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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



It's painting time! Use your fingers and the palette to mix the colors, then paint a picture based on the sample. The more you match the colors and shape, the more points you'll get. Can you get 3 stars in every stage?

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Cool game but it’s really annoying
JJP124 on 2020-07-07
I hope I’m not the only one that spends time on a picture and right before I’m about to finish the app crashes. It’s really annoying and it makes me want to dislike this game more and more. I believe that is a good game but I think they REALLY need to fix that glitch. But other than that it’s a pretty nice game I would definitely recommend it to my friends
Plz read
gshesbdh on 2020-07-07
I love this game so much but I can’t finish the coloring if it’s just going to crash all the time I’ve been stuck on the pizza for months because of the crashing this is the only thing to fix though if it weren’t there this game would be soooooo fun and very fun for kids
Hannah K-Banana on 2020-07-07
When I started playing the game I loved it! But as I got to higher levels I started getting to many ads. For example every one level it would give me a 30 seconded ad. I also got kicked out of the game a lot. So I think you need to improve on it.
It’s okay
Balfour17 on 2020-07-07
When I saw the ad I was like ooooh that looks like awesome game! It wasn’t as awesome as it looks. I played it twice and it’s not so appealing. At least they didn’t lie and put different things in the ad and not the game.
Mix and Paint
More painting Templates on 2020-07-07
I like this game a lot but I wish it had more painting templates because there are only 13 and I finished the 13 templates so I wish there was more then just 13 painting templates.
I love this game
dyiydyycohdtdiyfyf on 2020-07-07
I love this game because it is hard and fun to! My Favorite part is mixing the patients!!!
Good game
Briana_plays on 2020-07-07
I like it BUT it’s just to easy
Mix and paint
jade すみれbokins on 2020-07-07
Now I know how to paint now

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