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Oct, 2021


Oct, 2021



Astronauts, doctors, lawyers, and bankers...Everyone wants to buy you gifts! Catch the right guys and work your way up to become the ultimate money honey! The infamous money pool awaits!

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Many complaints 😤😡
Random Person Who Played on 2021-11-29
1 The game is bad for kids: This game is teaching kids to use their ‘lovers’ for money! The more money somebody has, doesn’t make anything better! Sometimes it makes life worst! Half of the time it does. I’m a kid my self who is not in a relationship and doesn’t want to be in one for awhile, this will make kids my age want to get a ‘lover’ and use them. I guess I was just taught right to know this is a horrible game! If I could put 0 stars I would! 2 It glitched a lot: Besides the bad for kids thing, it glitches. When it would say “Tap the screen to start” I would tap and nothing would happen. I had to get off the game and get back on. If you make the game better for kids, please fix the glitches, 3 Making fun a people who is just trying to live their life: The jobs of men the creator put and the money they have. Homeless: Nothing or a dollar, just because someone is homeless doesn’t mean anything, but you have to make it a big deal they don’t have much. President: Money up to the sky, this doesn’t mean anything either, this just means you’re a gold digger. 4 Are you trying to say something about girls? You put a girl as a gold digger, there are many ‘boy gold diggers’ so why didn’t you give a choice if you’re a boy or girl? Are you saying girls are stupid? Girls should listen to you? Girls should be with someone who has money? Girls can do anything they want to. They’re strong, smart, and much more. They aren’t here to be pretty or to be shown as gold diggers. If boys can do anything, why can’t girls? 5 Blondes I’ve saw that most of the girls are blonde, as if girls who have blonde hair should all be gold diggers. Now, why would anyone think that? Please, if you make this better for kids to play, give variety of hair colors, skin color, hair styles, and genders. 6 How to make it better for kids Instead of jobs, show how much they would care about you. No one needs a ‘lover’ who doesn’t love them back. Everyone needs to know that. Don’t show how much money they have. Like I said before, everyone needs someone who cares about them.
Horrible for kids
sombody3000 on 2021-11-29
I am a kid myself and yes this game can be fun and addictive but think about it would you want your own kids playing these types of games what if they develop the lessons that these games teach you like “only date a guy for money”do you people really want to be the people that turns innocent kids into gold diggers like that other game high heels that game was just plain offensive so I suggest you make your games more appropriate and actually either take down these games and make educational ones or take down these games and make better ones with GOOD lessons because if I could rate this a zero I would because if you actually made a kid this way shame on you seriously just SHAME ON YOU
Bye I’m so done with you reviewers
Kate dec on 2021-11-29
Ok so great game you have here. When I saw the logo on my sisters iPad I was like “Can I play?”, and she let me. Then I really wanted to download this game on my own iPad. But I guess I’m going to have to wait until I get a new one because my iPad mini has no storage. And why are y’all taking this so seriously? Literally y’all are saying “This game teaches kids to blah blah blah...”. 1. Kids aren’t going to have boyfriends 2. Kids are not stupid, they know not to take a mobile game so seriously 3. Kids are not going to spend money like that And also WHY THE F*** ARE Y’ALL PUTTING YOUR TIKTOKS WHAT ARE THESE REVIEWS OR TIKTOK ADS
Good! But here’s the thing..
STBove on 2021-11-29
So, when I started playing this game it was really fun and it still is very fun! But the only thing that really really bugs me is the ads. There is no way to not have ads!! I wish that this game would let you buy no ads so that after every single thing you click there isn’t an ad. It’s annoying because then I can’t continuously play my game and it kind of makes me want to uninstall it. So if the creator is reading this, please make it to where you can buy no ads! Thank you.
I just can’t believe it!
K_J ivy boy $$$$!!! on 2021-11-29
The audacity to put a game like this for young children to download and play. I’m surprised Apple even considered doing this. on the flipside it might just be a joke.But this teaches young women to use and manipulate men into buying them things. Life isn’t just about cars clothes and jewelry. there needs to be a system in place that doesn’t allow immoral subjects like this to be allowed. topics like this make you wonder what it means to be human. don’t buy this app
This game is disgustingly sexist!
Siopia on 2021-11-29
I rated this 5 stars so it could be seen. The overall smoothness and interactive-level of the game is pretty fun. There’s still tons of ads, which you can get from crappy games like these, but the real reason that I am leaving this review is to hopefully get this sexist app taken down. The goal of the game is to “date” men and buy items with their money. Then, when they go broke, you pick someone else and do it again. This game deserves to be taken down.
Nice but bad
datway.cha on 2021-11-29
This game is teaching children to use men for money and if they broke they fall like you broke up with them so it’s showing them not to love your lover but to use them for money that is just not right but the when you get to choose your man you can see how much money they got like that’s all they need but it’s not
Game don’t work
henley aka the best 🤯🤯🤯 on 2021-11-29
First I’m only rating this 5 stars so people can see it Idk if it is a good game or not cause all you can see is colt he’s and a black screen YOU NEED TO FIX THE GAME I recommend not to play the game till it is fixed cause you can’t play if you can see what you doing WHAT IS THE POINT OF HAVING THE GAME
a lot of pros and only 2 cons on 2021-11-29
This is a good game but after the third time I played it gave me an ad and then just took me to my home page I tried again but it wouldn’t wok and it just made me do the level again and it would never let me go after the $3000 mark, so after all this game is good for the first 2 levels 😐😤
I literally cannot see a thing 😟🙄🙄
Legolasalexi on 2021-11-29
Its pitch black, and the items only have a green glow. Cant see anything, do not waste your time on this app. If you check other bad reviews, you’ll see people are either complaining about it being pitch black or about how “this isn't what we should teach our kids!”

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