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Feb, 2023


Feb, 2023



Mixcloud is the global community for audio culture. Explore millions of radio shows, DJ mixes and podcasts made by passionate creators around the world, for free. The Mixcloud app gives you a free listening experience to enjoy anytime, anywhere. Mixcloud App
 • Explore a wide range of genres and categories for free 
• Follow creators / DJs / radio stations and keep up with their latest shows
 • Tune in to radio stations across the Globe
 • Keep track of your listening and streaming history
 • Listen to what’s trending near you and around the world
 • Queue up what you want to listen to later 
• Sync your listening experience across your devices

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Sunday Night Blues Cruise
Susan Lovin’ the Oldies on 2023-03-27
A fantastic show that’s fresh and new every week with great music from days past. Jimmy Givens is the perfect host providing us with a combination of music knowledge, interesting artist information and some humor. If you love the oldies, you’ll definitely love this show.
Would use much more if Mixcloud was reliable.
AV16 on 2023-03-27
I feel bad for the artists on Mixcloud. They’d all get much more play time if the app was reliable. Rarely can I play music. 80% of the time I get “unexpected playback error, try again”. iPad, iPhone, doesn’t make a difference. I’ve tried everything to remedy this….
Lack of Customer Service
The Evil Dr Toad on 2023-03-27
I’ve been unable to log into this app for over two weeks. Communication with their support team has been minimal and, to date, ineffective. When the app works, it’s great. When it doesn’t, you’re pretty much left on your own to deal with it.
Only works on cellular?!
CwwC on 2023-03-27
Even after delete and reinstall, I can only get mixes to play when I’m not on Wi-Fi. I’m on fiber, with a mesh network and low utilization, and nothing else on my phone has this issue. What gives??
Amazing House
Wyomissing64 on 2023-03-27
I am not a late night person. DJ Paul Howard’s has me dance and in my positive spirit well beyond my bed time! I will have do this Live again on a Monday late night/Tuesday Morning! Yessss!!!
Favorite App For House Music
lil mama_71 on 2023-03-27
I love this app. I can listen and follow all of my favorite house music Dj’s in one place. I am o happy my uncle suggested downloading this app!
Mixcloud pro user
Dj Nibblez on 2023-03-27
The app is completely full of terrible bugs. From text to even trying to select a stream. Absolutely terrible and needs a complete restructure
Best music app for finding new artists
peterpussyeater on 2023-03-27
When I’ve heard all my favorites a millions times, it wonderful to explore new music to get the right vibe I’m looking for in the moment.
Won’t connect.
The Evil Dr Toad on 2023-03-27
The app worked fine until the latest update. Currently, I am unable to log into my account with the app or the web page.
My tracks
THE BLACKWOLFF on 2023-03-27
I posted tracks I created on this platform and now you trying to make me pay for my own music I created here? Why

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