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Oct, 2021


Oct, 2021



Moncage is a stunning vignette puzzle adventure developed by Optillusion. The game takes place inside a mysterious cube, with each side of the cube housing a unique world: be it an old factory, a light tower, an amusement park, or a church, etc. At first sight, they may seem random and unrelated, but upon closer look, you will become mesmerized by the subtle and intricate ways of how these worlds connect… 【Solve Puzzles with Mind-Boggling Optical Illusions】 Use your imagination and spare no brain cells to find the connection and pinpoint every possible interaction between different sides of the cube, then watch as the magic unfold in front of you. 【Collect All Photos to Unveil the Story】 Behind the puzzles, there lies a story with a surprising twist for the player to uncover. Collect the photos from obscure corners and angles to reveal the underlying story, one photo at a time. 【Get Unstuck with Thoughtful Hints】 There is a multitude of guidance systems to help prevent players from getting stuck. Focus can be activated to highlight the key items to the solution, while hint texts are available to provide further clarity. And, if all else fails, video walkthroughs can be unlocked as the ultimate safety plan. 【Prove Your Puzzle-Solving Skills with Medals】 There are a total of 15 achievements in the game, each corresponding with a Medal that has been crafted with a uniquely stunning design. A complete collection of the 15 Medals could be the perfect evidence to attest to your master puzzle-solving skills~ 【Connect with us:】 Twitter: @MoncageTheGame Email: [email protected] Discord:

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Why is the bottle glitched out
MrMom1234567 on 2021-11-29
I have been enjoying it but I got to the point where you turn the bottle to move on and I can’t get passed it. According to the hints when you turn the bottle the label is supposed to turn to and then you can complete the section. I can turn the bottle but in the second position the label disappears, making it impossible to complete. Is this a glitch? Besides that, love the game.
It’s a fun concept and beautiful interface but there are bugs and some things don’t make sense
chirecho on 2021-11-29
A lot of these solutions are illogical or weirdly convoluted. I found myself using hints on a many of them. I never would have deduced some of these solutions. For example, the light switch only able to be used in the split-second it’s illuminated. And the pressure plate. There are also some issues with items not connecting that appear to be aligned perfectly but aren’t.
beo397 on 2021-11-29
It ALAWAYS CRASHED at the scene when that car driving into the garage(just after the introduction). Though I can tell It's a wonderful game only with that three minutes gameplay(two star for that), I have to ask for a refund.
AngelWhisper121 on 2021-11-29
This game left me in awe.. what a beautiful and brilliant game. I had no glitches or problems.
Can’t stop playing
Nelwon on 2021-11-29
Story not connected at all, so you don’t know what to do next. Everything else is okay
keeps crashing !
R.N. 87 on 2021-11-29
crashes when truck drives into the garage. just bought game 24 hours ago.
You need Chinese~
Ph cn on 2021-11-29
fsi4n on 2021-11-29

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