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Mar, 2021


Mar, 2021



Mi Fit can track your exercises and analyze your sleep & activity data. It keeps you motivated while exercising, helps to build healthy lifestyle and makes a better you. • Working with multiple smart devices Supporting Mi Band, Amazfit Bip, Mi Body Composition Scale, Mi Scale, Amazfit Pace, and Amazfit Smart Chip, etc. • Tracking every workout accurately Recording stats of running, cycling, walking, etc. Providing professional analysis of postures and heart rate to make your workouts more scientific and effective. • Personalized sleep assistant Analyzing various factors affecting sleep quality deeply, and giving suggestions for improvement. • Measuring your fitness Measuring 10 groups of stats via Mi Body Composition Scale for better shaping your body and detecting health risks. • Multiple reminders & notifications Alarm will vibrate to wake you up without disturbing others. Sending notification alerts straight to the wrist so you don't miss any calls, SMS, WeChat, QQ, and email messages. Idle alert will send a gentle buzz when you have been sitting still for too long. It tells you when it's time for a short walk or water break. **This MiFit version support that use Apple Healthkit within app** Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Update has decreased battery life
Cissarai7 on 2021-04-17
I purchased this months ago as it was recommended to me due to the long battery life. This is not your typical big name brand smart watch, but it gets the job done. I use sleep & heart rate tracker/monitor, in addition to receiving customized app notifications. The specific workouts and GPS features I use on rare occasion, as the most I’m concerned with at this moment is tracking steps. The app does not auto sync without it being opened, but it does upload to built in Apple Health if you so choose. The newest update, however, has significantly decreased the battery life. Whereas it would last about three weeks with frequent use, it now lasts less than a week. Would like for this to be fixed, or I will have to find another solution.
A good app...but
Monkeydharma on 2021-04-17
Like others have written, this is a good app for a good product. I have two complaints, but they’re primarily cosmetic: 1. First and foremost, there is no landscape mode. This is app programming 101. While there really should be an iPadOS version of this app, at the very least there should be a landscape mode for us iPad users. 2. Do something about the garish color scheme - or at least give users the option to tweak it into something that won’t give them a headache.
Lack of Languages
ליךמט on 2021-04-17
This app have significantly positive impact on my daily life becuase I can monitor my physical health by some health features which this smart watch has. But the biggest problem is this watch deasn't support all the languages, so before using, make sure that it supports your language or not, becuase it doesn't show massages or notifications in unsupported languages. I frankly hope it'll added farsi for persian, afghans and tajiks.
Despite several software updates ...
Ejbleen on 2021-04-17
... my Bip will lose the ability to show local temperatures and this app is unable to restore them unless I fiddle with the temperature settings. Notifications seem to have improved. I now receive nearly all of them ... The Bip is cheap and cheerful, but make no mistake - you get what you pay for.
The last update broke many things.
master-david on 2021-04-17
App crashes when you want to adjust something in the heart rate monitor, alarm clock can no longer be saved. And since the last update, the battery is drained very quickly! Before it was 15-16 days, now it is suddenly only 8 days! Please fix the problems! I have a Mi Band 4!
Not able to set alarm!?
imax0101001 on 2021-04-17
It was great app with the mi brand, but with recent update It not able to set alarm anymore, just showing “saving”.. even I restart the brand and my phone. Hoping that can be address quickly.
Nada de notificaciones
Ivannodal on 2021-04-17
Tengo iPhone 7 plus y una manilla mi band 4 Solo notifica llamadas entrantes, nada mas, ni WhatsApp, ni messenger, ni mensajes de texto, y ya lo active todo en la manilla Que pasara ???
Apple21-13 on 2021-04-17
我很喜歡小米手環、 用過小米3、 4 和現在用的5。下載App連線手機卻發現手環無法收取Line 傳的簡訊、 3、 4、 5 都不行.反正 該做的都做了 該嘗試的都嘗試了 最後只好失望與放棄。 使用App設定鬧鐘有時候都會卡住、 螢幕上圈圈就是一直不停的轉 就卡在鬧鐘的頁面、 關機重啟也沒用、 原以為需要更新 但是進去App裡也沒有要求更新、 所以只能給三顆星...
Doesn’t sync workouts reliably
Zeusy22 on 2021-04-17
Seems to have no issues syncing steps. But it rarely, if ever, will sync an actual workout. Going to get rid of this band because how unreliable it is.
Friggennickname01 on 2021-04-17
It freezes up when I go to change my heart rate monitor settings and watch face... circle of death. Needs to be fixed ASAP.

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