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Jun, 2021


Jun, 2021



Do you have a knack for home decor & matching puzzles? Match pillows for a house makeover in this fun match-3 adventure! Download Matchington Mansions for Fun, Exciting Gameplay: Match pillows & decorate your grand mansion – incredible boosters & power-up combos! Piece together hidden objects, interact with in-game characters & reveal the hidden story Unlock hidden areas – dozens of rooms & thousands of DIY decorations! Hone your interior design skills and protect your new house from a mischievous cousin. Follow the adventure story, unlock new rooms and discover hidden secrets – all with a cast of quirky characters in tow. You can even spy on your neighbors and see how their design choices stack up. Are you ready to navigate this challenging match-3 puzzle? Decorate your mansion and deck out your garden in style. Unlock hidden areas & makeover each room with interesting decor. Puzzle out the adventure story, aided by your friend Tiffany, quirky characters and a house cat or pet dog along for the ride! Matchington Mansion is FREE TO PLAY, with optional in-game items for purchase. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings. The MM team sincerely hope that you like our new match-3 puzzle game! We are working very hard to perfecting it, so If you run into any issues while playing or you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] More ways to learn about the Matchington Mansion jigsaw puzzle game: Facebook: or search @Matchington Mansion to follow us.

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Used to be fun, but now it just aggravates me
\cool cid on 2021-07-25
I really enjoyed playing the game at first. It was something I could do easily in my spare time and it was fun. But, I am to the point now that I am about done playing it altogether. I understand that the levels all can’t be super easy and I don’t expect it but when I am stuck on the same level for days at a time and I can’t figure out a way around it without spending real money on it, it makes me just want to uninstall it and be done with it. Maybe, in the future don’t go overboard trying to figure out how hard you can make these levels because you only reward people who play 1 star for each board completed whether they are a regular board, hard, or very hard. An when we have to buy stuff for the mansion, half the time you take 2 and 3 stars for some of the things which I don’t think is right. People spend a lot of time on some boards and then they finally get a star or two and they have to spend 2 stars on something dumb that we really don’t want to spend them on. I mean, if it were up to me, I would not be spending stars just to greet people, or to pick up fliers. We should be given a choice whether we want to greet people and waste our stars or keep our stars for more important things. An Why not reward people 1 star for a regular board, 2 stars for the hard rounds, and 3 for the very hard rounds?! That would definitely give me more incentive to play.
Keeps me coming back to play!
bri2802 on 2021-07-25
I love playing this game. I’ve had it for as long as I can remember. Unlocking a new room is so exciting because we have no idea what the outcome is going to look like, plus everyone’s is different because they give you options! One thing I would change is that it is so hard to receive stars. If you’re stuck on a level that you can’t beat, there is no other way of getting stars to move forward. Yes, that is the whole point of the game but some times if I cannot beat a level, I get bored and find myself not coming back to it for days or even weeks. Meanwhile some of the objectives we have to do to move forward, require a lot of stars. I recommend rewarding us with more stars with the difficulty of each level. Easy levels: 1 star. Hard levels: 2 stars. And super hard levels: 3+ stars. Overall, the game is so much fun and I love how each character plays a role in it as well, it’s not just about finishing the home. This game will take you a while to finish and that’s what I love!
Latest update ruins it
Sunny1192 on 2021-07-25
I love this game and have been playing for years, but this latest update is your undoing, M.M. The friend menu is now terrible. It makes visiting people a nuisance and every time I visit a stranger and want to visit another, I have to scroll all the way through my friends list again. It’s busy and ugly as opposed to the previously simple, streamlined version. And the absolute WORST part: the high-fives. What is this B.S.? What other game only allows you to send a single life/gift to ONE friend per day? Are you insane? I spend actual money on this game occasionally because I appreciate it and don’t mind paying for the always-evolving content, but this feels like a money grab gone too far, hoping people will pay for lives instead of waiting for someone to choose them for their ONE high five a day. I have strong words for you developers, but they’d get me banned from the internet for life.
Obsessed with this game!
Jude714 on 2021-07-25
I’ve played this game for a long time and I’ve spent a lot of money passing levels. What is frustrating though is that you don’t get more stars for harder levels!The stars go to quickly doing nonessential things and we have no control over how the stars are spent. Also, I think when you’re doing a level and you know that you’re not gonna pass it, instead of having to go through all the moves just to end it, there should be a give up option. Also, I really wish that you would make more things match in the rooms for example the carpet and the walls and the furniture, it drives me crazy that I have to put stuff that doesn’t match! However, I am obsessed with this game, I love all the characters, I love all the decorating, I love the island and I love the fact that there’s gonna be more places to work on! Great job!!
My favorite game!
Rhiannon778 on 2021-07-25
My daughter and I both love playing Matchington. It is a great way to pass the time. I love how they give us the ability to win prizes for the game on their Facebook page. I do have some suggestions for improvement: 1. More decorating choices that actually match together. 2. More ways to earn stars. 3. The ability to skip a level that is too hard, perhaps by winning skip tickets in some way. 4. Make the special offers the same price for everyone. My daughters offers are usually way cheaper than mine, but for the same exact items. It should not be that way. 5. Stop making the ridiculous Facebook videos. Those have absolutely nothing to do with the game and if they were, I would not even bother playing. Overall, it is a great game and very fun to play. It just needs a few tweaks. :)
Sad Little Developers
Sarcasterrific on 2021-07-25
Started out good. But man, it just keeps fizzling. Apparently the interior designer is going to be forever pining after a guy? So pathetic and sad. A terrible message to send to young people. I don’t know if this was created by a tiny man with compensation issues or by a mindless woman justifying their sad lives. Either way, nauseating plot. Game content; they got to the ski resort and got lazy. Kept packing things into the same area instead of opening a new one. An ugly nightclub (there were no appealing options for this eyesore) that you packed with a museum inside? Hope someone got fired for that one. Soooo, if you ignore EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE GAME and just pay attention to the puzzles… it’s ok.
Fun challenging match game
passionatemusicluver on 2021-07-25
I’ve been playing this game for years. It is a great time killer with challenging levels. I don’t pay for the extra helpers and tend to put this down for a bit when I get stuck on a level but it’s always fun to come back and play. It would be fun if there were longer events bundled around the shorter ones. I always never finish the events. Overall pros: Fun story, completion of decorating rooms is satisfying, levels are challenging Overall cons: Some level types can get repetitive, might be stuck on a level without bonus boosters or buying boosters I’ve played every type of game like this I can find and this is the one I still play years after downloading.
Updates are ruining the game
carepi on 2021-07-25
I am (or should I say ‘was’) addicted to this game and have played it obsessively for a while now. However I am frustrated with the last few updates. I used to be able to visit additional neighbors for coins, then that was changed so that I can only visit a certain number of neighbors and then only to upgrade my neighborhood tree, sign etc. (all of which are maxed out). Then the ability to watch videos for up to 3 additional moves was changed to limit it to once per day. Now, I can’t even ask friends for lives, I am limited to one per day with this new fist bump. Ugh! I am about ready to delete the game at this point! Aren’t updates supposed to improve games?
Can’t update visitors on wish tree AGAIN
Rico Ripaldo on 2021-07-25
I’m having trouble with the wish tree AGAIN!!! It keeps asking me to update my system to see exclusive new furniture, and I have looked high and low on this sight ( as well as my two gamer sons) and we can’t find a place to update the game. AGAIN!!! Uugghh!!!! I am so frustrated. I don’t know how much longer I’m gonna keep playing if things don’t change. YOUR PROGRAMMERS MUST BE VERY STUPID GIVEN THIS HAPPENS EVERY TIME THEY MAKE SOME TYPE OF UPGRADE, THE “ANTONIO” MESSAGE COMES UP TO UPGRADE TO SEE EXCITING KNEW FURNITURE (WHAT A JOKE) AND THEN THERE IS NO WAY TO UPGRADE. PUT THE UPGRADE BUSINESS ON THE WEBSITE PERMANENTLY!!!!!!!!!
It’s a nice game, but it could be great!
Clear Blue Skies on 2021-07-25
I agree with the previous review, the hard levels should be rewarded with more stars. Very hard levels should be rewarded even more. The tasks take way too many stars to accomplish, and tasks are broken down into so many steps that it takes an absurd amount of levels to accomplish much. I enjoy the game, but it’s frustrating that it takes so long to make any real progress through the game. Not everyone wants to make a monetary investment to advance through a game that is supposed to be played for enjoyment. If the developers would take these reviews seriously and make some changes, this would absolutely be a 5 star game!

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