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Mar, 2021


Mar, 2021



MyChart puts your health information in the palm of your hand and helps you conveniently manage care for yourself and your family members. With MyChart you can: • Communicate with your care team. • Review test results, medications, immunization history, and other health information. • Connect your account to Apple Health to pull health-related data from your personal devices right into MyChart. • View your After Visit Summary® for past visits and hospital stays, along with any clinical notes your provider has recorded and shared with you. • Schedule and manage appointments, including in-person visits and video visits. • Get price estimates for the cost of care. • View and pay your medical bills. • Securely share your medical record from anywhere with anyone who has Internet access. • Connect your accounts from other healthcare organizations so you can see all your health information in one place, even if you've been seen at multiple healthcare organizations. • Receive push notifications when new information is available in MyChart. You can check whether push notifications are enabled under the Account Settings within the app. Select features are also available on Apple Watch. Note that what you can see and do within the MyChart app depends on which features your healthcare organization has enabled and whether they’re using the latest version of Epic software. If you have questions about what’s available, contact your healthcare organization. To access MyChart, you must create an account with your healthcare organization. To sign up for an account, download the app and search for your healthcare organization or go to your healthcare organization’s MyChart website. After you’ve signed up, turn on Face ID, Touch ID, or a four-digit passcode to quickly log in without needing to use your MyChart username and password each time. Then, make sure you have push notifications enabled to receive updates on your device when new information is available in MyChart. For more information about MyChart’s features or to find a healthcare organization that offers MyChart, visit Have feedback about the app? Email us at [email protected]

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Missing Features
Dread Lord CyberSkull on 2021-04-20
MyChart is missing many features I’ve come to expect from an iOS app. While it works fine for its primary purpose, it is still very rough around the edges. Notifications: I personally hate the “you have a new message” notification. I would like the option to choose to enable rich notifications to get more details. (Let me choose from the current bare minimum to “message from Doctor X” to putting the message in the notification.) Badges: I’d like an option to enable badges on the app telling me how many unread items I have in my various accounts (excluding the items that just won’t go away in the todo list). This would be handy because notifications can be missed. Wallet Passes: I really hate it when apps give a barcode/QR code/Aztec code to scan in somewhere but do not give me an easy way to access it, like in Apple Wallet as a wallet pass. To get a code, I have to sign in with the correct provider, go to my appointments list, then open the appointment to get the code. If I have spotty (or no) internet access in the area where my appointment is that will only cause further delays in checking in. A wallet pass once save to my phone does not need internet access to work and can be updated over the air if anything changes. It can also be set to be pulled up when I am at the location of my appointment. It is a simple and time saving solution for everyone involved. Apple Pay: The payment forms presented in the app are not friendly at all. I can’t use my stored credit card auto fill from Safari and I’m just sick of filling these out all the time. I’d really like to use Apple Pay to just pay the bill in a few simple steps and be done with it. Calendar: HTML tags keep getting put into the notes of some of my appointments. A rich text to plain text conversion should be run instead of directly copying the text “as is”. I’d also like an option to allow MyChart to add the appointment to my calendar automatically so I don’t have to do it every time.
A few improvements needed
ChloeMS on 2021-04-20
Most importantly, you need to integrate with the Apple iPhone “Health app” as it is the central repository for all health data. The problem I have is in sending blood pressure readings from my Qardio blood pressure app, which places results in the Health app, and from my Watch that also places health info in the Health app. If you integrate with the Health app, that data would be available to doctors without my having to first export from the health app, which takes hours, send it via MyChart, have the doctor download the file and unzip it to get the XML file containing all health data. MyChart already has various places to input health metrics and this would automate the process. The second improvement would be to recognize all installed iOS keyboards instead of generating your own. I have one for faster entery by swiping and one for grammar. Neither are available in your app.
Some benefits, some confusion...on my part
Thegrdnr on 2021-04-20
Theoretically, the app provides good tools and access to personal medically related info. My confusion come in location my provider. SometimeI can find it, sometimes not. One day I opened the app and a different screen was there, which took me into endless loopville and I could not access my Home Screen again. So I deleted and reinstalled the app. It shouldn’t be this difficult to open an app. I’m hoping it works for me next try. Ok. Tried to get in. Says I need a code. Tried to set up account. Says I need a code. What happened to my accounts? I was told I need surgery and all of a sudden am locked out of my info?! So, I’m giving this pile of time waster 1 star. I’m not a developer and don’t have time to fiddle with this.
Hard to Use in a Rush
Paperboy64 on 2021-04-20
All UI and UX experiences are made worse when a user has to rush, but this app’s initial startup does no favors. It initially asks you for an Organization you belong to and I misinterpreted that as health insurance organization instead of healthcare provider organization. After eventually guessing the correct meaning by scrolling through many names and images of other groups unfamiliar to me, I got into the app proper. The rest of the UI is super busy but technically provides everything you could need. Seems functional and informative enough to figure out where to go from here. My advice to others would be to give yourself extra time before using this app for anything time sensitive.
Disgusting, and actively blocking access to care.
Rain in Austin on 2021-04-20
Hope you don’t enjoy privacy, accurate information, correcting literally anything that was recorded badly in any visit, accurate billing information, notices about anything you actually need, or even the option to opt out of features that explicitly state they can be opted out of at any time (until they coerce you to falsely claim to consent to sharing your information). It took WEEKS to be able to even make an appointment, and THIS APP prevented even a basic check-in process because of some serious oversight on the part of MyChart, or Austin Regional Clinic, or both. Disgusting. This app is actively preventing data accuracy, access to care, and any respect for adult patients.
Data Privacy
Jgg20 on 2021-04-20
I had downloaded this app since it works with the provider I use and to find my C-19 vaccine records easily. However, when I saw that private data such as financial and sensitive information would be linked, I decided to delete the app. I can see where the app would possibly need access to some photos (maybe) for app functionality. However, there is no reason for the app to collect data on financials, health & fitness or other sensitive information that is linked to my device. Due to this, I will avoid downloading the app for security reasons and opt for my secure web browser, which eliminates trackers and access to other data that this third party really doesn’t need.
blusuade on 2021-04-20
This app is awful. It’s yet another example of technology designed to make your life better but in actuality makes it worse. It won’t integrate separate physician offices, so you have to set up a separate account for each one. The refill my prescriptions function doesn’t work either, which is terrible because that’s the only way my provider allows you to fill your prescriptions. The idea behind this app is good but they obviously skimped on the development process and didn’t do enough testing before releasing it. Do yourself a favor and go to the website on a desktop browser. I guarantee you’ll save yourself a ton of time and stress.
Too many “My Charts” - updated
fraustypawz on 2021-04-20
4/15/21 - oh, NOW I see but not previously stated, that if I swipe to the right I can see both. Yeah. That makes it a bit better :) . For me, anyways. Even though within the group file name it just shows up as “My Chart”. I know now to do that. That helps me immensely. So because of that, I’ll tack 2 stars back on my review. I’m a happier camper now. :) Outdated review It’s so confusing opening up one of these My Charts to find its not the one I intended to open. This is so freaking frustrating! At least you can do is add the org name associated with it - ie Mercy or WVU.
Unusable for me
bohotechie on 2021-04-20
Unfortunately, the state of Arizona chose to use this app to organize Covid vaccinations. That is the only reason I added the app. Also unfortunately, I can’t get past the opening of the app because it insists that I choose a healthcare provider and I don’t use any of those listed. I was able to login on the MyChart website, where I chose a username and password and set up an appointment. However, I can’t login to the app and access the appointment information. Removing the app forthwith.
Great app, never works
Clevelandphotog on 2021-04-20
Every time I open Medications, notes from my past visit, or pretty much any option - I’m met with 500 error. The strangest part is that I know it’s getting a response because it will momentarily display what I am trying to view (for example, my meds will pop up for .5 second, then display the 500 or a display error). Interestingly enough I have almost the same experience when accessing via the web browser, which makes me think it’s something related to my account not the app.

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