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Works correctly 60% of the time.
JB Red on 2023-03-26
Now I have no shopping bag on the app so no way to order as of 3/23/2023. Literally just not there. Great job, guys. Downgraded from 3 stars to 1 as it’s currently a useless piece of code in my phone. Great app WHEN IT WORKS. I love the points and deals and the ease and speed of ordering. But it’s super glitchy. Works correctly maybe 60% of the time, hence the three stars. I constantly have issues with orders lingering in my basket days after I’ve picked them up. Then I’m offered the option of canceling, which leaves the order in my shopping basket, or reopening, which also leaves the order in my shopping basket. Either way, I have to open the order and manually cancel the items to start over. It’s an impossible, ridiculous choice (no choice at all, actually, since both options have the same effect). Sometimes the app acts normally (including asking me to select and approve payment) and gives me an order code, but when I get to the window, I have to pay again. So that’s a super fun surprise when I’m hangry. Or my personal favorite, when I try to use the reorder buttons to reorder a recent meal and the app tells me my balance is $0.00 and “it’s on us!” But it’s not on McDonald’s. It’s not an order at all. Nothing goes through, and I have to clear out the order by canceling it manually, then reorder the items separately. Honestly, there’s no point in having that reorder function. It’s never worked for me—not even once. Pretty sure none of your developers have ever used this app. And don’t tell me to call your customer service line. I’m not doing that, not ever. I just gave you all of the information. Figure it out.
Recent Update Causes Order Problems
SwankPeRFection on 2023-03-26
With the most recent change to the app where it goes ahead and charges you for the order before you’re within range of the restaurant for pickup causes issues with not being able to cancel the order if you can’t make it for any reason. The previous way where it would authenticate ApplePay and then not actually charge it until you got there was correct as you could still cancel the order and not place it if for some reason you couldn’t make it to the restaurant. You need to fix this!!!! This new way also now causes your food to be cold when you get there to pick it up because the restaurant starts making it once it’s placed but if pickup doesn’t happen for a few minutes because you’re driving there, it just sits there getting cold while it waits for you. Bad decision to change this. What you needed to do is allow for a larger distance on GPS from restaurant when someone picks to pick it up inside, but keep it restricted to shorter range of picking up curbside because obviously you need to make sure the spot number is open before choosing it. You need to rethink these recent changes, they don’t work well!
The update screwed the app up! Put it back!
Dan x M. on 2023-03-26
The app worked flawlessly before the most recent update. Now I have to choose the location when before it would find it and ask to confirm. Before, after adding an item to the order the quantity of items showed in a little McDonald’s bag in the lower right hand corner but now it doesn’t show that you added anything even after your ready to pay. I waited about 5-7 minutes and still showed nothing so I closed the app and tried to re-order and still didn’t show I ordered anything, after closing it again and re-ordering a third time the bag in the bottom shows 3x’s what I wanted so I had to go back and cancel and change the quantity before making payment. Before I could place my order in 3-5 minutes time before going to the drive through to pick it up but now but now the whole process is taking 15-20 minutes just to place my order not to mention waiting in line to pick up my food ( that’s the same time). The update made it worse, I’ve ordered 3 different times and still the same problem since the update.
Literally Non-functioning
tbking831 on 2023-03-26
I literally can not use this app to order food if I wanted to. Horrible. 1 Star. After downloading the app and setting up my account and everything, the app immediately has me signed out later when I use it for the first time. I get signed back in, try to use a Deal on an order, and the transaction doesn't go through 5 times. I close and re-open the app, and then suddenly my order is showing ready to check out- but nothing is in my cart. I can't re-select the deal because the app told me "I already selected one", despite my order not having anything on it. I re-installed the app, and it made me sign in as if my phone is a "new device" again (despite previously setting my account up on this phone), and now the app cannot even send an email to my address. Unfortunately the app requires you to sign in via a link it sends to your email address. Without the email, I can't get in. I can't order food, I can't use any of the Deals, and now I can't even sign in. Yeah, great app.
Horrible update
Rahmain on 2023-03-26
This new update has made duplicate orders and charged me multiple times for things I did not intend on ordering. They also made it so that when you “place” your order you’re charged immediately. It used to be that you’d have to wait to give a cashier a code, whether inside the store or drive thru and then you’d be charged. In the past you could cancel the Oder as well before you arrived if you possibly made a mistake or simply didn’t want Mickey Ds anymore. This update essentially made so it’s best to use the code while placing the order while you are present at McDonald’s because it does not function well. 2 stars because it still does something but the “convenience” this app once gave, does not exist anymore. Did I mention in duplicating orders it never gave me my reward points back ?
Don’t bother
Itsversayce on 2023-03-26
This app is coded so poorly. I’ve had to delete it and reinstall it countless times as the “order banner” on the bottom of the screen permanently disappears after completing an order every single time, never to return. It’s quite sad the largest fast food company in the world cannot employ competent software developers, but what else could we possibly expect from a company that sends 99% of its income directly into the pockets of the expired raisins that apparently run the place? Don’t give these folks your business until they can code an app properly, like Wendy’s.
Waste of time!
KusadasiEsin on 2023-03-26
I placed my order at a location on my husbands route to home the system switched to another location all by it self! There was a reason I placed my order on that location a) on my husbands way home b) way less traffic. I won’t be using the app to place orders anymore. The only reason we got McDonald’s was because my dad wanted it and I was very sick and didn’t feel like cooking or to leave home but after the location switch I had to get in to my car and pick up the order because it was way to far from my husband. If could give 0 stars I would. Never again.
Completely Useless
deangerman on 2023-03-26
I personally haven’t been able to log into the app in over a year now (as like many other reviews I have seen). There is just no sign in option anymore. When you click sign in it just brings you to the sign up section and tells me that I already have an account under my email. Then I go to their website to try to recover my password and it doesn’t even send me a recovery link in any folder. I used to use the app for the deals and now I barely even go there at all. Seems like Mcdonalds IT needs some serious overhaul at this point.
Hate new version.
Renfred on 2023-03-26
Took a perfect app and made it noisy and too busy. HATE that now you charge BEFORE getting to restaurant. So what happens if heavy traffic or accident and can’t get to the McDonald’s ??? Will NEVER use this in advance from my house now. Forcing me to wait until I’m there to make sure I’m not picking up and order that’s been there 20 minutes sitting or suddenly can’t get there. Please terminate whoever thought these changes were needed or necessary. They are obviously not a customer of the company that they work for.
Very buggy and unreliable
graflex_5432 on 2023-03-26
I want to like the app, but it’s ridiculously buggy. I’m not loving it. Pretty much every other order the app gets this big where it won’t show me the current order I’m trying to place. I can add food to the order, but there’s no way to see the order (the little bag icon), so there’s no way to place the order. I have to uninstall then reinstall the app. Almost after every darn order. This started happening maybe 6 months ago, and a few app updates later, and it’s still an issue.

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