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Sep, 2020



Roll the dice and buy, sell, build, and scheme your way to become a rich landlord in MONOPOLY, the Hasbro board game and family classic loved by over a billion people in cities and countries worldwide. One of the most classic board games you know and love is available on mobile and tablets and playable both offline and online! Experience the classic board game in a completely new way. MONOPOLY by Marmalade Game Studio brings the board to life with a universe including a beautiful animated and designed 3D city board with hotels and houses. Popular Features - ONE OF THE GREATEST BOARD GAMES - Play the Hasbro classic by yourself or with the family and friends in your life on mobile or tablets! - A PREMIUM EXPERIENCE - No pay-to-win, no ad pop-ups, no risk, approved by Hasbro - HOUSE RULES - Play with the most common house rules - QUICK MODE - Finish the Hasbro board game faster than ever - SINGLE-PLAYER - Play against our challenging AI. No need for friends or family - OFFLINE MULTIPLAYER - Play together and pass the phone between turns - ONLINE MULTIPLAYER - Play MONOPOLY online with people all over the world from a different city or country or create private multiplayer games to play with your friends and family in life without any risk. Are you ready to experience the thrill of bankrupting your family and friends in life and becoming a rich landlord in MONOPOLY, one of the most iconic board games of all time? Roll the dice, take risk, make your way around the board and BUY real estate, COLLECT rent and BUILD hotels to become a landlord tycoon, just like the popular Hasbro family board game. Don’t get bored and challenge up to FOUR PLAYERS on one mobile device in multiplayer! Now you can play a game of MONOPOLY anytime and anywhere, in the city and at home, offline and online! You can play by yourself or with friends in multiplayer. Try this multiplayer with up to four players on one device. Alternatively, invite family and friends to play in online multiplayer and build your real estate empire to become a rich landlord and the king of the MONOPOLY universe. When you are ready to roll the dice, you can host a private multiplayer lobby or share public games with friends online from different cities. Finish a game of MONOPOLY FASTER THAN IN REAL LIFE in QUICK MODE! Don’t worry about the risk of a game taking too long. Use the Quick Mode to complete it in one hour or less. You’ll spend less time in jail, build hotels sooner, become a successful landlord faster, and end the game after the first player is bankrupt; the richest player wins and becomes the MONOPOLY King. Our MONOPOLY game includes like in real life all well-known, POPULAR HOUSE RULES Do you receive M400 instead of M200 when you land directly on GO in your family or friends group? Create a custom game with your family's favourite house rules and become the MONOPOLY king in your family. Our MONOPOLY game classic is FAMILY-FRIENDLY and risk free for kids We have made sure our game is safe for kids, without any risk, and easy to play for the whole family online or offline in multiplayer. Like the original Hasbro board game, everyone can buy, sell, collect, build, and play! Since the game is ad-free, you won't risk bumping into inappropriate ads. And with private online multiplayer, you don't have to share a game with strangers and can simply play with your friends. Play with your LOCAL EDITION of MONOPOLY! Our game includes the largest number of localised boards any of the digital MONOPOLY board games has ever offered. Play with a board from select countries and unlock the ‘Explorer Pack’ to discover different cities and its real estate! Roll the dice, take risk, BUY or SELL real estate, COLLECT rent and BUILD hotels as a landlord in cities and countries all around the world. Let’s jump into the MONOPOLY Universe!

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This app is awful!!
Aunt Cherie on 2020-10-31
I purchased years ago the monopoly game and installed this on my computer. I greatly enjoyed this game!! In this game the user had control over how the game was played. The user controlled the number of houses and hotels used, the number of players, the ”free” space monies, the ways properties are built, the taxes to be taken and the amount, the in jail rolls and payment amount to get out and most importantly this game gave the user complete control over which properties and houses could be mortgaged. If there is anything that I dislike the most it is this and how houses are built. This game follows the rules strictly and on this. The computer game gave the user the option of building houses to hotel in a complete color set at will. If I own a complete color set I can build houses on a single property of the set without building any houses on the others. For example, should I own all the reds that includes Illinois I can build houses on Illinois alone without building the other two. Knowing there is a card in Chance directing players to move to Illinois, Boardwalk, St. Charles Place, I would build these properties first to help get monies early that is if I am lucky enough to own any of these color sets first. Building properties on this app is by the old rules and offers no flexibility. Also why is there a “hard, medium, and easy”play for dice thrown? If the computer is picking how the dice are thrown, that’s the only reason for hard or easier. A game using dice should use dice and not loaded dice for easy, medium, and hard games. No such divisions existed in the computer game I owned. As soon as possible I will revoke my monies spent on your game. At least in the old game I had a chance of winning. In yours I am frustrated by my limitations and I feel boxed in place by your restrictions instead of flexible options offered before. Also. No one likes to lose and no one likes to pay to lose....another reason to drop your game. I don’t win enough to keep it. Even card games get this. A sincere monopoly player, CC
Weighted Dice
Fatality10 on 2020-10-31
Here’s my 2 scenarios 1: I had a the yellow and brown color set with hotels on each. Everyone went bankrupt except this guy named Budwiser and I, he owned the orange color set only with a few mortgaged properties. I go around the board and each time...I land on his orange then get sent to jail. I went around 4 times and each time I landed on his color sets. He goes around the board 6 time while I was in jail and only once landing on my brown color set... 2: I owned the brown color set once again, while I passed go I landed on income tax. Rolling again due to doubles, rolling I land on the chance. I prayed to not draw the advance to st Charles place but my prayers went unanswered. I drew the card and payed my rent from a hotel on st Charles. Having to mortgage everything. My next turn I really prayed to god to not roll a 2 or a 3 due to them having hotels...I roll a 2 and go bankrupt. My properties went untouched the whole game after putting houses down...I really am not the one to point fingers at rigged games but...when I see people rolling past a whole section of houses and landing on chance and free parking every time...I don’t have much of a choice to believe it’s something more than bad luck. A refund would be great but not likely due to the greed of corporations now a days
Not At Random
Road Traveler1 on 2020-10-31
Drives me ABSOLUTELY wackers! I’ve played this version several times. So I know what I’m talking about. Drives me NUTS! You’d think a throw of the dice would be completely random. Right? WRONG! This version actually favors certain random players. It’s happened to me more than just a couple of times. For instance: If I’m lucky enough to own all the properties between Mediterranean and Connecticut and have hotels on all the properties certain players will never land on any of those properties with hotels. Landing more frequently instead on the $200 tax area. Or skip the area entirely and land on Jail. Just visiting. Or on the railroad. But if a certain, randomly chosen, player has hotels on just the green properties then most players will land there assuring a fast end to the game. I’m really happy with everything else about this version of the game. That’s why I gave this version 2 stars. But this bug is big enough that I really have to go from 5 stars to only 2. And is going to cause me (and I’m sure others) to stop playing this game and NOT recommend it to others.
Not worth the pay
799989 on 2020-10-31
I love monopoly and was very excited when I saw that I could play against other people online. However, the app needs some serious updates. I feel like it’s wayyy behind other apps when it comes to technical issues and being able to connect more with the players you’re playing against. There needs to be some type of button you can click if you need out of the game that way if someone just up and leaves during the game it won’t affect the other players and leave us waiting online for that player to move. The button should automatically take them out of play. I quite honestly would like to be able to personally chat with each of the players but they only provide automatic phrases which becomes a little outdated. If I’m paying for this game I expect to be able to do everything I mentioned and even more. Maybe having some other themed boards that you DONT have to pay more money for or even some type of ranking status. You’re really not getting anything for your money.
Not worth it. This game is rigged and full of griefers that will ruin your games
Dont get monopoly on 2020-10-31
Been playing this for a couple weeks now and other players keep griefing if they feel they lost the game. They grief by trading away their money and properties to your opponents for virtually nothing. I thought griefing was a rare occurrence however it happens way too often. My last 4 games had people griefing. There is absolutely nothing stopping griefers from ruining games. They can grief and leave the game without penalty. Another problem is that when you play online multiplayer, you actually are playing with bots, most of the time because the game doesn’t have enough real players. Playing with bots isn’t fun because you can easily trick them into trading their properties to you. It’s obvious when someone is a bot because they trade and give you counter offers at the speed of light. And they also trade away properties at a cheap price to other real players and just do stupid moves that a real player wouldn’t do.
Developers! Stop saying we’re sorry to hear that you feel that way!
Wizzo 2 2 Sexy on 2020-10-31
Developers stop saying that we are sorry to hear that you feel that way! And that the monopoly chance mechanics are statistically random! If that were the case, you wouldn’t have a bunch of people complaining about the way the game plays and cheats! Just fix the dang game! This is why you have a bunch of what you so call, rage quitters! Because they realize sometime in the beginning of the game, and sometime in the middle of the game, that this program has already pre-determined who the winner is! And I believe the predetermined winner is at the beginning of the game! It is so obvious the way the dice rolls, you can pretty much guess the outcome! No one is stupid, unless you’re five years old! We all know what’s going on, and please don’t play on it like we don’t! So once again, fix the game, or rather unfix the game! Either way, make it right, make it unbiased, make it impartial! NUFF SAID!!!
You’re just a Pawn
Dreamauler on 2020-10-31
It’s really unnecessary, they ruined the game with A1 controlling the dice. It’s obvious when you play it a lot. Sadly, it’s like most board games. Random dice on hard level would make this a great game. Example: the game was down to two, A1 and I with equal amount of props and hotels after 2 A1 players went bankrupt. A1 lands in jail two consecutive times and ops for doubles, I cheated and did not land on any of his props unless he lands on mine first going around the board 2.5 times. He’s finally out and we go around board 3 times without ether of us landing on the others props. I know what’s going on so I take the dice roll and land on a cheaper hotel on Vermont knowing full well he is coming up on Broadway hotels and sure enough he lands on it. You’re just a pawn in a lopsided A1 game of give and take.
Good potential, bad developer response.
jerry mitchhell on 2020-10-31
This game has potential to be so great. Who doesn’t love a game of monopoly. Even better, there is no need for a player to be “the banker”. Unfortunately this app has severe problems with it. Sometimes the app advances your character the wrong amount of spaces you rolled. Often times the number on the dice is the number you were looking for only to be left disappointed with a wrong amount of spaces advanced. There is no chat feature which is severely needed. They say it’s to keep it “family friendly” but I don’t buy it. This game is a perfect example of lazy developers who have made too much money off the monopoly franchise and don’t give any care to the people who enjoy the app and have no plans on fixing any glitches. I wouldn’t waste my money on this app.
Save your money
Mags Bey on 2020-10-31
I expect to sometimes lose at games. However the single player option on this game playing against the computer has to be the most ridiculous bit of shoddy programming I’ve ever encountered. Most games I play end up with about 85% of the time me hitting taxes going around the board and meanwhile there’s always one player who every round lands on go and free parking (which I have on the option for these to pay). So what you end up with is one player with under $100 and no way to ever advance and another (at least one) with $10k. If this happened on occasion, whatever. But it’s every single game. Don’t even bother. It’s not worth it.
Too many bugs
M.G. on 2020-10-31
The advantage goes to the AI. First, if AI lands in jail, pays $50 and rolls the dice to move - if the roll is a double, the AI will be allowed to roll again. This is not permitted for the human player. Second, when playing consecutive games it is clear that there is an algorithm at work. The AI will land on the same pattern of spaces and receive a pattern of double rolls. In some patterns all players may get stuck in a loop that sends each to jail so frequently it’s not worth playing. I always play using the custom games option to play a shorter game. So other playing options may not exhibit the same bugs. Very disappointing.

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