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Sep, 2022


Sep, 2022



Grow your business and connect with more people with Meta Business Suite. Use this app to: • Create, schedule, and manage posts and stories across your Facebook Page and Instagram account • Connect with more customers by responding to all of your messages and comments in one place—you can even automate responses to save time • View insights about how people are interacting with your posts, stories and ads so you can create content that resonates with them • View your notifications and to-do list so you can stay on top of what matters most

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jsconnelly on 2022-10-06
This “app” is one giant bug with some code thrown in. Don’t be fooled by the 4.6 out of 5 rating. The rating must be fake. Notifications randomly function. You have to swipe up on app to remove badges or see new notifications. Page mentions rarely show up. Landscape mode on iPad produces unexpected results. Invite buttons are a mixed bag. Overall, it’s so poorly designed that you couldn’t mess up an app this bad without trying. Facebook and it’s employees display an amazing level of ineptitude and they don’t care because they get ad revenue regardless. We as business owners and advertisers should choose one week where we coordinate a pause on all ads. Perhaps that would get their attention.
Don’t Update if you Schedule Posts!
admiralu on 2022-10-06
Facebook continues to screw what used to be perfectly good apps. Now that Pages have Profiles in Facebook, you can’t schedule posts to a group in this app if you have one unless it’s on a desktop computer. The old Pages app allowed me to easily manage my pages. I could post to both page and group in the Meta app previously. Now I can’t and on top of that, Meta lost 14 scheduled posts, an entire weeks worth of content on one of my pages. It takes me hours every week to schedule these things and an entire week is gone! App is crap.
clhdesign on 2022-10-06
This app has never lived up to what it is supposed to do. There have always been bugs when trying to create events or navigate from this app. Now that Facebook updated and created a new "page experience", it is impossible to create events forces you to create events through the Meta app, and if using the iphone version, it is riddled with bugs. I have to create events on the desktop to get them to appear correctly. This app is one of the worst.
*UPDATED* 9/18/22
roddymerritt on 2022-10-06
Not only is this the most glitched out and buggy app among the laundry list of problems with ANYTHING that touches Facebook but now they seem to have destroyed the ability to not only post simultaneously to Instagram but to even edit the post in app. You guys must have learned how to develop apps from a Cracker Jack box. Seriously, just use the app for a few days and you’ll figure out what works and what doesn’t. Not that hard.
Trouble managing the new META Free Group Page I've ha years!
DunePony on 2022-10-06
I am pulling my hair out! I now have Three Pages for the One Group! Please ASK me which Two to get Rid if! I need to Keep the one with 985 Memvers! it's getting Worse every day! Can I Talk to someone? Phone someone? Text or have an online chat with a Human? I have been a Devoted Facebook Member since 2009. I need help. Will you let someone Help me with my Group Page? Please? Thank you
Bloated app missing key features
Fyere on 2022-10-06
This app notifies you several times of the same comment in different tabs. You’re able to tag photos you’re sharing to IG, but those tags don’t carry over when you submit the post. Tell me, what is the point? I still have to go into IG and add the tags all over again. Not to mention how bloated this is with buttons. Every square inch is covered in a button or tab. Navigation nightmare.
Can’t edit scheduled posts in planner
clearsunrise on 2022-10-06
Most recent update took away the ability to edit scheduled posts. Why?? Used to be able to work between desktop and phone seemlessly to create, post, edit & schedule or even change posting day/time. Without the ability to edit, the planner/scheduler part of the app (and thus the app as a whole) is useless. Only way to make changes is on desktop. Better just use another app for posting.
Can’t “Pin to top” my last post
B71B on 2022-10-06
And AGAIN…. with newest update, CANNOT PIN TO TOP my new post! I complained last yr too!! Hate all the bells snd whistles you keep adding to this app… let us be able to post as we would like, our customers are not looking at past post but look forward to the updates, now again the new post will not be on top… STOP CHANGING THIS APP for “your” better, its not working for me😡
Simply Awful
MissWit on 2022-10-06
This Business Suite "tool," is gawd awful. The support for it, is laughable, after you spend days on the verge of tears, entering and re entering the same info, only for it loop around over and over. The experience of using the commerce manager and ad manager, is astoundingly bad. Haven't been quite this annoyed at "technology," since.... almost never. Do better.
2/3s of it doesn’t work
Beaver Brewing Company on 2022-10-06
I constantly find myself clicking forever to only have to go on my desktop to get something to work. Wanna do an ad? Forget it, not way it works on an IPad (mine is new model as well so no excuses). If I want to schedule a post, why do I need to click to 4 different landing pages now? It’s a mess, remove redundant pages, make it simpler. Awful app.

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