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Earn FREE product, shop in a snap and more—just consider the app your personal shopper (that dishes about all the best deals first). Download, join and these perks are all yours: • Earn points toward your choice of FREE full-size products (up to $16.50)* • Shop straight from the app • See offers in your Wallet • Check your points anytime, anywhere • Be the FIRST to know about big deals, new launches and more Oh, and we’ll set you up with $10 off $30 just for joining! (Give us up to 72 hours to add this welcome offer to your Wallet.)* *Full terms and conditions in the app.

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My order disappeared.
Only1lah on 2022-09-27
It took me a while to get all the items I needed added to my cart. I had issues editing the items for pickup instead of shipping as well as the number of items. I had to delete my entire cart and start over. After all of that I finally get my payment information in and submit my order and it says oops your cart is empty. I just spent actual money on this, how is my cart empty? So now I don’t know if I’ve been charged. If the order was placed but not showing up yet or my cart was emptied as soon as I submitted the payment. I’m very unhappy right now. All I wanted to do was get my Vampire Blood fix for the year. Now it’s likely to be sold out before I can actually get it.
Disappointed customer
Miss Dazey on 2022-09-27
I purchased some products from the Saginaw, MI store on 9/10/22. A store that a frequent often & purchase products. The sales associate asked me if I was a Rewards member yet, which I had not signed up for yet. The sales associate was kind enough to get me started signing up for the Rewards program. Once signed up my points were there & a coupon. The only step left was to get the app. Once I got the app my points were gone, down to 0. I called the 800 number for assistance & was told there were problems with the app & to try again the next day. I did so a few times & as of today my points are still at 0. Very disappointing & a waste of time.
ladyt513 on 2022-09-27
The app is glitching this new update is not working. I’m unable to checkout or remove unavailable items from my cart and they are being added to my total bill. Please fix. The page is not configured correctly total amount does not show up when checking out and it’s not applying my discounts. The ‘X’ to take items off is no longer showing up. Trying to place an order today and the site will not let me. I have uninstalled ,reinstalled and even tried the desktop version still showing up the same. *Update: When I logged in on the laptop I was able to remove items and completed my purchase with no issues. I guess the mobile app is glitching.
Still not working right
PunzyCal on 2022-09-27
I downloaded this app before the pandemic and it said it wasn’t able to be used in my area so I deleted the app went to the store a couple of weeks ago and a store associate told me that the app is now working and so I downloaded it again, signed back in and come to find out I don’t get my birthday reward because something is wrong with that. I called customer service they said they put my birthday in there and the birthday reward should show up. Here we are three days later and still no reward and it won’t let me change my birthdate and it doesn’t even show my birthdate so kind of disappointing.
Needs a few interactive tweaks
k•e•j on 2022-09-27
On the pages where you are able to view multiple items and add them to your cart, there should be a plus or minus next to the add cart button that shows how many of that item are in your cart. This would also allow users to add more of an item easier. On the checkout page, when entering a promotion code and submitting it, the screen scrolls to the top of the page when it is reloaded. This makes users have to scroll down to make sure the code worked. It would be good to have the promotional feature pinned somewhere to the screen so it stays in the same place while users scroll.
Great experience
Butterbreadandjam on 2022-09-27
This app has become great. Once before I attempted to sign on and it would not let me. Since I love me some Bath and Body Works, this upset me so I forlornly stopped trying. THEN I get an email with this new rewards programs , which incidentally is right up my alley, I tried again and….SUCCESS!! Yay for me. Just placed my first order using my reward and birthday coupons and excited about earning points! It does seem to lag a little but that’s ok. It may be the fact I’m in the boonies?!? But app is easy to maneuver and understand! Hooray for B&BW
Doesn’t work
YeseniaPagan96 on 2022-09-27
I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling this app many time, and it still won’t let me sign in. It just says “oops, something went wrong.” As someone who shops there quite often, I’m super disappointed and wish it would get resolved. I tried speaking to someone and they said they’re still working on it, she gave me my codes that I could use, but they don’t work! It says I need to sign in on the website, then once I sign in, it says that I'm not even a member of the rewards program, when I was told that I am. Please fix this.
Love the App, but it’s a bit glitchy!
PT Scrapbooker on 2022-09-27
The B&BW app is an easy way to virtual shop. I enjoy creating shopping list and seeing the latest coupons and sales. However, I have often experienced an issue when trying to select my local store. Although the option is selected, when I press the “submit” button, nothing happens. I even tried proceeding to check out and trying the option again. It did not work. Sadly, I was unable to place a pick up order through the app and sought out other means to do so. I do plan to uninstall and reinstall the app to see if that works.
Bad app
Browntr on 2022-09-27
I earned 1028 points since this app started and didn’t receive my free $16.50 reward yet. Have called customer service 3 times and all I keep getting is wait the 72 hours but that they aren’t understanding is that is been that and longer. I have had nothing but problems from this app took me over a week to get it to finally let me select a store for pickup in store orders. Then today I try to shop todays deal and it won’t let me see my cart. This has been the most frustrating app I literally have ever had!!!
Coupons and rewards
wellsboro weather watcher on 2022-09-27
Come on B & B- why can’t we use more than one reward and more than one coupon online? We can use more than one coupon while shopping in the store!?! It is frustrating shopping for your “deals” online. I thought the app would make shopping and using more than one coupon different and easier- it does not. The checkout experience says “only one promotional code” yet below that it states “up to eight codes can be applied” -which is it? Why can’t I use a coupon code AND my welcome reward together? Frustrating.

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