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Dec, 2020


Dec, 2020



Can you convert the whole world to your religion? A new faith is born and you are chosen to spread it. Humanity will always find a reason to hate you. You need to use your words and miracles and improve your faith in order to spread it to the entire world. You must speak to people without gaining much hatred, visit cities and right wrongs with miracles. You will meet hundreds of people and stories on your journey, starting either from Egypt, Jerusalem, or Rome and will get one of the twenty endings as you try to spread your faith. You can upgrade your religion to reach more people and improve yourself to perform miracles or cause calamities. Your words will create chaos in the world, and you must handle hatred, lies, kings, and demons to create a religion that all can follow.

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BLACKSWOOPDOWN on 2021-01-19
I really love this game, everyone needs to know about it. Your going straight to the top. I just stumbled on this game, i feel truly lucky to have found it. Ive been a consistent gamer for years, on consoles, PCs..I play everything..I just have so much respect for this masterpiece. I just gotta let you know especially with all the hate in the world. I can’t keep the admiration I have for your work to myself.
Honest Review *please read*
Crescendogmdev on 2021-01-19
Despite this being a $2 game, they block access to certain features unless you leave a 5 star review (why I’m here other than to leave what I feel is one of the only honest reviews). I enjoy the game but it needs a little work and I don’t like them effectively forcing you leave a 5 star review to have access to all the features of the game I just paid for.
Haven’t played enough to properly rate
Design&Conker on 2021-01-19
It asked me to rate early on in the game. A little unhappy with that, but so far it has been fun so I will say if you like the idea and you are looking through the reviews to know if you’d like it. You most likely will,
So far, very fun
Gthix on 2021-01-19
So far, the game is pretty good. I enjoy that it costs just a little for the fact that it gets rid of needing to see ads or purchase stuff within the game. I look forward to where the game goes.
Lolololoo Abby on 2021-01-19
it’s pretty decent, but i’m getting smth in game for giving a five star review lol, so take that with a grain of salt! a bit hard to grasp at first, then fun. worth the $2
Brother Chair on 2021-01-19
Thought it was a plague inc style game it wasn’t but it is till pretty fun even though my people murdered me
Love this game!
NeonNikki on 2021-01-19
This game is a very fun game to play and actually a good way to test out deities when it comes to writing
Fun Game
Schlotterbecker on 2021-01-19
This game is really simple and very fun but it employs way more strategy that I thought. Recommend!
Very fun
TDibby19 on 2021-01-19
Still new to it but I’m enjoying it. Kind of like a religious Plague Inc. would recommend.
p cool
emotionalsexgod on 2021-01-19
i mean i played like once and it offered me a deal if i gave it five stars so here i am

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