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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



No matter if you want to lose weight, bulk up, or maintain a healthy lifestyle My Macros+ is the diet tracking app for you. As featured on • Good Morning America • DailyBurn • AskMen • Mens Health • My Macros+ is the only diet tracking app made by a fitness professional. Created after years of frustration with the diet apps currently available, we are proud to bring you the complete diet tracking solution. Tracking your food is quick, easy and can be done in as little as 3 taps. - HUGE food database, over 5 Million Food Items! - Barcode scanner - Set your nutrition goals by gram or percent - As many nutrition goals as you want — Supports carb cycling, high/low days and more - Monitor your weight with beautiful graphs - See nutrition breakdowns for each day, meal & food - Have as many meals as you want — No more being stuck with only Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snack - Input custom food straight off the label — MM+ converts and stores it properly for you to make tracking in any serving size quick and easy. - Track Water - Smart food categorization to make tracking even faster - Built in food from your favorite brands and restaurants - All foods are completely customizable — Enter your own food in any serving size or edit a existing food to be any serving size you want. - Syncs between all iOS platforms —Reach Your Goals— • Beautiful daily nutritional reporting system • Graph your weight over time to easily track your progress • Macro calculator to help get you started on the right track —Make Progress Together— • View your friends meals in real time through our My Circle feature • See their foods and recipes to get ideas for your own diet NEED DIET HELP? We’ve got you covered • Our Macro Coach feature is an optional monthly subscription that allows you to use our AI system to help you reach your goals • Fill out our initial questionnaire and receive your initial macro goal • As you progress towards your goals our system will intelligently update your macro goals to make sure you stay on track. —Dark Mode Supported— With iOS 13 we now fully support dark mode. —Apple Watch App— MM+ on Apple Watch is now available, it allows you to keep track of your daily nutrition, macros left and fast track foods straight from your wrist —Apple Health Integration— My Macros+ utilizes Apple Health by sharing all of the nutrition data that MM+ tracks to be displayed alongside the rest of your health data —Siri Shortcut— Find out how many macros you have remaining until you reach your goals, completely hands free WANT EVEN MORE FEATURES? A MM+ Pro level membership is an optional monthly subscription that unlocks even more powerful features right inside My Macros+ • Diet summary — In-depth breakdown of your diet, body weight and favorite foods over any range of time • Detailed Analysis — Want to see calories consumed and how that affects your body weight? Compare any data point side by side to gain deep insight • Spreadsheet export — Get all of your data in CSV format for even richer analysis • Notes — You can keep notes about individual meals or the entire days themselves • Meal timer — Problem remembering your next meal? Set a timer. We’ll remind you when it's time to eat • MM+ on the web through any web browser ABOUT OPTIONAL SUBQ - SubQs are charged to your iTunes Account and autorenew unless turned off > 24hrs before the end of the current period. Any free trial left will be forfeited at purchase and subscriptions can be managed through the users Account Settings. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hrs prior to the end of the current period. $1.99/mo or $19.99/year for MM+ Pro and/or $9.99/mo for Auto Adjusting Macros. TOS:

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Pretty Good
Kf from MN on 2020-02-27
Im a bodybuilder on competition prep. This app is pretty good, I like that I can set specific macro goals, not limited to percentages like the (non premium) competitor App. Easy to preset macro targets and set those targets for specific days. My issue is: Not particularly user friendly when it comes to searching for foods. Example: simply searched “grapes” and result was such a weird list... “apples and grapes” “cheese and grapes” “tea, grape.” Would be helpful if there was some kind of algorithm to push more sensical options to the top of the list. I think search results are alphabetized, which is counterintuitive in my opinion. Still generally like the app though.
Tech support
SMS in MN on 2020-02-27
A shout out to Jason and team for saving the day. My entire database disappeared for some inexplicable reason during an iPhone update and I was devastated. It took my 4 years to build my food library and the mere thought of trying to rebuild was daunting. Sent a message to the support team and although it took about a week to restore (they were as baffled as I) Jason and team got to the bottom of the issue and restored. Very grateful to everyone on the team for their help! And so appreciative of how this app has evolved over the years. So user friendly and makes searching, scanning and recording a breeze!!! Highly recommend!!!!
Best diet app
z1tre on 2020-02-27
Been dieting and bodybuilding for 8 years! Best app for dieting. I came from my fitness pal! Some tips to the developer, It would be really cool to also see a graph of saturated fats, I think having that free would greatly increase the Interest in most since keeping LDL down is important. Also the search for products is a little fuzzy. I’m also had to tweak mymacros abut with the myworkout activity level to get the right amount right. I think the end result in my workout, is a little off from calculated calories and exercise. The ETL from mymacros to myworkout seems wonky
Inaccurate database
LukeThor87 on 2020-02-27
Literally everything I’ve scanned with the barcode scan functionality has been in the database. That’s great, but, literally everything in the database was wrong! And wrong in a bizarre way. Like a piece of bread being 107 calories but 3g of carbohydrates. Way off from the actual macros. I definitely think there’s some issues with the database, and, at this time, that makes this app unusable for me. The UX also needs an overhaul. Important functions are hidden, and it’s not always clear how to edit something.
Only Missing One Thing
TdAnder on 2020-02-27
Firstly, the things I love about this app. It is by far the best looking nutrition tracker on the store. The interface is easy to navigate and the macros are displayed appropriately. It is as close to perfect as you can get except you thing. The data base is so far behind MyFitnessPal that finding foods without the label scanner is super hard. If you eat the same things over and over though - it does save recent items and it becomes much quicker.
Fantastically Effective
trueali33 on 2020-02-27
Love this app, it’s better than all the rest and I’ve tried them. The app is simple to use, intuitive and information is provided about what you’re eating in multiple ways (the pie chart is a great feature). Being able to add and save custom foods and adjust amounts as needed really makes the macro life easier. There should be more food categories though— fish, beef, non-dairy. Totally recommend this app whether your a macros guru or brand new!
notamacroappfan on 2020-02-27
Sorry I bought this. Very un user friendly. Berries should not be in grams. Should be in cups and there’s no way to change it so I end up trying to convert it. Plus I have to custom add a lot of basic foods. It’s quicker to look at the labels and do the calculations myself. Sheesh.
Terrible if you want to import your own recipes
fjebdjdn on 2020-02-27
You can’t adjust the type of measurement so my entire bag of almond flour is one serving for example. Lemon zest doesn’t even come up as an option. You search ingredients and then after you save them all you enter the amounts instead of being able to do it as you go.
Waste of money
fgebu on 2020-02-27
Annoyed that I spent $3 on this. The barcode scanner and label scanners don’t work on anything. Also there are very few foods already logged on app. Most things I eat have to be manually logged because they don’t have it as an option when searching.
I hate the changes!
Love My FitnessPal Now on 2020-02-27
Why did you do this? I use to recommend this to my clients over My Fitness Pal. You removed all the reasons why. In addition all my foods are gone and they can’t be searched. So disappointed

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