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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



Select and find out more about high-fiber foods from the food bank, add your own branded and other foods, create your own high-fiber recipes, and monitor your daily fiber intake to achieve your recommended daily amount (RDA) with this super easy-to-use enticing new app. Well-documented health benefits of a high-fiber diet include a lower risk of high cholesterol, hypertension, heart attack, stroke, type 2 diabetes, many types of cancer, dementia, depression, anxiety and stress — likely due to the effect of fiber on gut bacteria; slowed chromosomal and biologic aging; and a lower risk of being overweight. A high-fiber diet also protects from a variety of abdominal symptoms, constipation and piles. Use the “Settings” tab to select your preferred metrics (g or oz) and sex (fiber RDA differs for men and women), while the “Home” tab provides quick access to your favorite foods and recipes, nutritional information, weight guides for commonly used portions of food, and descending order lists of fiber content for over 300 common foods (the food bank) in g and %RDA. Short touch any food name for a pop-up with the fiber content in g and %RDA and an option to favorite/unfavorite the food; long touch any of the 250 “healthy” foods (in black type) for nutritional information including heart healthy scores, and in many cases preparation tips and a photo. Use the “Add foods and recipes” tab to input “branded” and other foods and recipes not provided in the food bank, and the “Monitor fiber intake” tab to record your fiber intake in g or oz and %RDA, which can then be viewed as a bar chart. Touch any bar in the bar chart for any chosen day for a pop-up detailing the food intake contributing to the bar. Use the “Find” tab for rapid access to the fiber content of foods in the food bank, your favorite foods, and foods and recipes you add to the app. Really useful hyperlinks are provided throughout to nutritional and healthy food information. No internet, personal details, or additional payments are required. The interface is easy, quick, and intuitive to navigate, zoomable using the pinch screen function, and viewable in landscape and portrait.

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