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Messenger Kids — Made for Kids. Controlled by Parents. Made for Kids. Controlled by Parents. Parent Dashboard: Parents can manage their kids' contact list, and monitor messages on the Messenger Kids app. When kids block contacts, parents are notified. Fun Filters: Kid-friendly filters, reactions, and sound effects make video chats with friends and family even better. Worry Free: Parents can set usage limits when it’s bedtime, and there are no in app-purchases or ads. Creative Convos: Stickers, GIFs, emojis, and drawing tools give kids more ways to express themselves. Easy Start: No phone number required. We’re always working to improve Messenger Kids. If you’d like to share any feedback with us or for more information, visit

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Excellent app!!!
MJFL12072002 on 2020-04-04
I think it’s wonderful especially because I can’t see my friends every school in the state is closed for a month because of coronavirus it makes me really happy you should update Grow Your Pet and add more missions. Get rid of the drawing thing it’s pretty boring (just my opinion) you should be able to set up a group call even if for example bob wanted to set up a group with frank and joe but frank and joe weren’t friends on said app because I have some friends from school who’s parents aren’t friends on Facebook although my friend can call them it’s still hard to hear them. I just like to know I can FaceTime my best friends. And when you’re in FaceTime I like the filters I think the emoji filters should last as long as you want not a few seconds doesn’t matter to much though it’s just a filter it also makes me happy because I need something during this coronavirus because ROBLOX at some point will get old just a suggestion take the text option off in FaceTime if you’re FaceTiming do we need to text? I’ve also been having a problem lately when I hang up and try to call someone it says can’t call ************** you’re already on a call. Otherwise it’s a great app!!!!!!!!!!!!! Edit:you should make game pigeon on it
I also want a live chat app of this
Jacob A.K.A Robot Man! on 2020-04-04
Hello! I love Messenger Kids! Its awesome! I do also want there to be a live chat app, called” Messenger kids live chat”. A live chat is were a person talks live,( were someone talks at the same time were you’re doing something... anything.) So if Facebook INC. says yes, maybe the app can be like with something that tells everyone what a live chat means, and a button to start a live chat, a button to show all the accounts, and says it says if that person is online, or offline. And a keyboard to write comments to the person who’s doing the live chat, a post button, and a button to end the live chat. Anyway, I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the app!!!It’s a great way to talk to friends and family. Thank you, Facebook inc.! And thank you, for reading my review.
Great app, but glitchy
Fashionfelish on 2020-04-04
My son has really enjoyed this during isolation however his video doesn’t work even though I’ve made all the appropriate allowances for camera access. He can’t see those he is talking to - none of them ever show up. His face does show up to them, however. It doesn’t seem to be about access on the other end either. I’ve spoken with those parents and they have allowed camera access and it also doesn’t work if I’m trying to video chat with him and I have allowed camera. When I go into the app settings, I get an error message every single time. So, again, great idea but doesn’t seem to be performing well currently.
Life Saver
Shorty4everSD on 2020-04-04
This app has been such a blessing during this social distancing of this global pandemic. My family was on week 2 and it was stressful my daughter was so bored and struggling to focus on school work. Until her best friend’s mom called me asked me to get the app so the girls could talk. Within seconds my beautiful daughter was so happy and excited to talk to her friends. I love the parental settings. But I added all of her friends and a few approved adults. Now my daughter can independently talk to all her friends, cousin, and grandparents. My daughter enjoys the games and the group chat feature
App crashes = cry
Rimma10 on 2020-04-04
I love this app but are use it more than 50% of the day and 30% of the time that I use it it crashes I can’t even send the letter W to my friend because when I send it it crashes you better fix this or else I’m going to delete this app I know I use it a lot but if it crashes so much then I’m gonna delete it all so it made me cry since and sense I thought that there was something wrong with my phone and also I delete an app so I like to because I thought the storage was low so you have to fix this Or else I’m doing the app
Great start
Natural born assasin on 2020-04-04
I love that I get to control who my child talks to. However, when I open the app, we can’t tell if anyone has left us a message without clicking on each person. :(. My daughter would also love the opportunity to send video messages even when people are online, not just as an alternative to unanswered calls. A 100% bonus would be a button that READS you messages from others as my child isn’t an independent reader yet, so I have to read her everything someone types. She just can’t use the app 100% independently yet.
Amazing but...
ponygirl505 on 2020-04-04
OK, this app is so cool! I’m able to have contact with my family if I need to. It’s really enjoyable, love the filters. But... you can only take you’re profile picture RIGHT AT THE EXACT MOMENT. I think there should be the option to pick a photo from your photo albums because it’s much easier, better, and faster!! Please take my thought into mind. Other than that, this app is a blast!
Recommend this great app
maggz516625 on 2020-04-04
I might just be a kid but this app is really good 1st this app has a gif or however you spell it but it’s for kids.2nd parents can see what you do so write appropriate messages.3rd you can have a pet and everyday you have to take care of him & he evolves. #4 you can call your friends and play games with them. I message my friends and family and had a FANTASTIC TIME!!!!!!
So far so good
KelsBoyer on 2020-04-04
My daughter has had one for a few days and easily able to connect with family who is away from us. She made a crazy connection with her cousin who lives in California. They are only one year apart and have never met in person. Well you couldn’t tell. They video call and play games with each other all day. We’ve now started looking for classmates and other friends.
The best app ever
TheListeningGirl on 2020-04-04
This app is awesome! Every second grader wants a Snapchat because they love the filters and friends... but this app has that and more, without the chance of creeps sending friend requests or inappropriate ads!! I absolutely love it, and so does my kiddo. Since we are quarantined due to COVID-19, she’s still been able to connect with her friends. It’s wonderful.

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