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Mercari is your marketplace. It’s the perfect place to go to declutter or find your new look. Letting go has never felt so good – it’s almost as good as finding your new favorite thing. And we’re here to help. Our team is always trying to find new ways to make exchanging items even easier. This means at-home pickups, same-day delivery, and a curated list of items you’ll love. Say “goodbye” to the things you no longer love, and “hello” to the new you. Selling on Mercari: It’s all from home. - Item sold? Contact your carrier for a home pickup. - Check out Mercari Local in select cities. The day your item is sold, a driver will pick it up and deliver it to the buyer. Listing is easy. - Take a few photos, add a description, and tap “list.” - Listing an item will always be free. We only charge fees when your sale is complete. - Once your ID is verified, you can get paid in minutes with Instant Pay. There are no meetups. - With Mercari, all items ship. You can sell almost anything from the comfort of home. - When you ship with a Mercari label, we’ll email you a printable shipping label when your item sells. Just print it out and drop off your package, or schedule a pickup. Shopping on Mercari: Shop from thousands of popular brands: Nike, Apple, Nintendo, Rae Dunn, Funko, and many more. We also have deals on quirky collectibles and authenticated luxury, all sold by real people like you. When you’ve found that perfect thing, we ask the seller to ship within 3 business days. Say goodbye to your old go-tos, and hello to the new you. We’d love to hear from you. DM us on our Instagram @mercari or tweet @mercari_app. Mercari is available in the US for anyone 18+.

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Worst and Best Decision is to Download This
sezonetwothree on 2022-01-19
I started selling on Mercari after launching a successful Poshmark Campaign. The clients that I did have were some of the best people I have ever sold to and I developed a real connection with a good handful of them. Until the one bad apple (alpha) came along (cars) and scammed me out of my surface laptop. In a nutshell this buyer has a profile with two 5-star transactions. They came off friendly until they got my item. As soon as it was delivered they became irresponsive and dismissive ending every message with “thank you have a good day” . Well finally after 3 days on the dot they decide to communicate. They compliment my packaging and then proceeded to tell me how my listing is over promising and not as described, key words there as I’m sure you’re all thinking. This from a novice buyer with 2 transactions? I started putting two and two together when the buyer started demanding a discount. When I didn’t fold to their demands they at the very last minute requested a return. This after they handled my laptop for 3 days “testing” it nnnnand doing whatever they do. They sent pictures of damage I know was not on my device when I sent it. My guess is they either loaded it with malware or took parts, I don’t know why scammers do what they do. Mercari support is non existent! Do not expect anything from Mercari at all!! Some suspect the company is ran by robots who send scripted responses. It’s fairly weird. Anyway, I filed a police report in the buyers jurisdiction explaining the situation, Mercari is still “evaluating my case” so let’s see where that one goes and I am off to the FTC to demand they be investigated. PROCEED WITH CAUTION PEOPLE!! When you need them they will not be there and there is a ton of fraud happening on this site!! Stick to reputable places that actually have humans providing support! And always watch your back and your money!!!!
Beware DevilishDivaMom Mercari Review Beware
sammysense on 2022-01-19
I’ve used Mercari for over a year. Awesome and super easy. I have 75 transactions all 5 star. I’ve bought and sold and 99% of the sellers are honest and friendly. I love it. Recently I was in the market for Jewelry. I needed to replace earrings. I wanted small that I could keep in my ears. Nothing fancy. But they had to be real. Not plated or costume. Finding real Jewelry is a chore. Typically you can tell by the price. But then you dig and find gold and at some point in the description they disclose whether it is plated or overlayed etc…. So I saw a pair of earrings posted by DevilishDivaMom I messaged her, “are they solid?” ( I work hard for my money like we all do). No answer. I said,” I guess no answer is the answer.” Yup, nowhere in that listing did she disclose anything. Went to her reviews which were horrific. 2000+ transactions and her reviews speak for themselves. Horribly disappointed buyers who got taken for a ride. And there are more like her. You would think that after a certain amount of bad reviews they would deactivate her account. I told her I would lodge a complaint. Her one and only message back was,”LOL.” How sad. How utterly disappointing that Mercari has no way to kick off scammers and to lodge a real complaint. I don’t want to see someone fall victim of this. Nothing personal, just bad business. Mercari has to do better. Mercari, you have to get the counterfeiters off or FORCE them to be completely transparent and forthcoming. There has to be a point where you deactivate their accounts. Too bad about this.
Very frustrating
maimochi on 2022-01-19
I have had two different Mercari accounts because one got hacked and then I got banned from doing anything on it so I deleted it. The second account I just made less then an hour ago and I made a purchase. The purchase was canceled due to “unusual activity” now I’m just trying to delete the account I JUST made but I can’t even log into the app. It’s just so frustrating because I like a lot of the items being sold on here but the app and website make it very difficult to stay a customer. The only thing I can think of that may have been flagged as “unusual” was after I made the purchase I took my card off of my account because I didn’t want my info staying on the website, seeing as last time I left it there someone hacked into my account and tried to buy an Apple Watch. I really wish I liked Mercari but I don’t think I’ll be using it anymore :/
Great for the most part
Gibby565 on 2022-01-19
I’ve used mercari for so many sales and for at least a few years now. It has always been great and very easy to use but they definitely favor the buyer when issues come up. I had 3 items in a listing and after a day, someone wanted 2 items bundled sold separately. So I dropped the price of the OG listing and stated that only one item was available and changed everything to reflect that but the picture (I should have drawn Xs on the unavailable items). Well the buyer was stupid and just saw the dramatic price change and bought it thinking they were getting all 3 even though I changed it all except for the pictures to reflect 1 item remaining. Well of course she submitted a return through mercari and they accepted it saying it was missing items. Be VERY explicit with buyers and your listing/pictures because they will always side with the buyer.
Use Depop it’s much better
KatieeBear21 on 2022-01-19
DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY MERCARI ALLOWS PEOPLE TO STEAL FROM YOU AND YOU WILL NEVER GET YOUR MONEY BACK! Mercari has made it extremely easy for scammers to steal your money without ever sending you what you paid for. They hand out automatic 5 star ratings for your item even if you haven’t received it yet. I made a purchase and the seller didn’t send the item I paid for but instead a piece of trash that didn’t even arrive until it was “too late” for me to get a refund and on top of that they gave the terrible seller a 5 star rating automatically which I have no way to change. What an awful system and on top of that they’re way for “compensating” me was giving me 10% off my next purchase on $20 or more. THE WORST SERVICE I HAVE EVER RECEIVED I WILL NEVER SHOP OFF THIS APP AGAIN! DEPOP IS MUCH BETTER AND DOESNT DO ANY OF THE THINGS LISTED ABOVE.
No Buyer Protection if Item is Misdelivered
0100101Bella on 2022-01-19
I started using Mercari in 2018 and until recently had few complaints. Their customer service team did nothing to resolve a problem with one of my orders that was delivered to another address. I provided ample evidence that I never received it and that it was marked as delivered at a different address but they replied that if it says "delivered," then it's delivered, even if it isn't to you. Sellers have to pay a selling & processing fee to sell on Mercari, so their items cost more than if you were to buy directly from them. Mercari lacks a sound buyer protection policy and doesn't offer buyers any sort of resolution or compensation for items they pay for and never arrive, so I no longer feel it's worth paying the extra money to have them "back me up" on my purchases and will be buying directly from sellers in the future.
Buyers beware!
apetey28 on 2022-01-19
If I could give this one star I would! I bought a very expensive item.. $200 total to be exact. Well the seller shipped it promptly however the post office lady who delivered it put it in the wrong mailbox. She tried to hunt it down with no luck. I as well posted on fb, talked to my neighbors etc they all claim to not have it even though it was delivered to this block and put in our community mailbox! I immediately contacted customer service. After multiple emails back and forth they refuse to refund me my money even though I have a letter from the post office explaining what happened etc! So I’m out $200. Real cute Mercari! Any other app I’ve purchased from has refunded me my money if I do not receive the package. It doesn’t happen a lot thank god but it has happened a few times. Mercari is a JOKE!
Gone Downhill
livyd88 on 2022-01-19
I have been using this app since early 2106, when it first showed up. I am 90% seller/10% buyer of clothing and household items through the app. It used to be THE BEST. Lately, however, their fees CONTINUE to rise, their shipping options are not great and my packages get lost or damaged, and the customer service is absolutely terrible, always siding with the buyer on claims even when the seller has photo and video proof to back up our shipping claims (it’s sad I have to know to take these photos because they’ll never side with me or listen…) anyway, I’ve just pulled what few remaining things for sale I have after a incident this week with a lying buyer and nonresponsive customer service, and that will be the end of Mercari for me.
Cheated on Boots
C-Blank on 2022-01-19
I ordered a pair of boots and checked twice with the seller to make sure of size.. The size was marked 12EE.. I had to go out of town for work for 5 days.. After the package being delayed 2 twice it came while I was out of town.. I had my wife look to see if the size was correct.. I was stamped 12EE.. So I agreed that what she sent was the same as posted.. When I got home on Tuesday the boots are sized wrong.. Took them to Russell’s western wear and they showed me that these boots are “2nds” meaning they are flawed.. I’m not happy at all.. It’s been a rough for everyone and getting screwed on boots I need to work in stings even harder.. I tried to explain the situation and was offered no help at all.. Clint B
Bad service
MrEnoma on 2022-01-19
I dislike this app a lot, I hate the fact that there is no physical number you can call to inquire about issues regarding items you never received. I purchased an item that was never received, I chatted with Mercari agent regarding that issue, the item was never received so they gave me a $50 credit that was expiring in 30 days. I told them I did not want the $50 credit,. I just wanted the money credit bank to the original card, they still refused, I had to dispute the charge with my bank account and when Mercari found out they blocked me from listing, and chatting with potential buyers.. And eventually closed my account. You’re better off with poshmark and eBay.. one star

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