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Dec, 2021


Dec, 2021



Astronauts, doctors, lawyers, and bankers...Everyone wants to buy you gifts! Catch the right guys and work your way up to become the ultimate money honey! The infamous money pool awaits!

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I hate this game 😡
KAREN ANN JACK on 2022-01-25
I hate this game 😡 First I’m a kid and this app teaches other kids to go with guys with money and use them for their money.Next when they run out of money ditch them for another man.Don’t get me wrong but I don’t think this app is kid appropriate if I saw a kid using this app I would ask there parents if they should use it. I think this game should get taking down its just not RIGHT.I hate the game it’s just for kids to be traitors and take or their peoples money and using it and not loving them. But that’s just my opinion I hate this game so much and I just deleted it cause that’s how much I hate it. UGH I WISH GAMES ARE GOOD AND NOT BAD BUT YOU KNOW ITS NOT BACK IN THE OLD DAYS WERE GAMES AND STUFF WERE GOOD.I HATE THESE DAYS SOMETIMES. 😡😡
Terrible TERRIBLE game
XxLexiliveslongxX on 2022-01-25
1. This game is very sexist 2.The female is a gold digger (why just why are you trying to teach kids (Girls especially) to just boy’s for money? 3. After playing the game for a while (you have to buy to increase salary) It make’s the salary blank and go back to normal wasting all your money 4. many adds which is common for games like these.(just turn on airplane mode) 🎶Pros🎶 1. Play it when bored. That’s all, I don’t recommend. ✨Thanks for reading✨
Could be improved
ughhhhhhh everything is taken on 2022-01-25
This game has a good amount of ways to interact and smooth mechanics. However there could be much more diversity such as having "honeys" with different skintones and features. Also the skins have only one character that isnt white. I also think the game should add gender customizations to avoid sexism, such as at the beginning of the game being able to change the gender of the honeys and yourself. Overall this game runs smoothly and is entertaining to play but could be approved in many ways
It’s laggy + idk if it’s related but I got hacked
Ann the Angel on 2022-01-25
Generally it’s harder because it’s laggy and glitches, that’s simple. But unrelated to anything in the game, this game says it wants to read a lot of your information on the AppStore page, after a few minutes of playing this game I closed it and got an email saying someone from Ukraine was trying to log into one of my social media accounts. Just because it’s related doesn’t mean it caused it but I’m a little weary of apps like this now, more than I was before.
I’m only 11-
poopy chookie noopie on 2022-01-25
Please do now download this game. For your own safety.I downloaded this aww and left and went to target.When I came back to my iPad.The CEO of money honey called me on messages.This really freaked me out because I don’t know how he got my number.I deleted it right away!If you have this app and get a notification from “Tom ceo of money honey”.Please do not contact him back I don’t know if it’s a hacker or a bug in this game just please be careful.
Gen-Z and Generation Alpha need better
cook cool 🤤 on 2022-01-25
((I have this 5 stars so it’ll be seen, I’d really give it 0 stars)) This game is teaching unsuspecting kids that being a gold digger gets you what you want. Is that a message you want sent to Gen-Z and Generation Alpha? Think of the children and adults getting brainwashed by these mobile games! The game has a sexist and absolutely horrible lesson. Gen-Z and Generation Alpha need better.
This game remind me of something.
Busy mom and full time manager on 2022-01-25
I rated this a 5 star so other people can see this too. This games reminds me of gold digging. If you don’t know, you have to pick whatever job you can pick, then you spend their money on clothes. This game could’ve been better if we spend our OWN money. So, the moral of the game would be different. Instead of becoming a gold digger, you could watch you money. 🙁
Concerning Themes
Ethulwulf13 on 2022-01-25
Look, I know it’s just a game or whatever, and if it were just one game, I wouldn’t be too concerned, but it seems like half of the mobile games out there are really sexist or judgmental. It’s not as bad as those “Fix this girl and make her pretty so people will love her!” type games, but I still don’t like the trend that I’m noticing here. Coming from a teen.
There are many problems :/
iugdjdhvsvhjgskus on 2022-01-25
I think the game is ok but there we’re ads when I went to a different level(I don’t remember much)and the games rules are not good for little kids also I wish there was music bc it’s kinda boring without it lastly I want more girls bc there isn’t a lot same for the boys and pets the game might get updated and change the things I wanted the developer to change
Teaches bad lessons
girl363;) on 2022-01-25
The game is fun I guess but it teaches bad lessons to younger kids. I am a kid my self and I can tell that this game will make younger kids think that you should date someone for their money but that’s not how it works. Games like this teach kids to be gold diggers. I know that it is addictive but it have bad lessons put into it.

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