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Dec, 2020


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MeWe is the uplifting next-gen social network with awesome social features and No BS. No Ads, No Targeting, No Newsfeed manipulation. MeWe has exciting, easy-to-use features for authentic connecting with friends, family, and common interest groups, including: dedicated newsfeeds for close friends versus all contacts; private and open groups; fan and business pages; great chat features for both 1:1 and group chats; disappearing content; fun custom camera with cool tricks and GIF creation; live voice and live video for around the world connections; next-gen voice messaging; personal social cloud; custom member profiles for every group; and more. MeWe members enjoy total control over what they share along with full ownership of their content and data. The next-gen social networking platform has no facial recognition, and no newsfeed or content manipulation common on other social media platforms. MeWe members see every post, chat, comment, etc., made by individuals, pages and groups they are connected with, in true timeline order. MeWe members own their data and enjoy the protection of MeWe’s Privacy Bill Of Rights. MeWe is advised by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Web, and MeWe's CEO, Mark Weinstein, is a world renowned privacy advocate . Premium sticker packs are available in the MeWe Store. Copyright JoyPixels Inc. 2019. Privacy policy: Terms of use:

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Adios FAKEBOOK!!! Privacy-respecting, censorship-free competition has arrived!!!
GTD Meister on 2021-01-19
Took years for Fakebook to get their app this good ... mainly because they’re more interested in ads and in harvesting your personally identifiable data, which MeWe doesn’t do!! Read for yourself: MeWe Privacy Bill of Rights The only social network that has one. > You own your personal information & content. It is explicitly not ours. > You never receive targeted third-party advertisements or targeted third-party content. We think that's creepy. > You have full control over your newsfeed and the order of how posts appear. > We do not manipulate, filter, or change the order of your newsfeeds. Only you can do that. > Permissions & privacy are your rights. You control them. > You control who can access your content. > You can opt out of our member directory to protect your privacy. > We do not sell your personal information to anyone. > Your face is your business. We do not use facial recognition technology. > You have the right to delete your account and take your content with you at any time.
Great alternative to Facebook!
Wolfy491 on 2021-01-19
With all the banning going on at Facebook and Twitter, I think MeWe is about to get more popular. It is a lot like Facebook, but there are no ads, real gun emojis, more reactions, and a better system for adding photos to albums. Things I don’t like are that business pages and certain other perks aren’t free, but at least they aren’t serving us ads, and they don’t have the background thing that Facebook has. Overall, I’m excited about this platform. There is a ton of activity in groups.
How Social Interaction Should Be
DMag142 on 2021-01-19
Let’s be honest. The main reason I am giving WeMe five stars is because it isn’t Facebook/Instagram or Twitter. I am working on getting the people I interact with to join as well. There are things I like and things I don’t like (or maybe I just haven’t figured it out yet). Wishing WeMe all the success possible right now. Don’t sell out to the Dark Side!
[]{][]{}#% on 2021-01-19
MeWe is difficult to use. Also it does not have live video streaming capability. Video must be prerecorded and uploaded. Several musician friends snd I hold virtual open mic sessions using live video streaming. Can’t do that here. It is an important part of my social networking experience. I can’t delete Facebook until someone provides this function.
Free Speech
Me2013000 on 2021-01-19
As a 36-year active-duty Army soldier now retired, I find our liberties sacred. I spent a career defending the rights of all Americans to speak. The left has so infringed upon our requests to talk openly that it is treasonous. MeWe, unlike FB, allows uncensored dialogue. I remain on FB only to protest, but MeWe is my sanctuary. Thank you, MeWe...
sugar you on 2021-01-19
has curated a platform for people and groups such as right wing extremists. has actively recruited for them via newsmax even. the groups are probably not surveilled much if at all by the platform. i hope the fbi is watching especially after the terrorist attacks on the capitol also notifications rarely work and the privacy claims are dubious
Social is Happy Again
iiccctunes on 2021-01-19
It’s COVID-19 and I can’t socialize face to face as I am accustomed. So, social media with friends? What a stress trap sone sites are. Not MeWe. I define my interests and screen out all the things I find stressful. So lots of recipes, beautiful photos, clean funny memes in my selections. You can always define what’s yours.
Keeps closing
Pugster8 on 2021-01-19
The app will not open. Have an iPhone 10 and as soon as I try to open, it shuts down immediately. I have deleted and reinstalled and not help. I hope this update fixes this problem. I was not even able to make a complaint because of shutting down so had to write when new update. Hope when I close it, it will reopen.
Bring it back.
cxrlyqxeen on 2021-01-19
I’m not sure if it’s just me or my device, but the feature to search up certain messages is gone. I search up a word and only get a recent message from a few days. When before I would messages from months to maybe even the last year. I’d appreciate it if this feature was fixed or brought back.
So much better than Facebook and I am glad to pay
iamthat,iam. on 2021-01-19
Happy to pay a small price to own my own data and privacy. Especially after we saw what the tech oligarchs attempted in 2020 and early 2021. Free is never free, you pay with your rights and privacy. One thing I wish they had was a tool to migrate all Facebook data over to MeWe.

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