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Be together whenever, with our free* all-in-one communication app, complete with unlimited text, voice, video calling and group video chat features. CROSS-APP MESSAGING AND CALLING Connect with your Instagram friends right from Messenger. Simply search for them by name or username to message or call. VANISH MODE Send messages that only last for a moment. Opt in to use vanish mode where seen messages disappear after you exit the chat. PRIVACY SETTINGS New privacy settings let you choose who can reach you, and where your messages are delivered. CUSTOM REACTIONS Lost for words? You can customize your reactions, with lots more emojis to choose from. CHAT THEMES Choose from fun themes and colors, like Tie-Dye or Love, to make your chats more personal. WATCH TOGETHER Watch videos, tv shows, and movies with your friends over Messenger Video Chat and Rooms when you can't be together. Capture every moment and reaction in real-time. GET THE GROUP TOGETHER WITH ROOMS Send a link to group video chat with anyone, even if they don't have Messenger. Host up to 50 people with no time limits. FREE* VIDEO CALLS TO STAY CONNECTED Keep your friends and family close with unlimited live video chatting.Host group video calls with up to 8 people, with high-quality audio, high definition video, and interactive video features like face filters. UNLIMITED FREE* TEXT & PHONE CALLS Skip exchanging phone numbers and simply send a message to your Facebook friends, even if they’re across the world. Enjoy high-quality voice and text messaging on mobile, tablet, and desktop. TURN OFF THE LIGHTS IN DARK MODE Give your eyes some rest with a sleek new look that darkens the colors of the chat interface. RECORD AND SEND VOICE AND VIDEO MESSAGES When text just won't cut it, just hit record and send. Say, sing, show, or shout it out loud. EXPRESS YOURSELF WITH STICKERS, GIFS, AND EMOJIS Use custom stickers to show your creative side. You can even add effects and filters to video calls. SEND FILES, PHOTOS, AND VIDEOS There’s no limit to the number of files you want to share with your friends. PLAN AND MAKE IT HAPPEN Make plans to get together with polls and more. Suggest a meeting spot or tell friends where you are by sharing your location with just a few taps. SEND MONEY SECURELY AND EASILY (within US only) Send and receive money securely and easily with friends and family right in the app by adding your debit card, PayPal account or reloadable prepaid card (single-source cards eligible for sending money only). CHAT WITH BUSINESSES Easily connect with your favorite businesses to make reservations, get customer support, find deals and more. COMPATIBLE ACROSS PLATFORMS Chat with friends across an array of devices, like desktop, Portal, and others. Privacy Policy: LEARN MORE about Messenger texting and group video chat at: * Data rates apply Some Messenger features may not be available in your country or region.

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I can no longer log in!
MissOaht on 2021-09-20
Recently(yesterday) I was logged out of my messenger since the update happened. I was unable to log into my facebook account nor was I able to “forget password” and change my password to see if that was the issue. I uninstalled and reinstalled the application and it still gives me the same issue. I’ve have messenger for years now but I’ve never experienced any issues up until this point. I’ve tried logging on with wifi and data separately but the issue stays the same; It will not allow me to log into my facebook messenger account. NOTE: I’m able to use my facebook account on the facebook application just fine, so its not my account that is the issue but the log in screen or app itself. Please respond to my issue ASAP as I get important messages from family members such as emergencies or events taking place via messenger.
Just one little problem
update isnt an improvment on 2021-09-20
I been using Facebook and messenger for years it’s hands down the easiest to use social media and has lots of original and unique content. However when people send links in messenger for other Facebook posts or pages or people it doesn’t go to the Facebook app anymore instead it opens it on (the internet browser version not app). And it’s getting to be really annoying now cuz it’s in no way shape or form an improvement. If I’m sent a link from another page I’d like it to be on my actual Facebook app not on a browser and then search for it on my app. Also I’m on an iPhone 8+. I’ve seen where this can be enabled/disabled for android but from what I’ve seen and read other places online there isn’t anything I can do to make it go back how it was.
Griffautin on 2021-09-20
When will ya’ll will update the EMOJIS to many people and sports and things that are not useful everyone of the sections needs updating to new ones ya’ll took out the gun well take out the syringe might be for a ruse or a Dr but also drug addicts use it to express there drug use and the cigarette for young kids 13 & over that parents don’t monitor there Facebook page don’t know how to tell the company for the EMOJIS if it’s on ya’ll page y’all r responsible for kids talking about cigarettes . Just take a look at the Emojis And if ya’llhave to contact them why should we do it.
SF Lupa on 2021-09-20
It’s just further confirmation that I shouldn’t even be wasting my precious time on Facebook garbage, but I just wasted about a half hour today trying to send a friend a stupid link to a post. I would set it up, type a message, attempt to send and there would only be a little box with an arrow on our chat thread. I couldn’t tell if it was sending. After confirming that it didn’t I finally googled and found it’s a stupid bug with Apple products. Facebook- if you can’t have your apps work on Apple products, give it up since you’re losing half of all potential customers.
Major Login issue
Sergikis on 2021-09-20
I deleted and reinstalled the app and when I tried to login It was saying error or incorrect password.I repeated this procedure several times for the past 6 days but it would always say the same thing . I changed the password from my other device and entered it but the same issue occurred. I sent a report via the app from my other device the first day but no one responded yet .Really dissatisfied and disappointed from such a big company as Facebook …
I Cannot Send Messages To My Friends And Family
Plo Man on 2021-09-20
I Was Using This App, for a While People Were IMming me, However The Less I have Used it The Worse it Has Gotten. If Y’all Could Allow me To Send Messages to My Friends And Family (AGAIN), That Would Be Much appreciated! SO D O N E With NOT being able to Send Messages To The People That Mean The World To me! Y’all REALLY Need to Fix This! Otherwise I am NEVER Going to Use This Again!!!!!!!! With Care, Aaron M Wilkinson
#انقذوا_حي_الشيخ_جراح 🇵🇸
AISHA997 on 2021-09-20
#انقذوا_حي_الشيخ_جراح 🇵🇸 #انقذوا_حي_الشيخ_الجراح #انقذوا_سلوان #انقذوا_حي_الشيخ_جراح 🇵🇸 ‎#savesheikhjarrah 🇬🇧 ‎#Save_SheikhJarrah_neighborhood 🇷🇺 ‎#Спасти_район_ШейхДжарра 🇹🇷 ‎#ŞeyhJarrah_mahallesini_kurtar 🇩🇪 ‎#Siehe_SheikhJarrah_Nachbarschaft 🇫🇷 ‎#Sauver_le_quartier_de_SheikhJarrah 🇪🇦 ‎#Salva_el_barrio_de_SheikhJarrah
Doesn’t work with Facebook portal
spankyroo42 on 2021-09-20
I bought my child’s grandparents a portal to talk with my daughter however the Facebook portal doesn’t work with messenger kids 😞. Facebook advertises the portal as a way for grandparents to keep in touch with their grandkids in their commercials but in reality it doesn’t work with their owns products?!? WTH 🤷🏻‍♂️
Unreasonable blocking
truckerman Jon on 2021-09-20
Recently blocked from messenger saying I sent something that violated standards yet no response to what it was they also shut down my account so I couldn’t post like or comment on anything stating the same reason. Without a reason for this to happen to me I plan on harshly limiting my use of this social media outlet
Photo forwarding is gone!
STLSTI on 2021-09-20
I have several friends that I message every day and we love to share memes. Since the last update the forward arrow has been removed meaning I have to send photos individually for each person. I’m so tired of you all changing things constantly…. LEAVE IT ALONE AND STOP MESSING AROUND AND CHANGING STUFF!!!!!

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