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Microsoft Teams is your hub for teamwork, which brings together everything a team needs: chat and threaded conversations, meetings & video conferencing, calling, content collaboration with the power of Microsoft 365 applications, and the ability to create and integrate apps and workflows that your business relies on. You can now also use Microsoft Teams to manage your personal life - chat, make plans, share shopping lists, tasks and even your location, coordinate events with fellow club or family members and make decisions quickly. Teams provides a single hub to help you stay connected, get organized and bring balance to your entire life. Easily move between your work and personal account to stay organized throughout the day. Whether you’re sprinting towards a deadline or helping your kids with their homework, Teams can help you achieve more. Connect & Communicate • Chat 1-1, use group messages or dedicated channels to communicate with the entire team** • HD audio and video calls for scheduled face-to-face meetings from almost anywhere** • Mention individual team members, or the whole team at once, to get your colleagues’ attention** • To-do lists, calendars, and cloud storage access right in group chats • Personal chats, documents, & files can be securely accessed Organize Your Whole Life • File sharing & editing on the go makes managing your work projects a breeze** • Intelligent search finds documents, spreadsheets, & photos in chats and team conversations ** • Custom notifications give you control to stay focus on what matters most** • Work calendar & personal calendar both in one app • Group dashboards to view important items, shared locations, & upcoming tasks within a group chat Safety & Security • Enterprise-level security and compliance you expect from Microsoft 365** • Location sharing to let colleagues, friends and family know where you are* • Storage in the Safe where you and your group can store, access, and share important data like passwords, frequent flier miles or your hotel reward number *Must be enabled and active **Commercial features of this app require a paid Microsoft 365 commercial subscription, or a trial subscription of Microsoft Teams for work. If you’re not sure about your company’s subscription or the services you have access to, visit to learn more or contact your IT department. By downloading Teams, you agree to the license (see and privacy terms (see For support or feedback, email us at [email protected] EU Contract Summary:

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Khloe Vargas on 2021-03-05
i’ve had this problem where i can’t delete messages, i’ll click delete yet they will stay in the chat and just won’t go away. when i say this i mean in private chats i create with other people like classmates. my saved messages won’t work either, i press the purple bookmark to un-save them but all i have to do is refresh the page and they’re back. i think it might be because i deleted those messages, and so now they’re just stuck in this weird loop. i’m confused and i want to be able to use the chat normally again. also, sometimes when my teachers are trying to let the students into the meeting, it will not show us in the lobby. it’s happened twice and it takes time away from our lessons. PLEASE get this fixed. it’s so annoying and also i beg of you to add a feature to be able to permanently clear all chats with other people. like private chats that you create. the ones to talk with other students or mutuals. i understand that you could use other platforms but i have some student mutuals who i know only in school and intend to keep it that way, so please make that an option. there’s lots that needs to be done to fix this app and i’m very dissatisfied.
kiz.O on 2021-03-05
Gets the job done in terms of practicality and functionality. However I have noticed some uncomfortable bugs with this product and similar Microsoft products in general. It gets the job done but they’re it’s not as smooth as a product you’d expect from tech giants. The bandwidth for a stable meeting connection is quite high and it’s not unusual to experience lags. Guest functionality is it as great as you’d expect. Marketplace & integrations are quite basic. Does not work smoothly with our automating connector zapier. Great for where we are atm but definitely considering a full switch to Google.
Takes a while to warm up to it but it’s actually quite nice!
Yulz2021 on 2021-03-05
My work has had Teams for a long time but no one really knew how to use it until obstacles forced us to (aka COVID). We now use Teams for all of our meeting and for sharing information and I like it a lot more. I’m giving it 4 stars because I don’t think it’s the most user friendly app out there, it takes a while to get comfortable with the channels and where to find what you need. Another downside is that you can only have one channel open at one time so you have to jump from one to another when you need two different channels open at once.
My phone number is none of your business
Anon23232 on 2021-03-05
I would delete this garbage app but I have to use it for work. All of a sudden this stupid app requires a phone number. It logged me out because the secondary account I created because my supervisor is an idiot didn't have a phone number attached to it. My main phone number is attached to my original Live account and you cannot use the same phone number for two different accounts. I am deeply offended at being inconvenienced and violated in this way. I hate this app and everyone working for Microsoft.
Needs update
MarthitaRey on 2021-03-05
I have to use teams for work so I have it across all my electronics (phone, iPad, Mac). It has been terrible lately on my phone and iPad. I have to delete and download the application every time I want to use it on my phone. I don’t have the ability for a quick access to teams. I have to use either my home or office computer in order to logon. It’s extremely irritating that I have to delete the app every time I want to use it on my phone.
What happened…
jeff4674 on 2021-03-05
For the longest time this was working just fine but after the last update it completely ignores my quiet times and days off. I have also started getting notifications for everything when all I have selected is teams and chat. Since this is tied to my work number I have to now I install it so I’m not getting random phone calls at 2 AM. I guess I’ll just have to try again after the next update and hope they fixed it.
Solid work platform, but needs more mobile support
carolina von schweetz on 2021-03-05
Been using this for nearly everything during the work week, including weekends whether it be on mobile or PC. Recently though the mobile version for iPad has been freezing to the point that I have to delete, then reinstall just have access to it for that day. It gets tiring, as this platform is critical to the daily function and coordination of work staff. Please find out what is causing this reoccurring issue.
Work from home
usefulbeauty on 2021-03-05
Working from home with for a large corporation works out well for us because of the teams app. It is our primary source of communication. Aside from the monthly zoom calls which we sometimes bypass because group calls on teams do not require a code, and it is incredibly user friendly. The notifications can be too much at times, but not because of the app. It is mainly because of the large corporation thing.
TJBTEXAS on 2021-03-05
Really fantastic! So easy to stay in touch and keep straight all the different topics you have been discussing and collaborating on. This tool enables the collaboration to live on and retain a history visible to all. It’s really amazingly powerful for people to group together and get things done. I use it all day all the time, I live in it now, where I used to live in my email app now it’s this! Love it!
All About Balance
WyndonBowills on 2021-03-05
Hey, random person - or, more likely, language processing model. I’ll keep it brief bc I need to get on with my life, but I feel the app is well balanced between ease and functionality. It’s good to offer lots of features, but the app needs to be an extremely simple tool that’s easy to pick and drop as needed. It costs a little in features, but it serves the objective much better. Well done, Microsoft.

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