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Jun, 2022


Jun, 2022



Mixcloud is the global community for audio culture. Explore millions of radio shows, DJ mixes and podcasts made by passionate creators around the world, for free. The Mixcloud app gives you a free listening experience to enjoy anytime, anywhere. Mixcloud App
 • Explore a wide range of genres and categories for free 
• Follow creators / DJs / radio stations and keep up with their latest shows
 • Tune in to radio stations across the Globe
 • Keep track of your listening and streaming history
 • Listen to what’s trending near you and around the world
 • Queue up what you want to listen to later 
• Sync your listening experience across your devices
 Mixcloud Select
 • Upgrade to Mixcloud Select to get more from your most loved creators / DJ channels for a small monthly fee
 • Directly support your favourite artists and the music they play in their shows
 • Listen to Select creators / DJs / radio stations offline
 • Access exclusive shows and posts • Access the back catalog of your favourite Select creators / DJs / radio stations Mixcloud Premium 
• Upgrade to Premium to listen to your favourite creators / DJ channels without ads or play restrictions
 • Get access to upfront tracklists
 • Access the back catalog of your favourite radio stations without limits Mixcloud Pro
 • Are you a creator / DJ / radio host? Upgrade to Pro to get access to the tools you need to grow and monetise your audience
 • Get closer to your fans with Mixcloud live
 • Allow your fans to show their support by subscribing to your channel
 • Grow a real fanbase

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Frustrating to Use
pixeljammer on 2022-07-05
Adding tracks to playlists is a pain—there is no feedback telling you that the track was added; the main page says you don’t have any playlists; the tracks do show once you find the playlist, don’t appear to be in the same order they were added; you can’t reorder tracks in a playlist; you can’t add multiple tracks to a playlist at the same time. Artists with large catalogs require a ton of scrolling; you can’t reorder the tracks by Oldest-Newest. It would help if there were filters available so that you could list by keyword or date or length or whatever.
Music Lover
L. Tunes on 2022-07-05
Since discovering this app I have been using it exclusively. It provides so many different styles of music and the providers are very creative in their mixes. In the particular styles of music I am drawn to there is an abundance of music that I have never heard. For a person who has listened to music everyday of their life that is saying a lot and I’m not young in age.
Won’t play music
Soulsissonya on 2022-07-05
I don’t know why this app doesn’t work! I’ve logged out and back in. I’ve updated my phone. Music still says “unexpected error occurred please try again”. I haven’t been able to listen in couple months!! Please fix so I can listen to all my favorite d J’s!!!
Error message
catsam215 on 2022-07-05
I keep getting an error message. It’s saying try again. Do you have to pay to listen? I would listen to Dj Sally boy Curto every morning on my walk. Now I can’t listen to anything. It drives me crazy.
Namaste 🙏. GUI Splash screen
Starseed60 on 2022-07-05
When sharing this beautiful app there’s nothing that grab’s the listener’s attention. Update links with a share where ever envelope. The library is too stunning to leave to chance. Upgrade 3.0 {?}
S.Danconia on 2022-07-05
Love the old radio shows and pumping this across all my google home speakers is amazing. Thank you guys! (More KHJ Don Steele please!)
Needs an iwatch app
#1B!gdoG on 2022-07-05
This app is great. Wish it were on my iwatch for when I'm exercising. If they did that, I'd give a 5-star
Amazing 😻
jasoninpalmsprings on 2022-07-05
This is by far my favorite music app superseding Apple, Pandora, and Spotify. Love! Love! Love it!
MATRIXXX11 on 2022-07-05
Big Shoutout 2 All the DJ’s on Mixcloud
Me gusta esta app
Papi de Lince-Lima Peru on 2022-07-05
LO MAXIMO!!! Y Gratis es lo mejor!!!

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