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Explore infinite worlds and build everything from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. Play in creative mode with unlimited resources or mine deep into the world in survival mode, crafting weapons and armor to fend off dangerous mobs. Create, explore and survive alone or play with friends on all different devices. EXPAND YOUR GAME: Marketplace - Discover the latest community creations in the marketplace! Get unique maps, skins, and texture packs from your favorite creators. Slash commands - Tweak how the game plays: you can give items away, summon mobs, change the time of day, and more. Add-Ons - Customize your experience even further with free Add-Ons! If you're more tech-inclined, you can modify data-driven behaviors in the game to create new resource packs. Minecraft Realms auto-renewable subscription info: Minecraft now comes with the option to buy Minecraft Realms. Realms is a monthly subscription service that lets you create your own always-online Minecraft world. There are currently two subscription options to choose from depending on how many people you want to invite to play in your realm simultaneously. A realm for you and 2 friends costs 3.99 USD/month (or local equivalent) and a realm for you and 10 friends cost 7.99 USD/month (or local equivalent). A 30-day trial of Minecraft Realms for you and 10 friends is available. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription. The payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and the subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, at the subscription price option you have previously selected. Your subscription can be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. There is also a button in-game that take you to these settings. If you cancel after your subscription has activated, you won't be refunded for the remaining active period of the subscription. Here are links to our privacy policy and terms of use: - Privacy policy: - Terms of use:

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This game is me and my sisters childhoods.
Minecraftgamerbros on 2021-09-20
I can’t describe how much I love this game. It gives me more memories then any other game even Roblox which already gives me a lot of nostalgia as well. When I placed my first block I knew I was goin* to love this game for the rest of my life. But with every game comes problems. So umm the cave noises especially in the 1.17 update is more scary then being jump scared by the animatronics in five nights at freddy’s pizza. The origin of them is even more scary. I do know how to get rid of them so if anyone wants to not have cave noises then listen up. Go to settings go to audio scroll down put ambience/environment to 0. I hope this helped some of you. Another problem is that if you get lost let’s say you can’t find your nether portal you went into the nether with you might not make it back to your base where your dogs are waiting for you. Yes you can technically respawn where you came from but you gonna get lost getting your items back. Unless you have keep inventory on which I don’t know where is. It might only be on Java. Speaking of Java, I feel like Bedrock and pocket addition should be like Java so it is easier to win. Last problem is that the Minecraft music is gone I have music all the way up and it is sad because new background music is coming out every update. Other then that this is the best game even and should deserve more players then Tetris. Not that it matters it is just suprising.
What Can I Say? Outstanding!
RareMushroomGD on 2021-09-20
This game is amazing. There is too much to say! There are many biomes, many things to do, and even interdimensional travel! Minecraft isn’t dead, not even in 2021! It went through many updates, many new features, and tons of effort. They even traveled all the way across the Earth just to get the Panda sounds we hear today! But let’s get back into the actual game. There are many ores to dig for. There are many things to do with the various ores found in Minecraft. Like, you can trade gold with the Piglins! And you can make awesome contraptions with Redstone! Enchanting with Lapis! Upgrading Diamond to Netherite! But there are many mobs that you can find, or spawn them in Creative! This game has too much effort packed into it, especially with the 1.18 update. This game, is 11/10. But let’s be real, This is a great game overall, Alpha to Adventure Update to Update Aquatic to Cafes and Cliffs! I’m impressed at this game. What could they add in 1.19? We shall wait to find out! But, concluding this review, I want to say, that this game is awesome, and it has so much effort put into it. Amazing game. Besides all the glitches and how Bedrock is so behind Java, This game could get 1,000,000 stars, and it wouldn’t be enough! Amazing game! Goodbye, Mojang. Have a great day.
Realm issues
Zolten21 on 2021-09-20
The game is overall good and great. But when you buy a realm it’s glitchy, sometimes it doesn’t work and you end up buying a couple different realms because it still says you don’t have realm plus even when you just bought it. Another issue is that when you’re trying to replace a realm world with a different one it says try connecting to the internet but my internet is good. Also when you try to buy realm plus for a specific realm that you play on even when you click the realm you want open, it ends up going to an old realm that got deleted even though you clicked on the realm you wanted open,or it opens a whole new realm even though you just wanted a new one. This bug really needs to be fixed. Even when you try to reset everything it doesn’t work and it’s overall frustrating.
no one will stop this on 2021-09-20
Minecraft is amazing I’ve been playing it since 2016 i’ve been playing since I was a little kid and I grew up on Minecraft use really really need to get it it’s amazing game and I think you would all love it if you likes slow paced simulator games I would recommend survival if you would like PvP games recommend servers there’s so many cool things you could build and it’s so fun and you could really be creative I hope you get it also there was one glitch where I bought mine coins and mine coins disappeared the next day but it was a glitch and there was nothing wrong with the app because I’m pretty sure they fixed it. But I think a lot of people would enjoy this game if they actually took the time to play it and get to learn what all the stuff is
Great game
tacocat10234657 on 2021-09-20
This is my favorite game. It gets updated a lot so I always get excited for the next one. It’s never been slow as long as you know how to fix the glitches. I love the different builds you could make, the possibilities are endless. You can battle monsters like zombies or skeletons but if you don’t want to, just turn it to peaceful and no monsters will spawn. Play survival and you’ll have to fight and mine to get items and blocks to build your empire alone or with friends and eventually kill the ender dragon or play creative and you can fly, have unlimited items, be invincible and build whatever you want whenever you want. You can even play on servers with your friends and beat them in games. Go into the market to get maps, skins and mods.
The Best Game Ever
Chaka buka on 2021-09-20
I absolutely love this game! I have been playing since it came out and have loved every update. I have made countless creations and plan to soon publish a map on the marketplace. Mojang has created an absolute masterpiece. I love this game so much and have truly built the worlds of my dreams. There is so much fun stuff to do from getting every achievement to beating the elder dragon to exploring the fascinating world of command blocks to installing a variety of mobs. This game truly fits all ages. Even if you dislike the blocky old school textures you can find something to love in this game. I am now berating myself for not making an excellent review sooner.
A fun game? REALLY?!?!
%8&)#(& on 2021-09-20
Minecraft is not letting me log into my microsoft account >:( It really disapoints me. I guess Roblox gets my vote. I’m gonna tell ALL my friends about this! I know minecraft can do WAY better then this! Just add my microsoft acount back! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡. People reading this review, do NOT play minecraft. A lot of others aren’t enjoying it either because of these dumb glitches that can be fixed easily. Minecraft, my foot. Worst game ever! I got emerald tycoon and it keeps saying like unable tp play. Look, we all have reasons we are mad. So you better fix these unless you wanna have to shut your stupid game down.
The Best Game In The World!
Mawest1icloud on 2021-09-20
I just love this game like tons and I love how it’s a hard challenge and 🤩 fun! Finding new villages is awesome 😎 and protecting them is enjoyable. I like the animals a lot especially the dogs for when you tame them they fight of zombies, skeletons, and spiders!I just have one complaint when I am an Survival mode and die, I come to where I started.sometimes I am close to village and I don’t like when I go back to where I started when I’m close. Though Anyways that is the only thing but I LOVE THiS Game ! The creator of this game did an awesome job! Byeee and thanks for reading!☺️😁😁
Best game ever but small problem
jeremy1rose on 2021-09-20
I love minecraft more then any game ever. But every time i'm going to a world or just casually playing in my world, weird error things randomly appear on my screen. I play on ipad, and the errors cover half of the screen so i can hardly see what i am doing! And i cant find a way to get rid of it. And nothing ever happens when the error appears. No glitching or anything. When the error does appear, it takes about 30 seconds to a minute to disappear. And its so annoying when i am fighting mobs! My username is drdiana2010 please fix this!
My dad is curious why it’s so pixelated and I’m concerned about that
The you know? on 2021-09-20
Since my dad is curious why I’m asking owner of Minecraft yes I’m asking No I said the owner of Minecraft and Minecraft has a Delectable taste but if you eat Minecraft a weird way you will never know what Minecraft is so please please eat Minecraft the way it’s made to be eaten but if you’re like my dad and he is curious Why it’s so pixelated that’s because it’s Minecraft it’s supposed to be blocked and everything But if you’re like my dad and still like why is this so pixelated you could just ask the owner and creator of Minecraft

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