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Get ready for a new, challenging and original matching pairs game. You need to match 3D objects on the ground and pop them all! When you clear a level, you will find new objects to pair. Match 3D is easy to play for everyone! Polished pairs of animals, foods, school objects, house properties, emoji's and much more to satisfying levels to pass with just onet the cards! Offering tons of cute combinations, this free game will power up your brain and increase your memory speed. All you need to do is play this connection-based game with various 3D levels that set it apart from all other games. This matching pairs game is so easy that anyone can play it. Features; Shiny 3D visual effects and objects. Well-designed brain trainer levels. Pause it whenever you want. Auto-save game to continue from where you left off. Cute animals, sweet yummy food, cool toys, exciting emojis and much more stuff to puzzle out.

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vampcherie on 2021-01-20
Extremely to hard to fast! I had a very hard time getting pass level 9..... yeah, level 9!!! NEVER have I played a game where I can’t get pass level nine, and now, level 13 I’m currently on. Every single play near the end when I’m about to solve it, an ad pops up. REALLY??? This game at this point not worth paying for no ads. I was hoping to play longer see how I like it to consider paying to remove ads. Nope..... when you have an ad pop up during game play, at the end it breaks concentration. Your doing it on purpose to help the player fail AND.... AND hoping your players pay to get rid of ads because of the ad running near end of solving. THIS ALONE is a very nasty trick!! Because of all of the above, I’m removing your game. You just lost a paid player! I pay for a LOT of my game apps.... but when I find one like this.... your being greedy... you don’t get nor especially deserve my hard earned money. There should be NO ADS POPPING UP DURING GAME PLAY!!!! I can totally understand after solving or loosing.... your literally tricking people. Very stressful game. No way to relax. You need to ad just a tad more time on the timers.... ads are taking my time away. Your all sneaky snakes, you should be ashamed, you know what your doing......
Enjoyable! first.
JRC in GSO on 2021-01-20
I can’t honestly believe this game has a 4.8 star rating. If you read the biggest annoyances people are having You would save the frustration of downloading and playing what appears to be an enjoyable and relaxing game. Ads in free games are something everyone expects to see, JUST NOT 3 ADS IN THE MIDDLE OF A 2:30 LONG GAME! It’s not that bad that it’s running the ad, it’s because the timer never stops running in the game while the ad is playing! I noticed the ads got longer the better I was doing on a level. Occasionally when I’ve almost beaten a level, the screen freezes up and the timer keeps ticking away. I would not recommend this game at all. I like the mind numbing hand-eye coordination type games just like the next person, but this is one of those, “YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!” type games that make ya wanna throw the controller due to the placement of the ads. Fortunately for me I didn’t decide to throw the controller, since it’s my phone. Don’t download this game.
Ramsey2000 on 2021-01-20
This game is colorful and fun, however when you are trying to remove a piece there is a lag trying to drag it down to the chute. That is annoying. Then There are the constant interruptions in the game.You are working against a timer trying to match 2 pieces. You have to sort through many pieces that are piled on top of each other. Then an add pops up right in the middle of the game which is jarring and you lose your rhythm and your concentration. I would pay to have the adds removed except I refuse to pay six dollars. Drop the price and then we can talk. Until then I won’t be playing this game. Update: had to delete it. Paying that much money for a game that you have to keep paying more money for is a rip off. Couldn’t handle the minute long commercials and ads.
Used to enjoy!
Crabby Boober on 2021-01-20
I am currently on level 1395 and have found this game to be more frustrating each day! The timer in the middle of play, the videos show a black screen, lags, slow freezes up, etc! Before you say it, YES, I have done everything on my part to fix the problem! It’s not me or my device!!! I have contacted support several times, but they have never gotten back to me! I played this game a lot and enjoyed it, but not anymore! Make the changes and fix or I am out of here as well as several others that I suggested play the game! I have even made purchases and that frustrates me!
4nl on 2021-01-20
I LOVE this game! But it gets really annoying when you have to keep swiping on something to get it to move. And some times you have to shake your phone for the pieces on the edge. It’s REALLY frustrating when you have limited time left and the pieces are not moving so you use up your time and have to wait 24 hours for more coins to play again, when if the game would work properly I would have finished the level. I think 12 hours wait time would be a lot more enjoyable! But 24??!! REALLY??!!
Freezes all the time — SO INFURIATING
Wreckabiatch on 2021-01-20
This game is actually great IF it works. Literally every 2 minutes the game freezes because it’s trying to load some stupid banner ad. I have wasted so much of my life waiting for the game to unfreeze that I can’t take it anymore and I’m going to delete it. Not to mention that video ads play IN THE MIDDLE of the game. Whose bright idea was this? Don’t you want people to enjoy playing your game? Play the ads at the end of the round! And get it together with the glitches.
Fun but glitchy
Ssmith0816! on 2021-01-20
I play this game when I need to fidget or just occupy my time. The game continues to be challenging enough to keep me interested without getting too frustrated. However, I have ran into glitches and issues where objects can’t be picked up after ads play and I run out of time just trying to pick objects up; not even to put them into pairs. I also wish there was a “zen mode” or a option to play without a time limit so I can actually play without being stressed.
Fun game, issue with ads
Eamon the Competent on 2021-01-20
I really like this game. The problem is the ads. I have never played a game where the ads actually interrupt gameplay repeatedly when there is the option to just run the ads between rounds. I paid $4.99 to upgrade to no ads, so the ads no longer interrupt my play but I still get ads between rounds. I never would have paid to upgrade if I had known that not all ads would be removed. I’m tempted to report the developer to Apple.
Interrupting gameplay for an ad
kroshette on 2021-01-20
This game had enormous potential. I was actually finding it pretty enjoyable, until the barrage of ads came trotting through. I can accept watching an ad or two in between levels, but to actually INTERRUPT gameplay in the middle of a level, and not even once but 3-4 times on EVERY level is obscene. All you’ve done is guarantee that I delete your app. Ridiculous.
This game is a RIP-OFF
Nicks3l on 2021-01-20
Don’t waste your time every review on here is correct and more. During your game they on purpose play 4 - 6 ads BREAKING your concentration, then they won’t let you pick up your pieces they purposefully move pieces during game play and if you watch their 10 ads, yes 10 ads, they make sure they mess up your game to waste your time you JUST EARNED!!!

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