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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



Featured by Apple in "What's Hot" List Mortgage Calculator Pro is a quick and easy to use calculator for brokers, realtors, and home buyers. Within seconds, you will be able to calculate the monthly payment for a mortgage, car payment, credit card, or other types of fixed rate loans. The calculator lets you add different adjustments such as insurance, property tax, and monthly fees such as HOA to see of they would affect the monthly payment. FEATURES * Optimized for Multitasking and Retina Display - Supports fast app switching and higher resolution Retina display. * Ability to Save Loans - Mortgage Calculator Pro lets you save and organize all your various loans in the Favorites list so you do not have to enter the information over each time. It will also remember and opens up the last saved loan you worked on. * Large Numeric Keypad - The large keypad allows for easier, faster, and more accurate entry of numeric amounts. * Email Quote - Send loan information and amortization schedule via email. * Fast Calculations - Mortgage Calculator Pro is designed to be fast. Calculations are done instantly after you enter each amount field. * Amortization Table - A complete payment schedule allows you to view the interest, principal, and remaining balance for each and every payment of the loan. * Backup / Restore - Backup your data to your computer for safekeeping. Then restore it to your iOS device when you need to via the iTunes file sharing interface. * Other Features - Ability to specify length of loan in months as well as years, allow up to three decimal places for the interest rate field, switch to loan calculator view when a saved loan is selected, price per square foot calculation, down payment and annual tax calculation based on percent or manual entry, and much more to come. * Intuitive User Interface - Special attention was given to the user interface to ensure that it is clean, intuitive, and easy to use.

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