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◉ Solve math problems, complete your homework and receive step by step solutions to any math issues right away. Math Solver Infinity is here to help you offer comprehensive, simple and convenient way to take your math experience to the next level. Our app requires you to scan the equation or your handwriting and then it will provide you with the right solution. The entire process is fast, convenient and it helps you solve equations on the fly. You also receive detailed information like graphs, step by step guides and you can even access relative information. ◉ MAIN FEATURES ▸ Scan any math problem, be it as a photo or handwritten ▸ Identifies handwriting and transforms it ▸ Detailed guide with step-by-step directions ▸ Detailed graphs ▸ Basic calculation mode available offline ▸ Detailed scientific calculator ▸ Alternative transformation and results ▸ Worksheets featuring multiple problems ▸ Import your own equations ◉ SUPPORTED MATH TOPICS: ▸ Statistics topics: Std deviation, mode, median and mean ▸ Advanced calculus: Indefinite integrals, regular integrals and derivatives ▸ Basic calculus topics: limits, products and summations ▸ Number theory topics: combinations, permutations, surface area, volume, probability ▸ Algebra features: graphs and polynomials, quadratic, functions, linear, logarithms, rational expressions, equation systems, quadratic equations ▸ Multiple pre-algebra topics: determinants, exponents, radicals, fractions, matrices, roots, transpose and powers ▸ Elementary math: roman numerals, arithmetic, real, integers, complex numbers, factors, GCD and LCM ◉ Finding the right way to solve math problems fast has never been easier. Math Solver Infinity is here to offer you an incredible range of features designed to make math a lot more accessible and fun. The app includes equation solvers, scientific calculator, percentage calculator, it also has a math photo and problem solver, handwriting solver, and you can use it as a math answer scanner and word problem solver. If you always wanted to properly solve math problems and receive guidance and assistance, Math Solver Infinity is the ultimate tool, try it out today! We love your feedback, Thanks a lot ! Please contact us for questions, bugs/crash reports, conversion requirements, etc.... Terms of Service:

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