new features, which is great! And honestly, if they had done a one time fee (as previously mentioned) for JUST the new features, I still would have been inclined to pay it because the new features really are appealing. But instead they took away what I already knew and loved. Not cool. Overall, I’m very disappointed with the new business model. I understand that it takes money to keep the app going, but there are so many better ways you could have gone about than all this, not to mention the piss poor timing. Please help me show Marco Polo that there is a better way to get the money they need - don’t subscribe to their premium version.
Greatly disappointing (shift in business model)
cheddarkopf on 2020-10-24
My wife and I have used this app for quite some time with our family. As pretty much everybody here knows, during the COVID peak time this spring, they shifted from a free model to a paid model. They locked features down that were previously free and are charging an exorbitant amount for their plus subscription. They grandfathered prior users in for a bit, but that went away now as well. While I understand the need to monetize, there’s no way I will be paying $20 a month for my wife and me get this app back to the features we had before. Oh, I know we can pay $120 for the year to bring it down to $10 a month (family plan) but that is still a very steep price for something we won’t get that value back from. (I prefer being able to manage my subscriptions on a month to month basis without doubling the price) If a $5 monthly plan worked for two people we would consider it. The second star is for the great concept, but we are highly disappointed with their monetization strategy.
Super disappointed
Tararaboomderay on 2020-10-24
I’ve been using MP for few years, but much more so when the pandemic started. The fact that the developers are now charging a monthly fee for features that were previously free is super frustrating. I actually dread listening to some of the messages I receive from those long-winded friends & family because I can’t speed up the play through like I used to. I use the app much less now because they now make you pay for the simplest features. I would have gladly paid a one-time fee for a premium app, or even listened to some ads, but I am not going to pay for a monthly subscription. It feels to many people (if you read the reviews) that we’ve been screwed during a time that we rely on communication apps the most.
Messed with a good thing and ruined it
JaneAustentacious on 2020-10-24
I’ve had this app for about 2 years and it was awesome. I have friends spread throughout the world and it was such a great way to stay connected in a more meaningful way than text/email. HOWEVER during the pandemic, at the time when most of the world was in some sort of quarantine, they added a paywall. The feature that I used the most and absolutely loved was the ability to increase the playback speed (like with YouTube videos and podcasts). You have to upgrade to Plus and pay to use this feature. You have to upgrade to Plus to be able to do anything within the app besides recording and viewing video messages. It was such a great app and now i just feel bitter using it because I knew how great it used to be.
Shame on you, Marco Polo
Aleeesa15 on 2020-10-24
We all thought this was a really cool and NECESSARY way to stay in touch with our family and friends all over the world, but to take away what used to be free and now make you pay for it? What other company has done that? Adding features and making you pay for it I understand, but taking things away? Beyond frustrating. If that wasn’t enough, they don’t even allow you to pay monthly. $60 for the whole year or nothing. Who has that kind of money just sitting around for an app? It has never been more obvious to me about where a company’s priorities are, which I originally thought was with the customer and their need to see family. You will never see a penny from me, Marco Polo. So sad to see these updates.
Pay up or get ZERO features
Super ball. Many on 2020-10-24
I appreciate any company that tries to make a profit. In fact I’ve never understood why someone would get upset that they pay more than “cost” and a person or company makes a profit. That’s the way it is supposed to work. But to let X amount of users use your app and then take all features away, not leaving them anything, is not good practice. It seems like a terrible model. I use this app very rarely now vs all the time. If they would simply give us back the ability to skip/reverse 10 seconds and listen on 2x speed I’d be satisfied. So make sure your friends don’t speak for extended periods of time if you don’t pay or else you’ll be listening in real time. It’s a great app if you can pay.
Old version
Q2iMac on 2020-10-24
Please give us an option to return to the old version. The new version is crippled unless you spend $10 per month or $60 per year, which is ridiculous and a really bad business model. No one pays that for a messaging app these days. You have built a good product but I can’t ask my friends to use Marco Polo or recommend it now because of the crazy cost. Most people I know are at their limit with monthly subscriptions with tv subscriptions like Apple TV, Netflix, etc. you want to charge the same amount for a messaging app... Please consider selling the app for $5.00 or having a $1 per month or $10 per year subscription. $60 is ridiculous and I can’t spend that in good conscious.
My honest review
college2020 on 2020-10-24
This app is amazing. It really is. However as a broke college student, 10 bucks a month isn't worth the switch from texting. The free version isn’t too bad if you’ve got all the time in the world. However, the key feature of Marco Polo that had allowed me to use it as a way of communication that both saved time AND allowed for better, higher quality conversations was the 2x speed. I NEVER write reviews but I thought I should at least thank Marco Polo for the 2 years that I enjoyed using it. I have since stepped away from the app, even deleting it, but if you’ve got time and/or money on hand? This new Marco Polo is the app for you.
Monthly fee for the few extras NOT worth it
Country Commuter Tia on 2020-10-24
I’ve been using the app for a little while with several groups I am in. I am in the app a dozen or more times a day. It works fine I like that it’s more than a text message. I would really like to have the option to play it at two times the speed without having to pay for it or pay as much for it as being charged. Yeah there’s some extra things That might be worth paying for but the cost is definitely too high and I’m not willing to pay it just to listen to really slow talking people on fast forward. Drop the price to a dollar maybe possibly two anything more than that definitely not.

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